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Recent posts by Dan Ohmann

Here are some book recommendations from Shepherdess Tess:

5 years ago

Nick Truscott wrote:Really helpful video - we are just prepping to get our first sheep as "lawnmowers" to keep our horse paddock under controil and hopefully some of the pesky perennial weeds like docks

That's great Nick! I'm glad the video was helpful.  Thank you for the feedback.
6 years ago
Thank you for that feedback Mark!
6 years ago
I believe I have met the requirements for creating a post with an image and creating a post with a video (I have several with videos) but the scavenger hunt indicates otherwise.  I am open to the likelihood that I am misinterpreting something here.
Great suggestion for future content Kyrt!  What has worked for me with some of my sheep has been spending a lot of time with them in a small corral and feeding them treats (organic alfalfa pellets or organic field peas).  Food helps build trust.  
6 years ago
I recently published a YouTube video and a more detailed companion e-book titled 6 Things You Need to Get Started with Sheep

The genesis of this came from Justin Rhodes.  He asked if I could help him get ready for the lambs he is brining onto his homestead this spring.  I made a list of materials with links and send it to him.  After doing all the research and compiling the list, I thought I should share it with everyone.  

Here is a link to get access to the FREE e-book: E-Book Link

Here is the YouTube video:

Let me know what you think.  I've never made an e-book before so I'm curious about the feedback.  My hope is that it is a really good resource for people who are looking at getting started with sheep on a homestead scale.
6 years ago

Jocelyn Campbell wrote:
Feeding people, and having them enjoy it, is a wonderful pleasure to me. On Friday night, I was able to feed a bunch of permie people with leg of lamb grown at The Grass-fed Homestead. It was delicious! Then, a couple days later we made lamb stew from the leftovers and shared that with more friends. Thank you Dan!!

You're welcome, Jocelyn!  I'm really glad you enjoyed the lamb!  
6 years ago

Jocelyn Campbell wrote: Cliff's voice is just about perfect - something about it is super smooth, yet engaging at the same time.

I was thinking the same thing when I was listening to his voice over on the video.  He has a profession voice over voice...he could be the guy that does that for movie trailers!
6 years ago
I interviewed Cliff today about the Farm and Sustainability Tour and the kickstarter.

It was a 45 minutes discussion I edited down to about 15 minutes.  I will be releasing the full length discussion soon after I launch my new podcast.

here is the video:

6 years ago

Dakota Brown wrote:
I loved that too!  Dan, with a little luck, your momma pig could become the newest YouTube sensation, LOL!

Well...we ate her.  That abruptly ended her YouTube career