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yes he is utilizing the gap in-between two (20ft) containers, with a roof over the gap.  this is very similar to several of my conceptual designs.  utilizing the gap is genius in my opinion, it requires multiple containers but opens up many possibilites including rooms that are lerger than 8 ft wide.  i utilize gaps with multiple containers in my concept designs because i design workshop / garage bays and these bays require more than 8ft wide.  containers are only 8ft wide but a comfortable area to work on a vehicle and have room to open the doors, and for tools, a minimum of 12ft is adequate for working around vehicles.  i also utilize the gap concept in several of my residential concepts as well.  i can make bigger rooms and more sq ft with 2 containers and a gap, than i can with 3 containers conjoined.  which might be cheaper because you only require 2 containers instead of 3 or 4 to make more living space.   that man in the video is utilizing two 20 ft containers but still a great idea.   personally i put my roof at the outer edge of the containers rather than the inner, this requires larger trusses but opens up the possibility of having lofts ontop of the containers, as seen in my 40x40 barn workshop video above.  
1 month ago
all of these are awesome guys!  good work.  i love see others inventions and ideas.  and i love the fact that simplicity has been mentioned several times.  
here is a 3 point hitch adapter i made myself from upcycled junk, just an old trailer hitch modified but it works

here is another video in the series where i actually put it to the test.  i plowed snow for several hours that day
1 month ago
to view and edit your post, click here: i did and it took me here, but i don't have any recent images here, and i sure wouldn't have any that were inappropriate,  seems like some type of glitch.  i got two of these messages and they were both identical glitches of each other, but they both lead to this thread, which hasnt had any recent or inappropriate images so im not sure.  thanks for trying to help reslove the issue Satamax

Satamax Antone wrote:

John McDoodle wrote:i got this message regarding an inappropriate image?  can someone clarify what image is supposedly inappropriate?  

Send me the link to the post you need to edit, un PM.

1 month ago
i didn't realize the parameters were "smaller than a breadbox"  most of my creations are farily large but here is a simple tool i made to remove / recycle brass fittings from old LP tanks.  
its a very handy tool and i've made a few hundred dollars with it from recycling old brass.  it gets abused and hit with 400 ft/lbs and its had no problem removing several hundred old valves.   one of my recent projects was a propane tank wood stove where i also used it for that project
1 month ago
thanks for the invite!  i adore creating homemade gadgets especially tools which might normally be expensive or out of my price range.  OH! smaller than a bread box?!  that parameter seems a bit small but heres a PMA alternator i made last year from a ceiling fan and some magnets
1 month ago
i got this message regarding an inappropriate image?  can someone clarify what image is supposedly inappropriate?  
1 month ago

John C Daley wrote: As a Civil Engineer for 45 years, I always applaud anybody that tries a new idea etc.

I am concerned people may just lift your designs and copy them, with no return for you.

I have found value adding is effective, so there is a reason to actually pay cash etc for something helps a lot.
In this case, creating a material list of all the items needed, including length, section sizing, number off, wall thickness, material type, would be very useful.
There is a bit of work to do that, and if you standardise things as much as you can, IE section dimensions, the punters will be happy to pay.
The difference in cost between precise sizing of each piece of steel and standardising them is not a lot compared with cutting multiple bits with a range of sizes.
The time saved will be enormous.
The purchaser can easily get a quote for the steel cut to size, from the material list or an idea of the total length so they can purchase and cut themselves.

If you number each piece as well, and refer to that number on the drawings that will save heaps of time for them and hopefully some income for yourself.

John, unfortunately i have had my ideas stolen more times than i can count.  i knew that was a risk when i posted my designs publicly.  when i posted my barrel top dutch oven attachment, it was less than 3 weeks and i saw another member trying to sell my idea as an attachment for his stoves.  i didn't do anything about it and he's probably made money off my old idea.  i have alot of great ideas but i don't have the time and resources to make them all happen.  even my actual youtube build projects are mostly completed by one-man, just me.  most of my videos are actual builds but my shipping container buildings playlist is purely conceptual.  i dont like talking about things unless i'm actually going to do it, and i wouldn't waste my ideas and time if i didn't see one in my future.  of all my 350 or so videos, only the 8 container videos are simply concept designs currently.  this gives me practice and ideas of how i will arrange my first container build, whenever i'm finally ready to build one.  

i think the numbering and measuring and final say should be up to the engineer who helps me make this a reality someday.  i'd like to think or hope that i'd come up with the ideas and concepts and the engineer would do the drawings and OK the ideas.  i stay pretty busy with work and youtube and all the build projects i do on youtube, plus i'm completing my education, so my "spare time" is almost non-existent.  like i said i have tons of ideas, many of which don't see the light of day, but i don't have the time and resources to make all of them happen unfortunately.  numbering and measuring parts or supports or footings would definately best be left to someone more qualified than i.  that's the primary reason why i'd like to partner with an engineer when i'm ready for my own drawings.  if i found someone willing to make the drawings for a fee or for a partnership i would likely go for it in an effort to continue and graduate, while eventually build one for myself.  at first i wanted to make the plans free but i think it would be easier to offer an incentive such as a percentage of the blueprint sales or just pay someone to make the blueprints for me.   i'm clearly not in a hurry but i love the idea and i'm getting better and better with the layouts and interior / exterior design, and i plan to have one built within the next 5 years  possibly one of the workshop concepts.  

thanks for your input John.  i'm open to ideas and critique, and im not really afraid of more work as each design has cost several hours.  there is an option to turn on scale display in my design program.  ever design is done to scale to accurately represent the size of the containers and everything therein.  on the barn workshop you can see the roof dimensions are automatically generated and displayed by the design software.  i just make a roof to fit the accurately scaled containers concept and the programs generates the dimensions accordingly.  the height and width and lengths are all displayed when the option is selected.  i frequently scale the containers to 40ft long, 8ft wide & 9.5ft tall, the proportionate accurate scale of an average high-cube sea can container.  
1 month ago
part 4 of the build series.  It Floats!  weather wasn't favorable that day, windy and cloudy but i was just anxious to test float the craft before fall/winter.
1 month ago
these are awesome guys.  Joel, you can have more air volume/ storage and/or a portable air pig tank.  one mans junk is another mans treasure :D good work guys
1 month ago

Louis Laframboise wrote:We are called Pangaea and are located in the Lanark Highlands of Lanark County. Closest town is Perth. Our family of 3 are living on a large acreage with a fair amount of diversity. Some of what we do are plantings, gardens, children's nature program, small scale forest work, fascines and other earthworks/land reclamation, healing ceremonies with native people from the region, experimental biochar, 'waste' cycling and other ecojewel catching & transformation. Pangaea is also a place of spontaneous meeting, learning, visits and refuge. Connecting with the living landscape, and that we are a vital and needed part of it, is very important to us and that everything is not about being "productive". Instead we need to take on a wider sense or definition of productivity--perhaps a la 8 forms of capital. Looking for outlets & venues--especially locally, bioregionally--for my writing and other creative works. Also trying to remember the history of this place and not rushing into things. We aim to tap into local wisdom and skills--including the "hicks" and "rednecks".

Louis Laframboise

i know that area from driving through to Arnprior to work for an old friend who is no longer alive.  i also remember a big sign along the road somewhere near there that read "EARTHSHIP" and i have considered stopping in more than once on my travels.  i'd like to see how an actual earthship survives winter here in the cold canadian climate.  my place is partially underground but doesnt seem 100% comparable to an actual earthship.
2 months ago