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Recent posts by Robert Ray

Just thinking out loud here. Rather than go to the effort of installing the pipe in the bed, why not redirect the overflow. Wouldn't soluble nutrients exchange with overflow water?  Would the interface of pipe and water retaining membrane be a weak point for leaks in the system?
1 week ago
One of the problems with trapping is that it can be indiscriminate. Not a problem if it is a survival issue. However, the use of leg stops, and intelligent placement is prudent. I don't think I'd be setting snares in a suburban area. I have destroyed illegal bear snares in the woods around here. Snares are not the most humane or legal way of trapping in some instances.
1 week ago
Finally have the frame up, have been fighting the weather and lack of time. I'll get the skin on this week. Couple of volunteers
that worked with me today.
2 weeks ago
Fava beans work well, Edible leaves and beans.
3 weeks ago