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Recent posts by travis robinson

Hey Katie, im interested in discussing these matters further and could be a potential match, I put a previous post in this forum, i'm not on here much but my email is
9 months ago
John C Daley

It is not limited to a group of people and I am willing to negotiate on rent and the labor input. There is only one structure available.
Ahoy there, looking for a male or female that wants to help build a farm in GA. Housing is a tiny home with ~$45-$60 rent willing to negotiate tho (water, shower, sink) no stove,kitchenette.
Zone 8b-9.
Small pond on 4 acres
Not too far from beach.

Prefer: Christian or Truth seeking religious minded.
Livestock or poultry XP
Herbalism, foraging, mycology XP

Necessary: not enitirely new to permaculture, creative mind and ambitious

Feel free to email @
Hey Michelle Im in the Southern states, id like to connect via phone or email. Male / 30/ Starting a farm
2 years ago
YouTube everything.

Also understand how blessed we our given the situation with net neutrality.

This forum I use socially and when I'm bored. YouTube YouTube YouTube
6 years ago
You can I believe, but Its parasitic. I see nothing wrong with innoculating stumps that are dead dying if you continue to harvest it -no issues.
6 years ago
any updates from anyone on this topic?
7 years ago