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You find my other 5 websites in the right lower corner of the one mentioned here. There you see that I even try to make cheese of raw milk and that I build my own horizontal beehives etc. Making kombucha and sometimes yoghurt or kefir.
In the near future I want to buy some land in a war country and start permagardening all over again.
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Recent posts by Annette van Vuuren

Took my PDC in Thailand in 2015 and am planning moving to Paraguay in 2024 , preferably nearby others who are Permaculture enthousiasts.
I am 64, but young of mind, from the Netherlands, the last 25 yrs living in Norway.
The climate I prefer is warm and 'less humid' if possible.
I prefer living in a green environment, far away of mobile towers, so preferably outside a city.
Let me know about your project please:
4 months ago
So Great Yarcan that you are buying the nut cheese book. I am looking forward to having it too, but I always order about 3 to 4 different books at the same time at amazon usa. Porto is huge.

I read a bit in the kindle version of it yesterday. To color cheese orange I think I am going to powder dried orange flower petals for it. Those petals even have a medical working.

Most of those special kinds of ingredients for cheese and more I order at

Please publish your first nut cheese here too!
5 years ago
Yes I heard (and forgot again) about A2 milk. Looked at the explanation once more.
But I even react on 'milk free' ice cream, where there is milk with lactose inside but with the added enzym lactase. so I can say , that i am lactose intolerant. Getting red spots all over my face, taking 2 weeks or more to disappear.

As you maybe know there is a lot of calicium in green veggies. I eat 3 vegetable meals a day, about 1 kg of veggies this is a day. We people do not really need milk from animals. yes I tried goat and sheep milk/cheeses and got red spots in my face then too.

I have auto immune diseases.  It seems that AID-people have problems with 1. glutes and 2. lactose, and a lot more. Eating only veggies and coconut oil helps a lot :) I recently bought an AIP (auto immune Paleo) diet book. Butter after eating breakfast with flower coal and apple several times I am back to my 'own' veggie recipees.

In case you start experimenting making cheeses with nut milk (cashews or almonds), let me know! The nut cheese book says they tast exactly the same as usual cheeses.
5 years ago
Thanks for all your tips. Some were quit new to me. As a beekeeper it was interesting to hear about the beehive-cheese method.

But after I became allergic for beevenom I also became allergic for cow milk and other animal milks, also for the raw cow milk of which I made my cheeses with. So now I am in to almond milk making for in my capucino. From the 'almond flour' rests I make again almond coconut flour nut bread or - coocies.

For the last few weeks I have the following book in my amazon basket:
Cheese making. Are you nuts?

Did you experiment with using other 'milks' then regular animal milks? This book looks like a very good book for making cheeses from nuts instead of milk.

5 years ago
I have sent you a private message.
6 years ago
Hello permie,

Just came over your post here. From the middle of Nov. 2018 I will have 5 months in Central America/Panama. Is your ad still valid? I am exploring to relocate to a perma life in Panama/Costa Rica, and this could be a good try out for me.

One sentence which is not that clear to me 'your job would be to make it and all of the fruit trees will be there'. What did you mean with Make it? You want trees you bought planted before you come back?

6 years ago

it became great your place! I love your house too!

How about the neighboring properties you mentioned earlier. Are they still not used by the neighbors and maybe for sale?

(looking for perma land to relocate to , somewhere in the tropics)
6 years ago