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Recent posts by Jan White

When we were living in a tent and building our house, we certainly weren't doing any cooking that required a cookbook.

Breakfast and lunch, if we stopped working for it, were quick, no cook foods: fruit dried and fresh, veg, nuts, maybe overnight oats. There just wasn't time to cook and deal with dishes.

Dinner was almost always brown rice and lentils, which cook in about the same time, with whatever veg we had around thrown in at the end to steam on top. Best part about this meal is you can get everything boiling, turn the heat off, wrap the pot up in a couple towel, and walk away to keep working while it cooks.
1 week ago
I sometimes laugh at the suggestions that are made here of how to word things to make them "nice." To me a lot of them just sound snarky, passive aggressive, or condescending - way worse than the direct wording. But it seems to work for most other people, and I've got thick skin, so I'm happy to play along.
I like the free for all bed, too.

Lately I've been using them on hugels in progress. I have to drag logs out of the woods, dig dirt with a shovel, move dirt with a wheelbarrow, so my hugel beds take a while to construct. I use my extra seeds as a cover crop on beds that aren't ready for planting, but shouldn't be left bare.

I also like planting extra seeds in places I don't think anything could possibly survive, but I'd really like it to. Just in case. The mice seem to be better at finding these places than I am, though. I've got peas growing in the most unexpected spots!
An engineering project is never finished, just abandoned in a usable state
2 weeks ago

Greg Martin wrote:One day, Einstein, Newton, and Pascal meet up and decide to play a game of hide and seek...

Told this one to my engineer husband this morning, knowing he'd like it. I didn't want the punchline to be too obvious so I just said, "Newton sat down and drew at big square around himself on the floor." My husband started laughing and I thought he'd figured it out anyway. He said, "that's totally something Newton would do!" Hahaha- as if they're besties or something. He was looking forward to telling the joke at work. Nice going, Greg. It's going to be mayhem in that office today ;p

For the engineers:

A guy in a hot air balloon is sailing through the mountains, totally lost. He sees another guy down below on a dirt bike, stopped to take in the view, and descends to get his attention.

"Hey! Hey, up here! Can you help me out? I was supposed to meet someone an hour ago, but I have no idea where I am"

The guy on the dirt bike assesses the situation. "Well you're in a hot air balloon, about 15 meters in the air, you're at..." He pulls a GPS unit out of his backpack and reads off the coordinates, "...and you appear to be drifting NNE."

The balloonist says, "Huh, you must be an engineer."

"Yeah, I am! How'd you know?"

" Well, everything you told me is technically accurate, but I have no idea what to do with the information, and I'm still lost!"

The dirt biker says, "Oh, you're a manager."

The guy in the balloon is surprised. "How do you know that?"

"Easy. You don't know where you are, you've made a promise you can't keep, and you're trying to make it my problem."
2 weeks ago
A Confederacy of Dunces. Can't believe I hadn't come across it before. Really funny.
1 month ago
I always wonder about all the stuff you've brought up, too, Oddo. Another thing I wonder about is how all these people on youtube have time to make videos, especially the ones that that are supposedly just starting out.
1 month ago
My brother blasted 2112 on a loop in his bedroom for months when we were teenagers. Hadn't thought of that in years...
1 month ago
Humanure.  I also incorporate dog poop into the bottom layers of hugels.
1 month ago
When I still had a fridge, I'd often find months old nubs of ginger in the butter compartment in the door of the fridge. I usually stuck them in the soil with one of the houseplants. More often than not they'd grow for a while, until the next cycle of drought and abuse I tend to submit my plants to.  I got the feeling ginger wasn't too picky about storage.