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Recent posts by John McDoodle

Joel Bercardin wrote:Very good machine, a real workhorse. I’ve been using it entirely on our place — and mainly for a lot of things that contribute to maintenance & upgrade of buildings and things we need & use here.

A short while ago, the motor abruptly began making a loud, grinding racket. A guy I’ve recently gotten to know has various high-level fix-it skills, so I started the motor when he was here one day and he did an immediate diagnosis. We arranged a mutually convenient time to get into the guts. And, due to past experience, he proved to be a whiz at proper disassembly order. The issue turned out to be a bearing (ball, not roller), replaceable for $10.

Start to finish, I was involved in the tear-down and reassembly. As my friend needs $$, I paid him. Replacing the saw would cost about $800 plus tax (man, how the price has increased since I bought my machine!) My friend’s time, plus cost of part: about $100  And I’ve learned valuable stuff.

 Good work 💪🏽😎👍🏽
4 months ago
I never actually registered the homemade floating platform.  i believe here in my part of Canada it only needs to be registered if you have an engine.  this could be used as a floating dock or swim platform, but i think it would be cool as an ATV ferry
1 year ago
the fiberglass woodstove rope seal gasket kit i bought came with proper high temperature adhesive so i used the stuff that came in the gasket kit, as per directions :)
2 years ago
New project today, Easy Garden Trellis Build Using 2x4's For Growing Cucumbers & Climbing Plants For Mom :)

3 years ago
Happy Mother's day all !  Last year Mom said she wanted a coat tree, so i made one using wood from the land including an actual tree which needed to be removed anyway.  This year mom said she wanted a cucumber trellis for her smaller garden at her new place which is in town.  She only requested that it be 4 ft tall and those were the only requests i had to work with.  

i measured her available garden area and i made this easy super simple effective trellis using simple 2x4's and some cattle type fencing wire mesh, or possibly concrete mesh.  Cucumbers are climbing plants which can be trained and they evidently do better when they can climb and grow something which can support the "fruits" or vegetables rather.  i like the rustic decor wood grain and rust look but i told her it should be painted for weather resistance.  

It turned out like this

i made this one about 2 years ago.  i call it the captains platform.  im still using it and i love the storage.  i made it all from my own ideas and ideals so i don't have plans made-up , i just started building the dimensions i wanted and ended up with something i'm proud of.  mine is smaller than a queen, more like a full double, but it sure would be easy to follow my build and make it a few inches wider.  i wanted more storage, and bigger drawers, and also have to possibility to throw out my old drawer dresser, or have a bed and dresser built into one.  for me it was for space saving but i can think of several reasons why this is an improvement. it doesn't squeek like my old one did , and i made the drawers nice and big 23"x23" and deep enough to accommodate far more than my old dresser drawers :)  i also have an idea to make a tray that sits on-top the side drawer to make a floating night stand but i haven't shown that idea yet.  but the bed itself is great i love it, let me know what you think.  i made the bed over two videos part1 and part 2.

3 years ago
a little video update on this 40 lb propane tank wood stove :)

3 years ago
the idea i had was this
3 years ago
yes the final stack does make quite a difference in overall performance!  what does the steam do?

take care!
3 years ago
does coffee count as breakfast?  lol  asking for a friend ;)
3 years ago