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Hi guys just wondering how far along the rocket stoves have come since the dvd's came out showing the glass burntube on dvd4?
I want to build one in my backyard and transition to living more in the backyard and having enough light to read from at night.
Would that not be ideal since it would probally burn alot of wood fairly quickly? How much wood would I need to provide 4 hours of light?
I know it will be more than warm enough as the mass will keep the heat in but will I be overheating to product that much light?
Is this form of a stove better than a camp fire to produce light?
What kind of glass do I need? How does the glass hold up after time? Would I simply be better off getting a thicker peice of glass or would replacing them once in a while be the way to go?

Thanks guys!
3 years ago
I can use either method so far i'm leaning against using water because of what i've seen from tree roots going inside and breaking plumbing pipes over time. I believe it's the water that attracts the roots not the heat hopefully....
This is just tree roots in general nothing to do with tropical. There is the possibility of using wood pellets to automate the RMH.
Wicking beds are just one of the components of an aquaponics system which is also interesting but I dont like tilapia
The weak link of an aquaponics system is running out of food to feed the fish however with healthy soils/compost there should be no shortage of worms.
Unless I find some way to dig and capture worms however it could be too time consuming but I know it will be a possibility with technology in the future.
4 years ago
I will have a few hundred acres to play with so if this works out I have no problems greenhousing a whole damned acre at a time if needed.
My main concern would be tree roots. I would like to use a wicking bed style setup maybe without a liner and just compacted rammed earth, similar to the way they sepp holzer does his liner free ponds.
The problem will be deciding how to run the water vs the heat. With the tubes laid down for watering I think they will work better on the perimeter while the RMH heat tubing would be run through the middle.
Will the tree roots go toward the water or toward the heat when it gets cold will be the question and I wonder for exposure for whatever comfrey or nitrogen feeding of the trees... if i would be better off making the floor a \_/ shape maybe a 10-20 degree slope rather than flat.
The Depth I will go will depend on which trees for which green house, but I have no problems renting a excavator for a month and making a few different height troughs.
This will more likely be for next summer before I break ground tho, want to do the best research possible
4 years ago
I will be implementing a RMH into the ground to keep the roots warm. Perhaps I can setup some rails on the north side and have a pulley system to pull a reflective blanket up at night and down in the day time to maximise sunlight. For the actual above ground level I could just have two french door sliders on each side to get venting it needed. The area I am planning on doing this is in merritt BC which is semi-arid climate.
Thanks for the tips!
4 years ago
Hello has anyone had any success with doing tropical trees for subzero climates? I am in northern BC and would like to do some year round tropicals thinking about digging 10 feet into the ground and then using a standard green house on top?
Unless theres althready a thread like this please link me!
4 years ago
Did you have lots of headaches before this Paul?
4 years ago
Jocelyn before Paul gets anymore please watch this video to learn the long term solution for his problems.

Jocelyn Campbell wrote:Paul received what they call an epidural injection and all went well. They even gave him flowers afterwards.

I said to him, "you know an epidural is what they call a pain killer for women in childbirth, right?"

Paul didn't miss a beat. "it makes sense because, apparently, I have a cervix."

4 years ago
You can eat pie Paul. Just as long as you grow your own wheat to ensure there are no pesticides on it
Now go get your IGG done so we know which foods are CAUSING YOU inflammation!
4 years ago
Again Paul sitting too much is what got you here.

paul wheaton wrote:
At Christmas, bill crim gave me a huge gift certificate to Amazon which I have now spent on getting a much better office chair.

I think this speech recognition software did pretty good this time time.

4 years ago
So c6-c7 is a sequestration with c3-c4 and c4-c5 affected/prolapsed but not extrusion or sequestrated correct?
While age may play a factor diet and the body's ability to heal itself with proper nutrition plays a bigger role. If your eating an inflammatory diet which is different for everyone (again request you get an IGG allergens blood test) then your body wont be able to absorb it even if you are feeding it the best nutrients in the world. Leaky Gut may be at play.

paul wheaton wrote:I have the MRI done. And the doctor tried to explain to me what it showed. He explained that the disc had popped like a jelly donut. In fact, it looks like three of them had popped like a jelly donut. He said that the other two where did there jelly in a place where it didn't hurt me. But the third one squirted the jelly where it is causing me so much pain. I hate that third jelly donut so much. Stupid jelly doughnut in my neck.

He said that my body will probably reabsorb the jelly in time.

The good news is that I really like the idea that I am made of jelly donuts.

4 years ago