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Hi, I am Neale Gray the manager of Milbay Australia.

You should find that electric versions of the UTV class will have less (and easier) maintenance than petrol/diesel due to the reduction in the number of moving parts but as discussed here performance is the key for viable commercial farm use.
As indicated in the forum title not all brands and models offered meet the performance and reliability challenge. From my experience electric UTVs can be equal and more powerful than petrol(gas) and diesel models.

Please have a look at some of the videos on Youtube Chanel there will be several more videos of the UTV both in use on working cattle properties and some video of the vehicle in use on soft sand published shortly.
The video below shows the MB-572UTV climbing a steep grass hillside and demonstrating the low gear engine braking feature.

I hope this assists.

Cheers from Australia.
4 years ago
Hi Burra Maluca, that may be a little difficult at the moment as we are in Australia. We will have many more MB-572UTV videos and reports produced over the coming months including independent reviews so I hope these can answer many of the performance and durability questions as we move forward. But yes a vehicle locally tested in US is definitely what we aim for.
5 years ago
Hi from Australia. I would like show our latest offering in the electric 4WD side by side category. Our Milbay MB-572UTV has a custom 72 Volt 7.2kW LFP battery system and out performs most petrol equivalents. We use a 72 Volt system and 5kW (16 kW peak) BLDC motor.
YouTube electric UTV playlist showing vehicle climbing ability whilst being driven onto transport vehicle, please enjoy.
Our custom LFP (LiFePO4 / Lithium Ferrous Phosphate) battery system is at the heart of our performance and we did not spare any expense in production of our long lasting and durable LFP system.
If anyone wants to distribute / resell our UTV in US then email me
LFP delivers a very flat discharge rate across the battery discharge capacity and our system delivers full power for almost the complete discharge cycle. We have larger capacity options coming (10 and 14 kWh battery storage) as well as a solar roof top. We can also offer more powerful motor options but the current 5kW provides adequate performance for most users. more info on our web site at All prices shown on the Milbay website are AUD including Australian taxes not USD please email with your location or have your local UTV dealer contact us for a USD delivered price.
Latest travel distance reports in real life on Australian farm for 7.2kWh battery system are 40 - 50 km when using maximum power and 40 km/h top speed on dirt roads and across rough paddock surfaces (very real world testing) so achieving around 100 km travel distance per charge can be expected with 14.4 kWh LFP battery option . Vehicle testing is being carried out on a farm 200 km west of Mackay Queensland. What do you think ?
5 years ago