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Back in France after six years living on a sail boat in SE Asia. Discovered Permaculture (on permies.com) when researching RMH in 2015 and appreciated the help and support I received in that forum. Thanks to this website husband and I are embracing permaculture and enjoying the way our attitudes are changing towards many things, and how we're reaping the nutritional rewards. I completed the OSU online intro to permaculture in 2015 which opened my eyes to so much. Successfully completed Geoff Lawtons online PDC in 2018. Have had a life-long interest in Herbal Medicines, crafts and community. Love this website!
48°N in Normandie, France. USDA 8-9 Koppen Cfb
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Thank you for this great post, I use straw mulch so your method will be very useful for us.

By the way, is there a chance of you changing the colour of the text for your links? - I can't read them! yes, getting old and eyes are not what they used to be ;o)
I am not an expert. I grow dent corn, and have grown popcorn. My understanding is that corn needs to be 400ft apart?  One thought is that the best way is to find out is to grow the seed on and determine for yourself the viability/characteristics of the offspring? Could be interesting!
Two vids to share with you forgive me if these have already been posted. In a bit of a rush!

and the follow on with historical data:
2 months ago
Good explanation of how important sleep is, in supporting our immune system.
it's not long, it's worth making time for and it's here

and next update from same source here with info of studies supporting theory that sleep helps immune system
3 months ago
Apparently, elders are susceptible to verticillium wilt - there's quite a bit of info out there -here's one link I found here maybe it's that?
3 months ago
I had absolutely no idea, so did a google search and found THIS for you.
3 months ago
I too, hold back some for re-sowing if needed, and some for the following year 'just in case'

As an inveterate seed collector I must admit that in past years, I've been a bit overwhelmed and found it hard to get organised :o) I am hoping that my winter cataloguing (at last) of my collection, which I've sorted into month by month sowing times will mean that I get even more seeds into the ground this year.

I really like the idea of a free-for-all plot and am inspired by your post to try that this year.

r ranson wrote:I like to make a fever if I'm just on the edge of getting ill.  I don't know if this is healthy, but it often kicks the illness before it gets hold.  It's great right on that edge with the swollen lymph glands but before the sinuses begin to run.

I have a hot bath just before bed, then wrap myself up in extra blankets so I can sweat.  During my sleep, I usually toss some of the blankets on the floor, but sometimes I don't.  In the morning, I have a shower and it usually gets rid of the malaise.

Looks like you're spot on, according to NZ Herbalist Richard Whelan's informative article about sweating therapy here
4 months ago