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I'm still a little unclear about what will be happening at the workshop.  Will the participants choose which 16 badges they want to work on, or is there a schedule where everyone works on the same thing at the same time? Will there be instructors for all 22 categories?
3 weeks ago
Also, is the bench straight, or "L" shaped or "U" shaped?  If not straight, how many inches on a side?  Thanks!
So are you saying they should be 16" x 74"?  I was thinking you wanted square pillows.  Exactly what dimensions do you want and how many?
I have some zippers leftover from unfinished projects that I could use in making cushions.  I also have a lot of fabric (I'm a quilter).  What size were you thinking of for the pillows and how many do you need?  I am attending the PDC so I can bring the cushion cases with me.
I would love to come for a visit, but I'm a little confused about the pricing. Three nights in the tipi is $220. And five nights is $430 ($280 plus $30/night for five nights). That makes it more expensive per night for five nights than for three nights. Am I figuring this correctly?

Second question - is the tipi available April 26 - May 1? Thank you for your help!
2 years ago