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Hi guys, good news that the last part didn't take as long as I thought I would.  Below is an Excel file to try and list out each discrete task, but also listing whether or not the "work instruction" is complete.  There's also a column to let you rank priority if there's a certain set of tasks you'd like to complete first and a column for the volunteer that will write the instructions for that task and a target completion date along with a column for oddball points.  Being in Excel, the list can also be filtered by topic and see at a glance which categories are missing, for example.  I couldn't upload the Excel file here, so the spreadsheet is at this link below to download a copy and you can make it your own to modify.

I hope this helps everyone to organize and help work towards bringing the project out of alpha by having a master database with the "to do" list all in one place.  I was picturing for this file to end up in its own post to corral the troops and keep an updated copy there whenever new tasks are added.

I saw about 300 work instructions for approximately 600 tasks so far - that's incredible!  Fantastic work so far in filling a need in the permaculture community to help with the process of learning new skills step by step and also in developing a system for certification of those skills.

11 months ago
So I was a little optimistic with my initial target of the end of the month to have the database created - I had some problems with my computer getting locked up last week and was gone Friday through Monday.  I'll attempt to have a simple database created with each task and whether or not a work instruction exists by next Friday (the 8th) or the Friday after (the 15th).  I got the first six done and I'll go through the rest and try to double check for any errors.
11 months ago
Awesome, ok so I think a simple database may be the way to start, which can be done in Excel.  I'm working through the final design for Geoff Lawton's PDC and I'll be traveling next weekend, but I'll see if I can compile a simple spreadsheet to take stock of the current situation by the end of the month.
1 year ago

To clarify in case it wasn't clear, this PDF is fantastic for compiling the total list of how to complete the badges and is greatly appreciated.

In my question, I was thinking more about how everyone can help you to develop the entire program to see what assistance you need to develop badge levels that don't exist yet at this time.  I thought maybe a simple spreadsheet with your wish list would be cool to see what you would request next to delegate to all of us minions. :)
1 year ago
I agree, this is amazing, thank you so much!

This might be addressed somewhere in the PEP forums, but I was wondering if maybe a "To Do" list would be created to help laser focus people's attention on the overall immediate priorities and then longer term actions with such a large and ambitious project?

I think that would help everyone understand at a glance how to help keep moving the project forward and not stall.  We use a "list of open points" at my work very successfully to help keep track of the 2,000 things going on at any one point in time.
1 year ago
Ah wow, haha you're right Paul!  I was thinking for sure I would have donated high enough at the time for the physical dvd, but that was back in July, so no telling what I was thinking at the time.  I'll get the physical dvd on order with your link, thanks again!

I was busy with work and during the holidays when I remembered about the rocket oven kickstarter and I don't remember seeing the dvd come through.  Could you please check to make sure the shipment went through?

Thank you very much,
Wow, fantastic responses everyone!  This is exactly the kind of dialog I was hoping to create.  I will admit to being out of my league on many aspects of combustion and power generation, but I hopefully can still inspire ideas.

@Duane, excellent summary, thank you for the details on the logistics of creating steam, that's very fascinating and I currently only knew about the existence of steam tables, but that's about it, so this helps me understand more about the requirements to physically move the turbines.  Are there other ways besides the Sterling engine to utilize heat to generate power besides steam generation?

@Satamax, I'm mostly thinking about the overall efficiency of the system I'm proposing from the standpoint of scale besides efficient burning of the wood.  For example, at one previous job, we had 1/2 million pound melters that wasted an incredible amount of energy to keep that aluminum molten 24 hours a day.  The melter was consuming this energy regardless of whether or not the rolling mill was actually running, so not exactly an efficient use of energy to simply keep that metal molten at all times versus if there were several much smaller and more flexible systems with the same capacity that could operate without that constraint, saving huge amounts of energy (and cost) in the process.  Those are the kinds of efficiencies I'm wondering if you could achieve by having tens or hundreds of thousands of decentralized power plants instead of the current system of several thousand centralized power plants (in the US).

@Chris, I'm still pretty rudimentary in my full understanding of the rmh system, but yes that makes sense now that I am probably thinking more along the lines of the "rocket" portion of the RMH for massive amounts of heat generation.  Are there ways to utilize just the rocket portion of an rmh for heat generation instead of heat storage or does the system then just become some kind of cupola?  The air to mass heat exchanger does sound promising to somehow use to harvest the high amount of heat somehow for power generation.

Also, I'm not limiting the discussion to just ultra small scale on how to power a house, by all means if you could harvest the power of the special geometry of a "massless rocket" on a large enough scale to power a city, that would be really awesome!  

@Travis, the Sterling engine idea would be great - can you use just the "rocket" part of the rmh as mentioned above while still having efficient burning of wood to power a Sterling enginer?  Would construction of the Sterling engine itself still be the complicated part?  The ideas I'm looking for wouldn't even necessarily have to power an entire modern house, maybe even just enough electricity to charge up a bank of marine batteries to help reduce dependence on the power grid and build resiliency.  Any other ways that ocmpost heat / biogas / photovoltaics, etc would play into power generation would be neat as well.
2 years ago
Hi everyone, long time lurker, haven't built an rmh, but bought the DVD / book and I had random thoughts I wanted to run by everyone on decentralized power production using an rmh.  I saw a few mentions of power generation on the forum, but I wanted to brainstorm on the possibilities from a different angle.

From an ancient memory, I seem to recall that the most inefficient part of power generation itself (ignoring power distribution), is the boiling of water by coal/nuclear/natural gas, etc. to generate the steam that moves the turbine blades with efficiencies from a brief internet search at very roughly 40-60%.  So, my question is if a rmh results in an ultra efficient almost complete combustion of organic matter, couldn't you scale up an rmh and very drastically undercut the pricing structure of a heavily centralized business structure like power generation while providing power to a single house or possibly even an entire neighborhood (on a large enough scale) from coppiced wood?

If one of the fundamental ways of producing electricity essentially the simple boiling of water, can't we all do that ourselves on a local level, adding in heat exchangers, oxygen sensors, conveyors, PLC controls, etc. to add even MORE drastic efficiency to the process of heating and boiling water?  For another example of scaling up an rmh, having worked in foundries, there is also refractory material that can withstand extreme high temperatures that could expand the capabilities of a rmh well beyond a smaller system.

I have a lot of issues with very large scale systems due to their fragile and inefficient nature and think that there is some serious opportunity here - anyone have thoughts on getting into business with power generation using multiple very large rmhs?
2 years ago