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since Jul 06, 2009
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Recent posts by Robert Ray

Not a party with only one so a hot tub for me, after a hard day of skiing and some hot chocolate and schnapps or in the summer after a hard day of hiking or riding a bike with some Tanqueray and tonic and it is always in the dark for some reason never use the hot tub when the sun is out.
3 days ago
I put rabbit poo directly on my garden. My wife won't let me harvest rabbits for food, but we do have a colony pen of 5 females outside. I clean the pen and place it directly on my hugel bed. The raised beds that I don't have anything in at the end of the season get the chicken poo and deep litter from their yard that has accumulated through the summer.
3 days ago
I had a request for a hood ornament casting back in October and since I fired up the foundry I knocked out a few skulls of different sizes. Hammered out a few  helmets and voila. For some reason people like skulls and these are an easy sell for me.
3 days ago
Trying to make the studio more environmentally friendly I use citric acid as a pickle for cleaning pieces after I  silver solder them. Depending on what I'm cleaning in my ultrasonic cleaner it works fantastic for removing oils and grease. Polishing in my tumbler a dash of Lemi Shine cleans items very nicely.
1 week ago
Hi Dan,
Sounds like you have it figured out. Post a new thread in Growies about Seed Banks and then be ready for all those interested responding.