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Hi Jeff, Anna, Ian or anyone still in Korea:

I am traveling to Korea in late Nov. to exhibit my work and give some lectures on what I am calling: The New American Pioneer. This is photography I started at Wheaton Labs in 2015. I am interested to know if you've gotten any traction on the permaculture projects around South Korea. Would love to meet anyone there or doing permaculture there as well! Any info about what is going on there would be great.
You can email me at
1 year ago

Thekla McDaniels wrote:

2.6 acres of soil teeming with live soil food web organisms

I don't see a price on your fabulous property?
Day in Photos: Botany in a Day author Tom Elpel  takes us on a tour of plant anatomy, Zach Weiss drops by for a visit.
Day in Photos!: The teams work through the connections and translate to an evolving plan.
Jessica teaches the PDC students about her meat rabbits. She raises them for food and treats them with respect and care. While she demonstrated her centered, loving, calm method of culling, I noticed observers spoke in hushed voices.
Day 10 (Ten!) in Photos brings: Honey and Bunny. How to stay sweet with the bees in your hive. How to lovingly raise and harvest meat rabbits.
Day 9 in Photos: We get MORE dirt on dirt from Helen of Woodleaf Farm: the amazing world of microbes; rhizomes and fungi; we tromp around the sites and look for signs of a past and scour the potential for a future 5 tiny houses!
Day 8 in Photos!
Tree Ecology and Soils take us up into the forest where we framed out the ecology of discrete sections,Erica and Ernie take a look at tree ecology from looking up to digging down into mycelium. Helen Atthowe gives us the dirt on a commercial forest garden, soils and how to tame the blackberry monster.