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Recent posts by C Jones

Matthew Nistico - here is a project that sounds very similar to your idea, complete with lots of data!  Night Radiation Cooling of Water Flowing Over Roof

And for everyone, while I'm linking one of my favorite sites, here's a whole list of interesting ideas, projects, plans, etc - Build It Solar passive cooling
2 years ago
Hi J!

Thanks for reaching out.  I'll also send you a PM, but here is an update for anyone else interested.

The good news for you is that I haven't sold the property yet but am still looking to!  (My life has been pretty, we'll say, interesting the last couple of years.)  

The other good news is that I cleared the minor title issue by paying a bunch of money.  The less-good news is that I still don't have an easement.  However, the CdA Tribe now owns the farm with the access road so there may be a path forward to getting an easement (the previous owner didn't want to deal with easements because they were selling the land).

As far as steps needed to homestead, were you thinking more of what the land would need, or how to get the land?

Q1 -
As far as I can tell it would probably be off-grid for, well, everything.  One power company gave me a quick rough guess of like $70K to bring power on (based on the distance to nearest existing power), which I imagine would be prohibitive.  A couple possibilities might be:  Find others nearby who could split the cost with (10 acres adjacent also sold last year, 20 others are for sale, the tribe or the logging co on the other sides seem less likely).  Or maybe I contacted the wrong power company, I had meant to follow that up to find out because there are at least two in the area and I don't know for sure who has anything closer.  Or of course, off-grid solar, etc.  That set of plans that was recently featured on Permies for free might be interesting - Solar Station Construction Plans by Ben Peterson -- ebook.

Water - probably need to drill a well

Wastewater - the usual

Road - the existing road is pretty passable even for my old sedan, as long as the snow is gone, and as far as the road goes.  Tried to go out with someone last year in a jacked-up 4WD truck and got stuck, so there's that.  If you were going to homestead it would more than likely need more road sooner or later (and an easement too, of course).  I'll add that I have a guy I'd trust to do the work, whose info I could pass on.

Umm, anyway, there's probably more that I'm not thinking of now, but feel free to ask.

Q2 -
I had it on the market through a Realtor TM for $35,000 for a while, but the hangups were too much for most people.  Now that I've fixed the title I suppose it'll be more saleable and I might be asking somewhere in that same range.  We can talk more by PM.

Thanks again!

aside to thomas - haha, checking the county records online is exactly what I would probably do too!
OK, thanks for the helpful responses, plus I looked more carefully and found more of the info I was hoping for.  I am very intrigued.  

Let me tell you what I'm thinking....... I was a "$100+ backer" from the book kickstarter and the opportunity to possibly come for this event is awesome.  However, I have realized I am not the target audience, so I'll step aside for anyone else who qualifies and wants to attend.  I'm not in a place right now to do two weeks intensive like this looks.

I think I would be more interested in the SEPPer program.  Basically, I would love to get in on some of the training / practical experience stuff.... but I am literally disabled.  Not like bedbound, but I can only manage a handful of hours a day right now (hence wanting to learn about healthier life options!).  So I will explore sepper stuff more as I get time, because the idea of "hanging out on vacation and just go do or learn something when I feel like it" is quite appealing!
3 years ago
Ok... apologies if this has been asked already.  I’ve been out of the loop but am interested in the event.

Is there a kind of “general overview” written up about this event? Big picture, purpose, schedule, etc ?  (To help me not ask a lot of basic questions)
3 years ago

paul wheaton wrote:All those that put in $100 or more, could come to the PEP1 event that starts on May 20.   Is there anybody that wants that?

Hmm, I am going to look into this - I might just be interested.  Until yesterday there was no way I could've (long story), but now not only is it a possibility but I could see it being very beneficial.  I am just not in great health so I will have to do some reading to see if it's something I could manage right now.

Looks like a great event in any case though!
3 years ago
Quick question - I already have some of the goodies from previous Kickstarters, e.g. the rocket oven microdoc.  For duplicates like that, how does it work?  Would I end up with maybe a gift code, so I could give access to someone else?  Not too big of a deal either way, just curious.
3 years ago

Shawn Klassen-Koop wrote:I just looked into it and, yes, if you pledge now and increase your pledge later, you will still get the earlybird dealio.

Great, thanks for finding out!

Also, I just remembered (and verified) that backers' cards don't get charged until the KS campaign ends (successfully)...  

If this project is successfully funded, your card will be charged on Fri, May 10 2019 12:56 PM PDT, along with all the other backers of this project.

3 years ago
WOW, that's a really really good deal!  I don't know why anybody wouldn't buy it......I mean, even someone who totally disagrees should buy it at that rate, even if just to have more material to (try to) make fun of.  And maybe learn something in the process .

A question though - if I buy in now, but upgrade later, would that still count for the extra goodies?  Just don't have a lot at the moment, but will have more shortly.
3 years ago