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Doesn't seem that long ago that he pased through here.
11 months ago
A few of our ducklings had wry neck and we tried the brewers yeats but found vegemite or marmite was easier to spread on a tidbit of lettuce or bread, far easier than the brewers yeast. Vegemite comes in a tube now so it's very convenient. I've never given any added nitrates to adult ducks.
2 years ago
An addendum to my previous posts, as much as I love the ceramic german fermenting crock it has been moved to just a large batch pickle, kraut workhorse. I have something fermenting on the counter every day wether it's milk kefir, water kefir, salsa. or whatever. I could easily get buy with just jars.
2 years ago
We made a bale shortener that had a moveable pressure foot that was on an eccetrinc (cam). It wasn't meant to form a bale but to shorten an existing bale and the cam action would allow one person to compress the bale and tie it off without someone having to put pressure on the lever that the video appears to show. Quite a bit tighter than using the old needle and thread way. I'll see if i can't post dimensions and photo's.
2 years ago
I have had good luck with raspberries and honeyberries, Honeyberries are extremely hardy.
If you plant blackberries with your raspberries make sure you have some distance between the two.
Blueberries in containers may be an option. I'm fortunate enough to have the ability to grow them here and they are more prolific then the honeyberries but the honeyberries are not as old so that may change. Currants and aronia berries do well and this year I have a few starts from a plant that my friend identified as "candle berry" something I'm not familiar with but I never turn down a free shrub.
You don't indicate where you are located so with that info others may be able to offer more area specific input.
Blueberries raspberries and honeyberries are easy to propogate from cuttings so with minimal planning you can really build up your number of plants.
2 years ago
Hi Daniel,
I myself do not use a trigger or spring pole. If you have a good trail I'd try lowering the bottom of your snare opening a bit I use my fist as a guage so that's a bit lower than your 6 inches. A natural choke point helps. Wire size sounds good make sure the noose slips freely, I use piano wire.
2 years ago
Chip It's a little weird freezers and refrigerators in unheated spaces. Counterintuitive but those appliances are meant to be in a heated or room temp space. Say the temp drops to around 30 the compressors don't run and a freezer set to a cooler than 30 temperature will go to outside ambient temp in time. So your freezer is set at 0 the food though frozen might actually warm up to the spaces ambient temp of 30. A refrigerator compartment could freeze because it too would go to that ambient temp.
A fridge can do all kinds of weird things when it gets real cold and has a no frost feature.
2 years ago
On those few occasion when we are on generator we cycle the refrigerator and freezer to keep things frozen.
2 years ago
Looks similar to a block knife used for carving wooden clogs/shoes but those usually have a hook on the non handle end to you can remove it from the work table. The hook also let you change angle. It looks more like a tobacco cutter with the hinge on it. My third and final guess a bagutte/french bread cutter but too big. Cheese wheel cutter has the same odd handle angle but again looks too big.
2 years ago