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Recent posts by Sara Yag

Did you find your soulmate on here?
Are you still looking?
3 years ago
Taking a while to warm the bench
5 years ago
It went in to the seat and the flame went higher!
And it burn burn burns the ring of fire!

Here we have Matt Walker Remine's innovation from 2014.

An outdoor batch box but warmer with glass!

Let's see how it works.
5 years ago
The Caldera, located on top of the great volcano.
Up the newly built rock-ity road, passed the tent launching pads, near raspberry rock, you will find a majestic look out and space for many permaculture artisano ideas to come to life!
We have been planting many grasses and clovers and cover crops of the kind. And we have recently added sunchokes!
Check out the progress and come add to the project!
5 years ago
Come visit for a while!
5 years ago
more gapping photos
5 years ago
Hey Permies, I'm Sara, a current gapper.
It's been an incredible learning experience and a great joy to be soaking up the Labs and Base camp.
The Ants and other gappers here have been super accommodating, welcoming, and sharing much knowledge and many stories.
Paul and Jocelyn are so generous and also full of great insights, which you all know already.
I would recommend this experience for anyone... there is something here for everyone to enjoy!
Thank you P & J - you rock!
Thanks to all the other creatures living up here!

Photos of Gapper-times:
5 years ago