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Recent posts by Robert Ray

I am so thankful that cell phone cameras did not exist in my late teens and early adulthood.
23 hours ago
Somebody showed me this and I know I could use sometimes when filling stock tanks. Hooked to the tank with a u-bolt it shuts off once it gets to the nozzle end just like a gas tank
1 week ago
Once again, the neighbors saw me. Good music from the ear buds.
1 week ago
Myself I would be hesitant to start a grove that has more bad checks as compared to good checks. The allelopathic properties inhibiting addition understory plants would be problematic for creating a biodiverse grove of trees and eventually a food forest.
1 week ago
My wife for several years made her Molly Baker Solar Oven. It was a very lucrative sideline for her. She has since moved on to other pursuits. Here is a review by one of her purchasers.
I used it on many Kayak adventures and hunting trips during fire season when open flames were prohibited.
2 weeks ago