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Sunflowers are by far my favourites.

Popcorn greens are very sweet, with a green corn flavour.  I couldn't ever figure out what to use them for with that intense sweetness.
17 hours ago

denise ra wrote:Not tea but a hot beverage with substance - blackstrap molasses with hot water and milk.

I make the same thing with a couple spoonfuls of malt powder rather than milk. 
17 hours ago
For canning storage, I attached steel c channel to the ceiling in our kitchen.  The glass lip below the threads on the jar will slip in the channel perfectly - but check that it's the right size of c channel first. Just file the metal edge where the glass rests so it's not sharp.  My husband brought a piece home with nice rolled edges, but it's a lighter gauge and I wouldn't trust it to not bend under the weight of filled jars.  There might be heavier duty ones with rolled edges, though.  I like this system because you can look up and see through the bottoms of the jars and know what's in each one and it takes up no floor or shelf space. There's also scrap c channel lying around at construction sites quite often, so it's free.
1 week ago

Chad Sentman wrote:Perhaps I should start a new thread instead, but I will comment here.

I've got about 70 liters of walnuts, not sure what to do now. Do I just let them sit?  Do I need to remove the shells for storage? Do I need to roast them, or soak them in water first? If yes to soaking, roasting and shelling, in what sequence?

Take the green hulls off, if you haven't already.  They'll turn black and soak bitter tannins into the nuts inside the shell otherwise.  Keep them in their shells for longer storage.  If you have central heating, put them in baskets or paper bags near your heat registers and stir them up once in a while to dry them out.  They'll go moldy if you don't stir them.  If you have a woodstove, hang them in mesh bags somewhere you've got a warm draft from the stove.

Shelled and roasted nuts need to be kept refrigerated so they don't go rancid.  Best to shell and/or roast only what you're going to use.  Some people like to soak nuts to increase their digestibility.  After soaking, you can dehydrate the nuts again to increase their keeping ability.
2 weeks ago
I just bought a steam canner.  This one.

I canned 26 litres of salsa with it Friday evening and was very happy.  It heats up quickly and maintains canning temperature with the burner turned down quite low.  I noticed that the lid on mine didn't seal around the lip of the pot very well, so maybe it was losing more steam than it should and I should have been able to turn the burner down even more and maintain temp.  Maybe.  I've never used one before so have nothing to compare it to.  To keep a big waterbath canner boiling, I have to have the burner turned near to max, though.

This one has a gauge on it to tell you when the temperature is high enough to start timing.  I like that because it can be hard to see the steam coming out of the hole in the lid (which is the other way to judge if your temperature is high enough) when the light isn't right or your lid doesn't seal so there's steam everywhere or whatever.

Bonus - it's stainless steel, so I actually used it to make the salsa in two batches, rather than the four batches it would have taken in my regular-sized stockpot.

I'm a steam canning convert.
2 weeks ago

Yuca Rainbow wrote:

Mike Jay wrote:They seem to give up after getting cut a few times for me.  Mine are a Bracken Fern that grows on a 2' stalk.  Once they're up I just cut them and they have to make a whole new fern.  Cut that and they start to slow down.  A few more cuts and they kinda give up.  I use the lawnmower but I bet a scythe would work nicely.

we trying this since 2 years but so far no progress. We tried plugging, cutting, cutting the roots, nothing seems to work what we tried.

We've been battling bracken at our place for three years.  A couple of the areas we try to keep clear were very, very densely covered when we started.  We weed multiple times a year - whenever we have time basically, but most consistently in May-July, to control the green alder sawfly larvae that come out in June.  They love bracken.  This year I think we started to see some improvement in the amount of bracken coming up.  It takes time.  Digging out the rhizomes helps, but in our area the size and strength of the rhizomes and the sheer number of them makes that very labour intensive.

I think it just comes down to persistence and time.  Ferns are tough.  There's a reason they've been around for hundreds of millions of years :)
2 weeks ago
I don't eat pasta anymore but my husband used to make a one pot pasta quite often that he loved partially because it was so easy.

He used macaroni, rotini , or penne usually. He had a formula worked out for how much water he needed for it to all be absorbed by the time the pasta was cooked. He'd add a couple chopped tomatoes, a few cubes of the chopped spinach I'd freeze in ice cube trays, basil, oregano, tarragon, salt, pepper.  Sometimes some mushrooms or chili flakes. Cook and stir until the pasta's done and, voila, pasta and sauce.

edit:  My husband tells me it's 1 cup of pasta to 1.5 cups of water.  He'd put a spoon of homemade bouillon powder in, and the mushrooms were always dried shiitakes, broken into small pieces.
2 weeks ago
I had depression and extreme social anxiety for a few years in my early twenties.  As I moved closer and closer to a vegan diet my mental health got better and better. I think many people would benefit from tweaking their diets like you are, Jocelyn.

What Inge was saying about levels of introversion changing made me think of my experience with that. I don't think I've actually changed but my life has changed in a way that allows me to function differently. When my husband and I were living in a city while he did his degree, we rented a suite in our landlords house. They had odd hours of work and someone was almost always home. Even though I didn't have to see them, hearing little noises from their area and just knowing someone was home was taxing for me. Combine that with living in a city where you can never go anywhere without having someone else around and a job dealing with the public in an often pretty intense way and I was exhausted all the time.

Now we live in the bush, with our closest neighbours three km away. Right now is a slow time at work so I don't see clients much and do a lot of computer work. I think I'm still just as much an introvert as ever but getting rid of the constant drain on my energy means I can actually enjoy the social interactions I want to have. My inlaws all marvel at how much more talkative I am since we've moved. My relationship with my husband is better than ever because we both (he's introverted too) have more energy to devote to another.

I have no idea how I would be able to function living in a community.  For a start, I think I'd need a little hut somewhere that no one even knew existed.
2 weeks ago
Maybe this should go on the men's thread cause I don't know if this would work for women or not, but Roberto brought it up here so...

With online dating, he mentioned not contacting certain women because they said they wanted a taller man. I think that's a mistake. I contacted whoever I wanted and let them look at my profile and vital statistics and decide for themselves if something in there was a dealbreaker. Now I know studies have shown that men tend to have a certain type of woman and that's that. Women on the other hand tend to change their type based on their current partner's appearance. My husband is nothing like what I always thought my type was, so don't rule yourself out. Let the other person decide. If your conversation and personality click with the other person I bet a lot of other stuff won't matter so much anymore.
3 weeks ago
Bahaha - #10 on that list made me laugh. 

I have a friend who's ridiculously successful with women, and his "oversharing" seems to be one of the main reasons.

A recent example of his oversharing:  He's developed some nerve problem that makes him incontinent.  I went over to his house not too long ago, and first thing he said was, "Hey, I'm wearing a diaper!" and did a gyrating kinda dance.

Now, sure, we've been friends for almost 20 years, so maybe that's not so weird.  But he says stuff like this to everyone.  We used to be roommates, so would usually go grocery shopping together.  I don't know how many times I heard him say something suuuper personal and awkward to the checkout girl - and it would always spark a conversation.  And they'd remember him.  And talk to him the next time, too.  Bring him to a bar and add a bit of alcohol to the interactions, and he'd go home with anyone he wanted.

So maybe that's a good tip for successful conversations - not necessarily to "overshare" - just don't talk about the same shit as everyone else.
3 weeks ago