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Hmmm I've never heard of lemons described as bitter before.  I always thought they were just sour.

Cruciferous veg taste sweet to me, unless it's too hot and dry. Then they just lose some of their sweetness and get stronger tasting. Not bitter though.

My husband can't even eat eggplant it's so bitter for him, but I can't taste the slightest hint of it.

Beer, good olive oil, cocoa all taste bitter to me, but in a good way. Sometimes greens get more bitter than I like, but I'll still eat them.

Grapefruit is the one thing I can't handle. Occasionally my husband will get me to try one saying, here this one's not bitter at all. But it always tastes disgustingly bitter to me. Interestingly, there's a semi local company that makes a grapefruit radler I really like. I guess the hops bitterness in the beer disguises the grapefruit bitterness in the juice enough for me.
1 month ago
Old sweater sleeves make great gaiters.  Cuff gets pulled up the leg, arm goes down over the boot.
1 month ago
The Dwelling Portably books have some good ideas about bikes and stealthy living.
1 month ago

John Duda wrote:I've guerilla gardened one packet of country gentlemen for two years in the same approximate spot. The second year I used seed saved from what I grew in year one. I mowed the weedy grass and punched holes in the ground with a sharpened tree branch and dropped a seed in the hole. Most drops required a little putting to get the seed down the hole. That was it for site preparation and maintenance. I never weeded, watered,  or fertilized. The results were mediocre the first year and very poor the second year.

Corn is very sensitive to inbreeding depression. Carol Deppe says collect seed from 100 plants absolute minimum, 200 is better.  Maybe that was part of your problem second year.
1 month ago

ceramic cook pot with hole (nope)
ceramic cooking pot with center hole (nope)
ceramic pot with hole in center (nope)
ceramic old cooking pot with vent (nope)
ceramic steaming pot with center hole (BINGO!)

Here are a couple search tips that I haven't seen mentioned - from back when you had to learn how to use the internet in school.  I've got a pretty good search engine track record, so I think they're still useful :)

You can pretty much ignore articles, conjunctions, basic prepositions (in, to, of, etc.), and word order, and just put in the main words you want to look for.  


... pot with center hole
... pot with hole in center  

are the same search (pot centre hole), unless you put quotation marks around the phrases.  Then you'll get only results that are worded exactly the way you typed it out.  If you know exactly what you want this can be handy.  If you're not sure what you're looking for, you want to keep it more general.

If you keep coming up with pictures of tagines, like I did, put -tagine in your search query and the engine will exclude that word so you don't have 4000 tagine pictures to scroll past.
1 month ago
I'd be worried about the omega 6:3 ratio.  Flaxseed?
1 month ago
I really like this idea, Lucrecia.

My husband used to have a business making custom heavy duty clothing - mostly dirt and street biking gear.  He has lots of the type of fabric you're talking about.  He used some to cover a piece of closed cell foam to put in our dog's house, but a crib mattress is a great idea.  And, yeah, the bed is seven or eight years old now and still in great shape.

Oh, and a piece of mylar slipped in on top of the foam, but under the cover made our short haired dog pretty happy.
1 month ago

elle sagenev wrote:

So this is something I struggle with. I try my best to let my kids be who they are but I have to think about society and the impact it will have on them. My son is very sensitive. He cares what other people think of him. Before he started school he would see me painting my nails and ask for it as well. I had no problem doing so. Now, when he asks, I redirect him. I know what the other kids at school would say to him and that it would deeply hurt him. So I haven't told him "No because it's for girls" but I am not painting his nails either.

I would be tempted to try to turn this into a be yourself and don't worry about what other people think of you lesson..  I think if I had kids I might be a difficult mother, though ;D
1 month ago

Joseph Lofthouse wrote: And, when I put on a dress, glitter, or pigtails, I think of myself as the most alpha masculine man in the room... Who else would even dare? In any case, it's only a piece of cloth, there is no gender inherent in how a piece of cloth is sewn together, or how someone's hair is groomed, or what they apply to their skin.

I love that you have these costumes I've seen in some of your photos.  I wish more guys would play around like this.

It reminds me of a guy in my high school who decided, I think maybe to make some sort of point about something, to wear skirts and dresses to school for a while.  His point was never made because no one really paid any attention.  He got a few comments in the hallways in between classes at the beginning, but it was fun and nonjudgmental, nothing that put him on the spot or made him uncomfortable.  I didn't think much about it at the time.  It wasn't until years later that I remembered it and realized what an awesome place I grew up.
1 month ago

elle sagenev wrote: I posted this because of the things being said to my husband.

Yet the argument is about the word I use to describe myself and my feelings/actions within society. To try to twist that word, which I personally value, into something vile and man hating.

It makes me sad. That's it. Just makes me sad. So I've been arguing for the right to use a word instead of the right for my husband and myself to care for our children equally. Life is weird sometimes.

This makes me sad, too.  Really sad.
1 month ago