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Recent posts by Daniel Schneider

Pearl Sutton wrote:Apple for Daniel!! :D

Thank you Gerry for the link!! Cool, I learn stuff!!  :D Me and mom were discussing something like this a while back, the little town we are in has a recycle place that there are just stacks and stacks and boxes and piles of newspaper. I'm REALLY startled, with all the people around here who heat with wood, that no one takes it and logs it up.
I love learning stuff!!! :D
This is a fun game to have going :D

I didn't make up the word Google Fu, that one has run around on the net for years. I know someone with serious Google fu skills who can find any useless thing out there. Isn't as good at finding useful things though... It's what is focused on that makes the difference between useful and non-useful google fu skills. Finding log rollers is useful :D

Has anyone here actually used one of these, and if so, how did it work out? I remember that  ads for these were really common back in the 70s back-to-the-land days (I was always tickled by the fact that you could see the same ad in both Mother Eath news, and Yankee magazine), but  then they seemed to disapppear. The ones I remember were used with wet paper, and tightly rolled, to make actual paper 'logs', rather than just loosely-rolled firestarters like the ones in the video (to be honest, the one in the video seems to be an utter waste of resources -using all that metal, and manufacturing/transport energy just to make firestarters that wouldn't work any better than a crumpled up sheets of paper?) I seem to recall hearing that there were some issues with the paper logs, but it was always third- or fourth-hand, so I was never sure how seriously to take it. If paper logs *do* work, they could be a way to stretch out the firewood a bit,  but I don't want to waste a lot of time and energy bodging together something to make them if they don't...
3 months ago
I generally like getting these from time to time- I don't have the time to sift through all the traffic that goes through permies to find the things that are in my areas of interest- but today I got one that took me to a thing that said "you don't have  sufficient priveleges to access this message.' Seemed a bit pointless, at best
Hej! What a useful idea this is! But, I'm having trouble figuring out where to input my information. I live in an area that is climate zone Dfc (boreal), but the continental links are called continental -4, -3, etc. What do those numbers correspond to?  Thanks!
4 months ago
How loose is the lid? Does it seemlikeit might be watertight if it swelled after soaking? If so, I'd guess a early washing machine.
5 months ago

Pearl Sutton wrote:Oxen Fueled the Westward Migration Picture right at the top, milking oxen!

That was in my email,I have been wondering about the difference between oxen and cows, and have asked several people. It was a fun little rabbithole for t he morning!

I want zebu, after reading all of this :D I looked at my lightweight little trailer that hitches to my truck, would be easy to make an oxen hitch that lets them pull anything with a ball hitch...

A lovely holiday season to you, your lady and all of yours too! :)

Hej Pearl!

I looked at the article you linked to, and I think you may have misunderstood the caption: 'milking shorthorn' is the name of the breed. Looking at the pictures, as far as I can see, those are all boys. I can't speak for the rest of th US, but in New England ( and old England, as well, from what I've read), oxen are *always*  castrated bulls which have attained their full growth (before castration they're bull calves, after castration, but before they're fully grown , they're steers). You can train cows to pull, but they're still called cows, not oxen.
5 months ago

Pearl Sutton wrote:Reading during breakfast today, and found this picture. WITHOUT looking it up,can anyone identify it? No cheating, y'all!!! :D
I was fascinated. Hadn't thought about it before....

Its a lift for shoing oxen, or clipping cows' hooves. If you use oxen for draft, they need shoes, just like horses do, and cows that don't walk on stoney ground fairly often need pedicures every couple of years. The problem is, cattle can't stand on 3 feet for any length of time, so you put them in a frame like that, tie their halter tothat front bar, use the belly bands to get the weight off their feei, ant then tie down the foot being worked on (and the other 3, if they're kick-y) and go to it.

EDIT I really have to start going all the way to the bottom of these before posting....
5 months ago
Well, it's not exactly a Christmas song, but here's one for those of us who celebrate the solstice  
5 months ago
I hate to be the lone voice of dissent, but it would personally  drive me crazy. I have ADHD, and one of its characteristics is the inability to automatically ignore distractions.The erratic , percussive nature of the sound a typewriter makes would be absolutely impossible to ignore- I know this from personal experience: when I was a child, my mother used to type late into the night, in the room right  next to my bedroom, amd then wonder why I didn't fall asleep, or couldn't focus on schoolwork.
7 months ago

wayne fajkus wrote:

Anne Miller wrote:So what is this?


I think it's the lamp for a magic lantern- a Victorian slide projector

EDIT  oops, I guess I should look at the whole thread before posting....

10 months ago