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Recent posts by Timothy Markus

Hi Natalie, and welcome to Permies!  There are quite a few Canadians on the site and lots from ON of course.
4 hours ago

Teresa Greene wrote:I put pickle juice (kosher dill kind) in my chicken salad. Tastiest thing ever!

Hi Teresa.  Welcome to Permies!  I think I may have a lot of chicken salad in my future, so I'm going to try this.
19 hours ago

Edward R. Thompson wrote:I tend to put about 10 Habinaro peppers in a gallon jar of Dills. makes those pickle stealers in my house jump.

Hi Edward, and welcome to Permies.  I'm going to do this as soon as I get some peppers.  Thanks.
19 hours ago
Benefect is a product that is 3% Thyme oil and is sold and applied to mould in houses.  I can tell you that it doesn't work in that application, but my guess is that thyme oil has been shown to be an anti-fungal in labs, so I think it would be worth trying.  Not Benefect, but thyme oil.
2 days ago

Jay Angler wrote:My sister's city in Ontario got new green bins specifically to keep the raccoon out - they figured out within a week how to defeat them. Smart, motivated critters, and it's been shown that despite eating a lot of garbage, they're generally healthier than their country counterparts!

I know they've defeated me many times, though that may not be saying much.  In my opinion, the only good raccoon is a dead raccoon.  I smile whenever I see one on the highway.  I like everything else and prefer to live and let live but, if you ever hear of a guy in New Brunswick getting busted for trying to buy a rocket launcher, it'll be because I lost to the raccoons one too many times.  They can be cute, though.
3 days ago
I'd also look on humanurehandbook.com to see what you can find from Joe Jenkins.  Here's a link to the paper he did on his Santos project.  Table 1 shows pathogen survival rates with different methods and there's a lab report at the end that is very informative.  You may have to go through his papers to find some stuff, but you could also try to contact him directly.  He consults and is very supportive of other people's efforts.  
3 days ago
I've got 40ish birds in the brooder.  I love watching them.  5 weeks ago I didn't have any animals, now I've got 60 with hopefully that many more on the way.  
3 days ago
I'd love to see a picture if it's not too much trouble.  I've hatched out a couple of Serama chicks with a couple more in the incubator. I'm going to see if I can get them to hatch out quail eggs for me.  I'd love to be able to get the girls to hatch out as much as possible, especially after losing power for only a couple of hours today.
3 days ago
Thanks for the responses. 5 had hatched out by the time I left for work last night and they were in the brooder with the chickens, quail and a single turkey.  They sure are the cutest of the bunch and I can't wait to see what they turn out to be.

Angelina I visited the etsy shop.  I really like the soap in wool with a duck on it.  There is a thread somewhere here about something much like that.

Jay, I think Mucovies and maybe the 300s will be my next addition, though the 300s will be challenging to find around here, I suspect.  I'd like to get some duckweed for all the birds.  I'm sure I can find some around here somewhere but I'm debating buying some of a known variety to start with.  How much of it do you feed?  I used to sprout wheat and oats for my hens, quail and rabbits and I really liked how they did on it.  I might do that again at some point but I like the idea of soaked wheat.  

I love the eggs I'm getting from the Anconas and they're waiting for me at 6:30 when I get home.  I'd love to hatch out more than the 6 I've got in right now but I think this is the last round for the incubator for now.  I will encourage them to sit and was thinking of making a couple of these to put in the 4x4 pen:

Would they possibly go broody with a nest tube like that in the pen with water and feed outside in the fenced area?  I am starting to think that I'd like a Christmas goose this year and I'm brooding anyway...

3 days ago