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I'm a proud owner of a 0.2 acre lot in a small town. I'm working on building hugelkultur and hoping to put in a natural swimming pool. Currently I am a full time wage slave and a part time single parent, if you know what I mean. My long term goal is to go early retirement extreme style and pay off all my debt and buy a bigger piece of land or move onto an existing permie parcel and add my groove. I've been researching permaculture for years but just recently have gained the freedom to start and loving every minute of it.
Saskatchewan, Canada
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I have yet to plant a full guild myself but my grandfather told me they used to grow asparagus and anise in orchards as a standard rule. He didn't say anything about why, just that it was always done. He was born in Arkansas and lived in southern California  and eastern Washington so I'm not sure which location he was referring to, or more than one? I can see asparagus being a dynamic accumulator with it's deep roots and good mulch with it's massive foliage. He said apples with anise under them always tasted like licorice, so there may have been a pest confusing or deterring element to it. I can't stand anise or licorice so I have no plans to plant either but I am utilizing asparagus as much as possible.
4 days ago
I find myself calling a rocket mass heater an efficient masonry heater when discussing it with laymen. They tend to stick around longer and actually listen to me explain the burn tunnel and heat riser. Just my two cents.
4 days ago
Lots of good advice. I'll be trying the buckwheat and peas next year. Too late to plant this year.

I just cleared a bunch of thistle by hand from a corner of my yard. I didn't know I had raspberries and rhubarb until I started pulling the thistle.

I wonder if just adding peas to the rhubarb patch will be enough since it is in the same family as buckwheat.

I'm letting the thistle dry in the sun for a week or so then it will go on my hugelkultur as mulch. I'm being careful not to have any seed heads in there.

Also, the only thing less fun than pulling thistle by hand is pulling thistle by hand around raspberries and roses...
1 week ago
Wow, this hits home on several levels. I'm so buried in obligations right now that I feel sick. Thank you Paul and everyone for posting and helping put things in perspective.
Yes, that trunk was the healthiest part of the tree so I left it for now to be a nursery canopy but if it shows signs of rot I'll remove it too.

I hadn't considered root binding an issue as tree roots break underground pipes and stone. And the tree was rotten right into the soil so there appeared to be plenty of room. I am planning on mulching around and on the stump yearly to eventually get to a mound and adding guild plants as I can. Baby steps.

I am open to criticism. I have been studying permaculture on and off for years and have been gardening for  the last seven or so but this year I finally have my own place and the freedom to do whatever I want. As long as the local zoning people don't come knocking. I have used and built planters but they end up being more work than anything.
1 week ago
I had a rotten tree in my front yard that absolutely had to come down before it fell on someone. The stump was so rotten that it looked like a planter so I filled it with a 50/50 mix of homemade compost and top soil. I planted an asparagus, strawberry and tomato (because I had a spare that one of the kids started). I also seeded for white clover, creeping thyme, apple tree and borage. A neighbor walked by and called it a "tree garden". I hope that as the plants get bigger and the stump rots it will not be an eye sore. With luck an apple tree will sprout and make a nice shade/fruit tree. The rest of the wood went into a proper hugelkultur mound.
1 week ago
I'm not sure what to say about the garbage everywhere. But my first thought on the house is to build a wofati. If you can arrange a workshop it could be built pretty cheap by making the students pay enough to cover material and excavator costs. I believe that once you have a solid house everything else would probably seem less stressful.
2 weeks ago
I forgot to post a pic of me. So here are two pics of me!
2 weeks ago
I also cannot access this info, through the link or my stuff. I'm not in a hurry to read it.  Thanks in advance.
Hi ya'll! I'm just putting in hugelkultur beds this year. Zone 3, urban lot. So far the little one I've done is doing better than anything else on the property. This is the first one and it is dug down so it is less of an eye sore for the neighbors. It is 4' wide/tall and will be 30' long when finished. The next two will be taller and wider to meet SKIP criteria. I plan on building a rabbit warren into one of the larger ones as a test. I lost count of how many different species but there are garlics, potatoes, asparagus, beets, carrots, peas, beans, lettuces, chards, clover, mustard, volunteer oats from the organic straw, etc...
3 weeks ago