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here is part 2 video of the build series.  today i added something cool which i wasn't sure about at first, its a 40w solar pannel , large lead acid battery, and charge controller.  ive always wanted to assemble a micro solar system abd i guess now is the time.  the hope is that the sun will help maintain the battery blow deck which may power a trolling motor.  :)

6 days ago
Thanks :)  I am hoping to get it wet before September.  I'm currently finishing installing an 1800 lb boat winch on the trailer tongue.  I just want to make sure everything is done and ready before I get ahead of myself.  And I'd like to document the thing in the water sooner rather than later, for my build series videos.
1 week ago
here is part 1 of the pontoon build series video on my youtube channel.  upcycling and making stuff for cheap is my favorite thing to do.  i often prefer to build something before i buy something.  i still have 2 extra barrels remaining so perhaps i can make something out of those as well.

1 week ago
Ive. Been treating it as a floating dock and I simply used pressure treated boards on the deck.  I do have some bed liner but most floating docks I've encountered simply use treated boards.  I do have a small 1 inch lip all around to prevent anything from slipping off.
1 week ago
Some more recent photos.  I'm happy with the progress so far
1 week ago
Some updated photos.  I've been posting most of the updates to my MrJohn613 instagram.  I'm slowly editing a video of the build for my MrJohn613 YouTube channel.  Sorry I haven't posted updates in a few days but it looks different now so there is lots new to show.

I used 1x6 pressure treated fence boards for decking, they were cheaper than deck boards but apparently tly the same dimensions...?  They are called 1x6 but they definitely aren't 1" thick, more like 5/8-3/4"

Here's some photos. 
2 weeks ago
Here it is with all eight 55 gallon barrel pontoon chambers.  It seems so big now I actually considered cutting it down to 10ft long, but Im going to stick with my 12ft plan and go for the gusto.  8 barrels should provide a maximum buoyancy of around 3500 lbs, but she will never see even half of that.  I'm anxious to pickup some deck boards possibly tomorrow.  I think I'm going to use treated 1x6 boards but I'm still open to affordable options.  I will add some aluminum rails likely soon after the deck is sorted.  It seems heavier now and I have to get it turned over somehow in order to do the top side and decking
3 weeks ago
This one is 6ft wide at the platform.  6x12'  .  I've seen a few others that were 6ft also and they seemed pretty cool in action.  Even showing multiple people jumping around with no stability issues.  Many people say they are slow but I will build some nose cones to hopefully help hydrodynamics. 

After painting the bottom of the platform and the barrel supports , I proceeded to permanently mount the barrels using the strapping, which fits almost perfectly in the barrel grooves.  I'm very happy these barrels have the enforced sides with the strap groves, the straps fit nice and snug in there and they don't move.

They are all mounted now and I used 8 barrels.  The bung lids have really nice soft gasket lids , so I used a little Teflon tape and simply snuged tight the nice gasket type bungs.   I mouted the bungs horizontal rather than vertical, which also somewhat hides the gallons level indicators on the sides, up into the platform.

I forgot to photograph after installing the last 2 but I assure you there are now 8 barrels on the platform, and there's still a few inches left in the front for nose cones.

3 weeks ago
Yes I also like the fact that the wood is up out of the water.  My previous homemade john-boat had issues with using the wrong paint and it was required to be in the water along with the wood.  Over the winter and spring some the paint seemed to simply peel right off.

Having the platform on this pontoon boat well above water level, not relying on tight seams or seam sealer, and using a better paint sealer combined should make for a better and longer lasting finish. 

With the lightweight platform and large pontoons, I doubt the barrels will be tracking very deep in the water, which should be a good thing for minimal overall drag. 
3 weeks ago