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since Dec 25, 2015
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i made this one about 2 years ago.  i call it the captains platform.  im still using it and i love the storage.  i made it all from my own ideas and ideals so i don't have plans made-up , i just started building the dimensions i wanted and ended up with something i'm proud of.  mine is smaller than a queen, more like a full double, but it sure would be easy to follow my build and make it a few inches wider.  i wanted more storage, and bigger drawers, and also have to possibility to throw out my old drawer dresser, or have a bed and dresser built into one.  for me it was for space saving but i can think of several reasons why this is an improvement. it doesn't squeek like my old one did , and i made the drawers nice and big 23"x23" and deep enough to accommodate far more than my old dresser drawers :)  i also have an idea to make a tray that sits on-top the side drawer to make a floating night stand but i haven't shown that idea yet.  but the bed itself is great i love it, let me know what you think.  i made the bed over two videos part1 and part 2.

1 week ago
a little video update on this 40 lb propane tank wood stove :)

2 months ago
the idea i had was this
2 months ago
yes the final stack does make quite a difference in overall performance!  what does the steam do?

take care!
2 months ago
does coffee count as breakfast?  lol  asking for a friend ;)
2 months ago
i was thinking "header coating" before i saw your photo lol.   headers now are commonly made from stainless steel , which i think is also corrosion resistant, never rusts, and can take more heat than regular steel headers.  i used a stainless steel sleeve liner in the original one.  i thought yours was 100 lbs also?   i made 2 different pellet baskets.  one simple which fits the vertical feed tube, and another is a jet type burner, its more complex and fits inside the burn tube rather than the feed tube.  im in canada also!  
2 months ago
i recently saw a thread that sparked my memory.  im an "idea guy" , i always have at least a dozen ideas ready but never the time and resources to accomplish them all by myself.  here's the idea i had which i recently tried to explain to a member but i think it might be best explained in this concept diagram i made comparing a residential propane hot water tank to an idea of something similar, without the propane.  these tanks have a central heat riser built in, and a pressure relief valve built in.  
2 months ago
this is how they work, the "TP Valve" is a pressure relief valve, they are found on every hot water tank , they will release pressure before any emergency arises, and they are threaded, so if you are concerned for any reason you can thread a garden hose onto the relief and run it to a drain.  that likely wont be necessary because this is proven technology.  that's what the relief valve is for, but i've never seen one actually need to relief, but it's there just incase, just specifically for that reason :)  
2 months ago
i have a newer 40 gallon propane hot water tank.  it has a violent fire underneath, and it literally has a chimney heat riser going right thru the center of the residential hot water tank.  they are designed to hold residential water pressure an also designed to be fired.  i've always dreamed about running a rocket exhaust through that residential water tank stack, after the bell, the exhaust gasses would only be 200 degrees and thats far lower and safer than a an intense propane fire which is normally diretly under the tank and the hot gasses travel directly up the tank center.  if you're referring to flashbang that occurrs in a small coil or copper coil, but if you use the normal residential propane hot watwr tank method, which ive been dreaming about for years, you wont have the flashbang issues.  thats why there is no coils in a residential propane hot water tank, it heats a large mass slowly instead of heating a tiny amount in a tube coil.  
2 months ago
i gave you a slice of PIE , first time i've ever given any!  but i don't really know what to do with it. :P  Here's the first rocket i ever made, my first one, i also used a 100Lb LP tank as well. , it has a couple hundred lbs of homemade refractory mass internally :D  its a 6" CSA system.  i really like the 100 lb LP tank size as well, i called it "compact hybrid"

2 months ago