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After more digging I found it. Branded as Solawrap in north america. 10 year UV warranty, R1.7  Cheaper than 3.5mm solex ($1.4 sqft vs $2.00ish)

10 months ago
Hoping this is an appropriate use to revive this thread.

I remember researching insulated greenhouse coverings years ago and had my heart set on a super fancy (and tough as solexx) bubble wrap product. I vaguely remember it being in the 2-3 r value range. I believe it was out of Europe but they did have distribution in Canada/US. For the life of me can't remember the name of the product and googling bubble wrap isn't turning anything up.  

Anyone have experience with Sunglow panels? R3.1 and much longer life than solexx?

10 months ago
I have two properties on which I could plant persimmon. One has nearly infinite room and is zone 6a (maybe even zone 5b) the other is in a downtown core microclimate closer to 7a with very limited space. Planning to plant american persimmon on the larger zone 6 acreage. Is there a good chance of successfully ripening Nikitas or Rosseyanka in the zone 6 or would it be best to try and fit them on the 7a lot?
1 year ago
So I've been thinking of planting more Pawpaw seedlings but figure it would be prudent to actually see if I like the fruit before I put much more energy and real estate into something that likely won't produce here anyways. I'm in the BC interior.

So, I have a relative passing through Seattle and was hoping they could pick up some fruit for me to sample. This pawpaw fruit is proving quite difficult to track down, especially remotely.

Any ideas or suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

2 years ago
Thanks for the Citrus in the Snow review Jeremy!
Just found the citrus site myself, looks like there is an updated 2016 version with more relevant information? http://www.citrusinthesnow.com/order.html
Was your review based on the original or updated 2016 version?

He has another site http://greenhouseinthesnow.com/
Where he 'will be' selling a physical copy of plans that go into more detail on how to construct and operate a greenhouse..... Looks like it's dated 2013.... anyone able to provide a review on this information?

relevant excerpt from greenhouseinthesnow.com
In the near future we will have plans,instructions, photos and CDs of the construction, fabrication and use of the units including our experiences with many types of plants and recommendations for growing and marketing.  This information will be much more detailed and current than the "citrus in the snow' report that is online now. citrusinthesnow site is an information report more or less for people interested in what we do.The new information will be very detailed and oriented towards serious greenhouse construction and the growing system It will include text instructions but also will include many photos of the actual construction of the newest unit at Alliance Nebraska high school, from start to finish. The package sells for $49 while the citrusinthesnow is $24.99. I will also design units using the ideas we have used and some that will help make our design even more efficient.  We are very proud of this greenhouse and it's performance as it incorporates the fixes from 35 years of trial and error. The new information will only be sold in hard copy, not downloads due to pirating experiences we have had in the past.

Anyone able to cleave this off and start a Citrus in the Snow specific thread?
3 years ago
If anyone is interested in reading the original Greenershelter site it can be found on the way back machine https://web.archive.org/web/20110716102644/http://www.greenershelter.org/index.php?pg=1

Hey Patrick I'm glad to hear people are having success with the AGS idea, I'm in the preliminary stages of thinking about designing a house and have always wanted to integrate AGS into the design, would love to get more details on what you have learned from involvment in these builds.
3 years ago