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since Feb 02, 2018
"Mz No Skills Living Singularly in the Desert".
Retired Nurse living on 20 acres of virgin desert with lots of dreams and no construction skills!
Columbus, United States
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Recent posts by Karen Lee klee

WOWZA, WOWZA, WOWZA!!! This is EXACTLY the kind of educational video an older broad like me {aka: Mz. No Skills Living Singular in the Desert} needs prior to commencing any projects. Here is a BIG 💋One on each cheek for you Mr. Wheaton. klee-pjp88029
4 months ago
Hello again Jesikah!

I just went to Amazon to read the synopsis and reviews and found that you are very generously offering the digital
version of your book to Amazon Prime members for Free!
(At least for today's date, and Tuesday 04 September is 2018)).

As I have gone 99% digital for all of my reading over the past 5 years, I helped myself to a copy and promise to read it
(as soon as I finish the current book I am on) and leave an honest review.

I will also send you a copy of any typos, grammar, punctuation, and sentence structure "errors"  that
I find, if any, for you to correct.

Hope you sell a million to those folks who still "have to"  hold a paper-made copy of a book in their hands.

Thank you for my Freebie.
5 months ago
Hello Tim and Family,
Congrats on being able to settle and grow together in magical Snowflake, AZ. I love it up there (I am about 275 miles south of you in desert, hot, hot, hot Luna-Tic County and the SW New Mexico).

I just wanted to mention that you might want to look into also cultivating and growing Pinon trees for their delicious nuts. You are in a good zone and the profit margins in relation to labor and water costs involved with them are phenomenal, at least $8 per pound profits these days.

If you are not familiar with the Pinon tree, Please look into this idea.

5 months ago
Good Morning and a hearty welcome to the Permies Forum Jesikah, I hope you have fun and learn a wealth of knowledge here like I and many others do.

As an avid reader and a follower of T. C. Boyle, the I have read his fascinating book "The Terranauts, a Novel" based upon a real biodome experiment in Arizona, which I thoroughly enjoyed. Thus, I am so looking forward to reading "your take" on a micro-society living in isolated biodome conditions. This is a very believable topic that I can see developing more and more in our already very fractured society.

Thanks for adding to our perceptions of what can be done and the challenges it will entail.

5 months ago

ev kuhn wrote:
"...blueberries love accidic soils and blueberries love pine straw..."

What is pine straw please? Where do you find it? Do you mean pine needles found under any type of pine trees? TY.

11 months ago