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My wife and I own six acres in Huson, MT, about 25 minutes west of Missoula.  We'd love some help on our property!

We're on our third summer out here with fruit trees planted.  We have lots of yarrow, ducks, arrowleaf balsamroot, pine, dandelions, chokecherries, sage, thyme, parsley and much more.  We also have Icelandic chickens, ducks, goats, alpaca.  We also have raised hugelkulture beds and mushroom logs growing.  We're open to your ideas and may need help, especially as I enter graduate school during the next four years.

Please send me a PM with your skills, interests, a bit about yourself, a picture, and three references.

Here's an old blog I don't post to anymore, that will show you at least what our place is like:


8 months ago

We have six acres in Huson, MT, about 25 minutes west of Missoula, MT.  We're on our third summer out here with fruit trees planted.  We have lots of yarrow, ducks, arrowleaf balsamroot, pine, dandelions, chokecherries, sage, thyme, parsley and much more.  We also have chickens, ducks, goats, alpaca.  My wife and I would love to have you out and meet you.  Send me a PM and come visit!

8 months ago
I wish I knew someone with a yeoman's plow.  There are affordable tractor subsoiler attachments, however.
9 months ago
Hey, Permies,

Interested in following this article to learn to make compost tea, but kinda wanna go bigger. I'm thinking of those 275 gallon totes. Any recommendations on the conversion of what we would need for pump size, etc?  Robust pump recommendations?  Any foreseen issues?

10 months ago

We live in Montana and recently did a simple soil test.  It returned:

pH: 7.3 (alkaline)
Nitrogen: depleted
Phosphorus: sufficient
Potassium: surplus
We have heavy clay soil.
Growing Zone: 5b

We have several large hugel beds for vegetables and rotational grazing fields over several acres.  Alpacas (and all camelids) cannot eat high-nitrogen plants or they get sick, so no clover cropping the fields.  

How would you heal this?

I see that urine, diluted, provides a good 10:1:4 NPK ratio as fertilizer but with our high potassium I'm nervous.  I think I read that potassium keeps plants from accessing nutrients in the soil.

1 year ago
Here's what we do.

Pluck it.  Gut it.  Make sure to get the Gizzard from the front.  We cook the organ meat that night and freeze the feet for stocks later.

Then we take our odd little bags of spices collected from throughout the year and mix them in a bucket of water to brine the Turkey overnight.  Then we smoke it.

We eat the dark meat for several meals and then turn the rest into smoked turkey rice soup.  Yum!
1 year ago
This game has been ant approved and tested!
1 year ago

The game invented on the floor of a boat in the Amazon jungle.

“Genius! Awesome! Everyone needs to check out this game.” —Karen Hood,  

I spent my twenties traveling the country, learning from many of the best survival Instructors in the field.  Teachers like Ron Hood (Woodsmaster Survival DVD series), Christopher Nyerges (How to Survive Anywhere), Jack Spirko (The Survival Podcast), Paul Campbell (The Universal Tool Kit), Cody Lundin (Dual Survivor), Jason Hawk (History Channel's Mountain Men) and various S.E.R.E. and military survival instructors.  I even taught at Rabbitstick.

This idea for this game came on a two-week boat trip up a tributary of the Amazon Jungle. My goal was to make a game to both teach and get people talking about survival. During many long, hot hours of boredom on that small boat, I sat thinking, drawing, and just plain scratching my head. I scribbled on playing cards and notepaper, carving pieces of wood as tokens. In that 100+ degree heat, between meals of beans and rice, I came up with the idea which was the seed for the most realistic family style survival board game to date.  

For anyone who enjoys survival reality tv, brace yourself for a learning adventure that will pit you and your friends against the beautiful brutality of the Rocky Mountains. Much like these shows, you and your friends will find yourselves stranded in various situations with only your wits and what is around you to survive.

Please support our Kickstarter:
1 year ago

The game invented on the floor of a boat in the Amazon jungle!

The ONLY realistic, family-style, guided role-play experience about wilderness survival on the market!  There is nothing else like it out there, anywhere.

Survive Et Al! Rocky Mountains is a game for 1-6 players.  It imitates real-world survival situations where players must adapt and improvise in order to survive. Facing the elements is only part of the challenge, as players find creative ways to splint a broken bone, re-sharpen their knives or confront dangerous perils—meanwhile, searching for a way to signal for rescue, build shelter, and find their bearings.  The only defeat is death.

No two games are ever the same.  Escape from Blackfoot Indians, barefoot and on the run, in Colter’s Run.  Search for friends and family in the Bob Marshall Wilderness in Whitewater Wash.  Or, work together with a friend in Whiteout! to make it home in the dead of winter.  

Two decks of cards determine your fate: resource cards and condition cards, which can be sorted for season and elevation, and may educate you on survival uses for plants and other events in the wilderness.  Pace beads help you keep score of thermal energy, calories, and hydration.  The weather ticker tracks temperature, relative humidity/precipitation, and wind speed, which can change at a dice roll.  Day/night cycles are tracked on the turn spinner.  Only your mind, plus a paper and pencil, do the rest.

Get drawn in by the breathtaking panorama of the Rocky Mountains to experience their harsh majesty from the comfort of home.  Or, play around a campfire with friends and family.  You can even play alone!

Imagination is the core of the game, and your mind is the only limit.  What you don’t know you will learn, because if you don’t—well, it could kill you.

Test your mettle to see if you have what it takes to Survive Et Al! Rocky Mountains!  

Good luck!

Kickstarter opens Sept 28th:  Kickstarter preview page

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1 year ago
That would be great.  I planted a bunch last fall but I think the pocket gophers got to most of them.  Only five plants seem to have made it.

Please tell Evan and the boys who helped me with my hügelbeds that their inoculated mushroom logs will be ready this weekend and they can come pick them up.
1 year ago