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since Dec 25, 2015
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This is the second doomsday exercise bike I've created.  Its considerably easier to pedal and makes far more voltage than my first model which uses an auto alternator. 

This model utilizes a homemade PMA which I made from a handful of magnets and an old cieling fan motor.   This doomsday bike makes raw AC power , unlike the first one with the automotive alternator which is converted to DC for automotive use. 

I demonstrate powering a 40x2 watt light directly from the newest exercise bike generator, requiring no batteries or inverters or any expensive devices to power things like the 80 watt light, or a cellphone charger. 

I'm far more satisfied with this model compared to my first model, because this one is far easier to pedal, however I'm unsure if it makes the same amount of AMPS.  The first model utilized a 60 amp auto alternator where as this newer model utilizes a homemade PMA.

Here's a link to a video of my second and improved doomsday exercise bike build/fabrication  :)
2 months ago
[quote=Dale Hodgins]Hey John. Do you have a thread concerning that stove. I'd be interested to see it. It looks like poured concrete but I'm going to assume that it's a perlite mix or something else meant to take the heat.[/quote]

I went back in time and found the thread you asked about, its right here in permies energy forums,

Here's the link
4 months ago
I made this one after seeing how popular the basic block rockets and cook stoves were online.  However this one I wanted to make a vertical gravity fed J-tube style, unlike any I've ever seen before as far as the block rockets go. 

You might like this one , heres a link
4 months ago
Thanks, :)  its basically a Jtube utilizing only 3 blocks, gravity fed, most of the block rockets I've seen online are fed from the front and need to be constantly fed.  This one is much better in the feed department, and also has a very short or nonexistent burn chamber, which I've grown to adore over the last 3 years of experimenting with rockets.  I believe the riser makes a great burn chamber, and the horizontal burn chamber should always be super short, since you really want the flames and turbulence in the riser as much as possible
4 months ago
Are there any other chimneys or vents in the building.  Sounds like conflicting stack effect.   Also like Glenn said make sure your final chimney stack is taller than your roof peak.  I just included a cold start section into my latest thread titled Epic EZ 3-Block Rocket Stove BBQ.  Cold Starts are best done deep in the burn chamber as close to or directly under the riser stack.  As Glenn mentioned that preheats the riser and induces the convection flow direction.  Make sure you don't have conflicting stack effect before you worry about possible cold start issues.
  Good luck :)
4 months ago
[quote=Dale Hodgins]Hey John. Do you have a thread concerning that stove. I'd be interested to see it. It looks like poured concrete but I'm going to assume that it's a perlite mix or something else meant to take the heat.[/quote]

Yes i ts full of refractory cement and lots of perlite for volume and insulation.  I do have a build thread on here from 2015 or 2016 I think its called "portable cast core on wheels" or something.  Otherwise I can show you more videos of the build and testing.  It was the 2nd rocket I designed and built myself.  Probly the heaviest and one of my favorites. 

Here I end up happy with using firebricks to create a rectangular riser, in the testing, research and development.

the bell heat exchanger on this model is also made from a repurposed LP propane tank, while the core was cast into a recycled / upcycled / repurposed BBQ base on heavy dury caster wheels. 
4 months ago
Ive done about 5 pellet burning videos in my original compact RMH hybrid.  Pellets work very well but you have to buy them, unlike burning free dead hardwood. 
Here's the latest video.   This bag of pellets was only 5$ and its good stuff.
Video link
4 months ago
Here's an entire video playlist featuring over 55 videos of my own designs and rocket stove mass heater builds I've constructed and tested in the last 3 years. 

Here's the link ,

please help support the channel and subscribe

Have a good day
4 months ago
Here is one of the rocket stoves that I made which anyone can make easily.  Its different than the other block backyard rockets I've ever seen.  My design is gravity fed and cheap and easy. 

Here's a video of constructing and cold starting the EZ 3-Block Rocket.


Please subscribe and check out my Rocket Stoves video playlist with over 50 videos of my own rocket stove experiments. 
4 months ago