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Recent posts by Curtis Mullin

How would things work generally speaking or would there be any serious difficulties if one applies as a Canadian? Must we be American or is having good wholesome American homestead values enough? Also, my dad was a US Marine in Vietnam so I can apply for citizenship that way. And, my great uncle (regimental sergeant major) commandeered the last surviving Canadian war tank on D-Day in Normandy, France WWII (I’m mentioning it because I’m a little bit like those guys)

I hate noise, tho

Much Love

I like the idea of a subfloor or crawl space basement rmh to heat the floor etc., it seems to be all about venting and cement

1 year ago
Super annoying that there is no delete option for irrelevant old posts... can anyone explain how I can delete a former post? Ciao.
Did you guys hear about this old logging town for sale? Who wants to buy it with me and turn it into a Permaculture School!?
7 years ago
Dan Ohmann, that was pretty funny actually! I can tell you that I have friends who did their pigs, after becoming very close to them, and they (the farmers) nearly had a nervous breakdown doing it. The more we identify with our animals, name them, cuttle with them etc., the more traumatic an experience it is for us to cull them, hence the demand for the local butcher. Having said that, it is also nearly impossible not to befriend them on account of their cuteness. But as far as kids go, (I don't have any but if I did...) I would find a way to make it interesting for the little guy... if possible, having some kind of spiritual ritual or prayer is always good. But your little guy looks pretty young so I am not sure how much he will retain either way, not to mention even be curious about all that blood death and gore. If anything, I would try to include some reference to the old ways, like Viking animal sacrifices for example where blood and death are not understood as merely 'blood' or 'death', but that these things can take on greater symbolic meaning; blood being the sacred liquid of life, death being a passage to Valhalla where lies our true citizenship. Or you could go the Maya way...

Remember, they are no longer animals once they are dead!

Good luck!
7 years ago
Joseph! That is how you cook squash!?

That's awesome! Of course!

I love permies... if I spent all day catching up and reading it all, I wouldn't get anything done!
7 years ago
I know all about lower back pain; and the worse part about any pain in general is not having anyone to relate to. So I feel for ya, Paul.

Those large work-out rubber balls are really good for back issues - but you really need to spend time on them (10-20 min, at least a few times each day), stretching and doing various movements, roll over them back and forth, place your hands on the ground and roll your shins over the ball so you get into a folded kneeling position with your upper body folded over your thighs like they do in India or wherever it is; then go backwards until you are (nearly) balanced over your stomach on top of the ball, squishing it; it should always be a flowing movement and not abrupt or block-like movements; but even just merely rolling over onto them with your stomach feels great and it really stretches the back if you do it right (have a couple of strong woofers pull hard on your legs and arms while you are on it after you have stretched on it a while, before getting off and the G force (gravity - a theory, folks!) compresses your back again - I would get two of them if I were a giant.

Apart from those big squishy rubber balls, the BEST stretch I do is to stretch from side to side. Stand strait with feet at shoulders' length apart, stretch your arms upwards while keeping your stance, then visualize the side-to-side plane as though you were butcher slicing through your own body with a giant cheese slicer cutting your body right in half so that you have the front half and the back half - now bend exactly sideways within that plane, over one leg (the other leg can lift off the ground a bit to help you balance out) - SLOWLY - so that your arms slowly move like the hands of a clock from noon to 5PM-6PM (if you can). The leg that you bend over ought to be straight so that the only main pivot point is really your hip bone. Visualize each vertebrae stretching the spinal cartilage so that each side of your vertebrae opens up the opposite side that you stretch towards, starting at your sacrum, lumbar vertebrae etc. right up to your head where by this time your head/arms should be at 5PM. Then - SLOWLY - bend back up in reverse, but again visually starting with your sacrum. Then to the other side. Do this maybe ten times each side, a few times each day. It takes time to do; each side should take you 2-5 minutes - longer if you're really into it. You'll see how you will feel after just one complete stretch - don't try too much at a time. After a few times you should start to really feel AMAZING right after each stretch, if not then it is not the right stretch for you. IF IT IS EASY YOU ARE DOING IT WRONG.

Another thing, besides spas and being in the water, swimming hard, or just floating there for an hour like a dead carcass... is to get yourself a workhorse and a few pillows, place it legs' length away from a railing or picnic table, then bend over it with your stomach over the padding/pillows located on the top of the horse while placing your heels (wear boots) under the railing or picnic table and slowly straiten your back out with all of your weight mostly between the top of your hips and stomach (feel around for a good spot; you should be able to balance your body over that spot) on top of the horse (I recommend a steel horse for you, Paul; make sure it's not a rusty old thing that will break in half and stab you in the torso before hitting ground). Try sets of 5-10 at first bending down over the horse - SLOWLY - with your arms extended, hang there a while, then flex backwards back up strait (horizontally); do that a few times a day with a little opium and you should be fine.

PS - If y'all are wondering why I edit stuff so much it is because the NSA is cyber harassing my grammar and changing things like "do" to "to", "knowing" to "nowing", "mutt" to "butt", "where" to "here"... but, hopefully I am just paranoid.

7 years ago
Thanks for the response. Correct, when looking south at noon there is a slight band of shade no more than ten feet long from the base of the tree line out to the tip of it's shadow cast out into the garden area (a good place for planting shade-happy crops there, in that southern arc of shade, I figure) though for the most part the space will get at least 6-8 hours of decent sunlight. But there are a few 2' x 3' x 2' rocks and two 3' x 3' x 3' that might ideally be moved... fire pit... benches... pool rocks... spa rocks? I don't know. There is one 5' x 10' x 10' natural bowl depression/spring which could be made into either a pool/fountain or spa. But I would like to avoid using a machine... horses? How many? Or leverage mechanisms somehow?

Then what to plant? Its only about 1/2 acre, so main crops like potatoes etc. but what else?

8 years ago