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The first one reminds me of some seagrass baskets I have seen from S.C.
5 days ago
What I am seeing locally is the acceptance of ADU's (accessory dwelling unit) being allowed to address housing shortages. The structure has to be no more than 800 sq ft not including a garage. System Development Charges are reduced by 50% which can be substantial. My local municipality does not allow Air BnB rentals so the ADU's are for habitation.
I have no idea of the proposed project. Have you thought of a low tech solution to electric pumps? That seems to be your first concern. Windmill pumps have been around a long time. Ram pump? Rain water harvesting?  How would you design a low cost, low tech hydroponic system. Can the system be watered from an IBC tote that is filled when water is plentiful. Vandalism sucks, in our community greenhouse I placed the solar battery banks, pumps and aerators under IBC totes filled with water to prevent theft. Take a moment and see if you can come up with solutions to your objections that would let the proposal work. Point out your concerns and talk with her about them. Including her in addressing real problems you see, will give her a sense of inclusiveness. Accepting her idea but asking how to address your concerns.  Pumps, water vandalism, brainstorm with other volunteers. It is so hard to maintain and expand volunteer bases a hard "no" can chase them away. Encouraging ideas, projects and problem solving with volunteers give them a connected desire to return.  Would, let's say rain water collection be adventageous in other parts of the plot? Could her hydroponic system be an value added system if it collected excess water?  Love the idea but what about? Initial open minded acceptance and then asking about how to address obvious problems. One needs to develop a solution based mindset when presented with new ideas that come along. It might not happen but proposed solutions might turn the light on for other projects.
1 week ago
The rack and pinion assembly is what transfers the right and left push and pull to the wheels. Inside the tube are two racks, bars with teeth on them that push the tie rod (the only real connection left attached to your wayward wheel). There is a seal in that tube that keeps power steering fluid contained. When the wheel zigged when it should have zagged did it go farther than it should have? Did the tie rod get bent? There will be an inner and outer tie rod the inner is straight and screws into the rack and the outer has the hiem joint (articulating ball) and hooks on to the steering knuckle. The steering knuckle pivots on the ball joints. The control arms lets the wheel go up and down, the strut gives the cush to the tush.
2 weeks ago
If it were me I would replace both control arms. Replacement control arms like one from Dorman or Moog include ball joints. Other manufacturers do as well but make sure before ordering.  Hard to tell if anything happened to the steering rack, did it extend beyond travel limit? Google fu control arms, not tremendously expensive. If you survived a Saab you can do this. At such a low speed of travel I wouldn't think that the strut got tweaked. It's a failure I see pretty often on cars.
2 weeks ago
I purchased a Piteba press when I was trying the 100 mile radius food availability. I'm on the cusp of the Cascades and Hazelnuts orchards are readily accessible within that distance.  Hull less pumkin seeds black striped "Kakai" is the only pumpkin seed I have tried. My hazels have started to produce that I planted after my initial experiment. I plant sunflowers as well so even though I haven't pressed any quantity of them that would be an option. i'll see if i noted yields in my journal
2 weeks ago