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the_pursuit_of_less on Instagram, living off grid and starting a homestead in Kamloops, BC.
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Bump to an old thread, I found this article while looking for the same info:
5 years ago
This has been one of those projects that never seems to get attention, but is much needed before the snow flies, or even the rain starts.  Having no covered porch means wet boots in the house, snow dragged in the house and just a big mess really.   The porch will continue to be a full wrap around, but time is always short so this will do for this year.

The total project cost was about $30 in hardware, and about $5 in gas on my woodmizer.   All materials other than the hardware were sourced from my property.

First thing was to dig some footings.....inspired by J.C. White Cloud I decided stone plinths were the way to go.  These stones are sitting on about 2' of compacted shale gravel mined from my property.

Milled a bunch of 2x8 fir and started construction.

Then it was time for a roof, I wanted the look of the bark, I realize the possible insect problems...but once this house is done, I want it to look 150 years old....complete with old galvanized tin.    Check out the cool windows the previous owner

I had a bunch of random live edge 1x left over, most of it was too weird to make lumber out of so I went with live edge to find some tin!

7 years ago
Lol I have to agree! I've been using them for all sorts of things and that extra length sure comes in handy for fastening jobs where nothing else would work.
I only seem to buy grey market Komatsu excavators... The parts are readily available from the Komatsu dealers, they don't care a sale is a sale.
8 years ago
Sounds like you are in over your head. Have you ever seamed epdm? It's no easy task to get it right.

Good luck.
8 years ago
Amen! I've got 80 acres... Going to start oil "shopping" asap.
8 years ago
Thanks for the detailed reply! I was looking at centrifuges for filtering, but your system sounds a lot cheaper and simpler. I have a dt360 in my truck and a mechanical Kubota generator.... That's why I love this plan.
8 years ago
The only reliable means of attaching epdm to concrete I've come across from professionally building ponds, is to mechanically fasten it at a point above the water level... Or wet dirt level in this case with strips of aluminum flat bar sandwiching the liner between aluminum and concrete with small concrete screws.
8 years ago
Hey John I'd love to hear more about your w85 setup!
8 years ago