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Ontario, Canada
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My experience with angel investors is limited to the tech industry, but I'd guess that there's more similarities than differences.  I suggest looking for help locally to find an investor.  If you target local real estate investors, you can see who they recommend and what they think you'll need to have/do in order to get financing.  Even the small fish in the RE investment scene can have great advice and, more importantly, may have contacts that can get you in touch with people who invest that kind of money.

I think you'll need to have the financial details ironed out to show them how they'll get their money back, but don't be afraid to show the more esoteric benefits; many angel investors are looking to give back in some way as well as make a profit.  In my limited experience, most of these guys won't get out of bed for 20%, but you never know.

Best of luck with this.  Please let us know how it goes, good and bad.  Anyone looking for financing can learn from your experiences.
15 hours ago
I milked for a guy that 'grew up' on a 'farm'.  He made some money and then decided he wanted to farm, so he build a barn and bought some cows.  He told me that he unloaded a dozen cows and that they promptly walked right off the farm.  It took several weeks for him to get them all back.

A few months later I was hired, and he told me that.  The cows were all kept in the small paddock by the barn when I was there.  One day I went and looked at the fences.  The posts were 60-70 feet apart and he hadn't stretched the 5' pagewire fence.  I could just walk it right down, so the cows wouldn't have had any issues.  I left shortly after that.
22 hours ago
I've tried to get beef from many different animals, but the only one I could get it from reliably was a cow.
23 hours ago
Any local non-profit homes that you can give the eggs to?
2 days ago
I'm cheap, but I personally don't think that my goal should be to eliminate feed costs, but to keep my livestock as healthy as possible as cheaply as possible.  To do this, I will always have feed on hand, in some form, to ensure that my animals aren't on starvation rations.

Are you prepared to weigh your birds at least weekly in order to make sure they're not losing weight?  Weighing is the only way I know of to be sure that they're performing well under whatever conditions they encounter. I think that the 'quality triangle' is very apt.  You can have any two of Cost, Quality, or Time.  Is it worth it to spend the time needed to ensure that your birds eat well instead of buying feed?  Only you can answer that.

Once I got quail, I only kept my chickens for the abilities they have.  I gave away most of the eggs.
2 days ago
I can't believe that pretty much the rest of the world can access raw milk but we can't in Canada.  I'm very jealous of you all.
3 days ago

Cory Collins wrote:

Trace Oswald wrote:

Amanda Launchbury-Rainey wrote:COMFREY COMFREY COMFREY

Are my chickens the only ones in the world that don't like comfrey?  I've tried it fresh, wilted, dried, ...  They just don't eat it.

Mine won't touch it either. I can't even get the bunnies to nibble on it. I've read that it is high in protein, but it's no help in the feed dept. so far, at least in my experience. Would love to hear more from someone who is successful feeding comfrey to critters.

My chickens tore through it, as did my rabbits.  My quail liked it, too, but they take much smaller bites.
4 days ago

Greg Martin wrote:

Timothy Markus wrote:

Greg Martin wrote:A woman in labor suddenly shouted, “Shouldn’t!  Wouldn’t!  Couldn’t!  Didn’t!  Can’t!”

"Don't worry" the doctor said, "those are just contractions."

You must be a dad.

Tehehehe….it shows, doesn't it!

Takes one to know one...
4 days ago

Greg Martin wrote:A woman in labor suddenly shouted, “Shouldn’t!  Wouldn’t!  Couldn’t!  Didn’t!  Can’t!”

"Don't worry" the doctor said, "those are just contractions."

You must be a dad.
4 days ago