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John Russey

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Recent posts by John Russey

Planted two paw paw year-old saplings last spring (western NC)... They had plenty of water and were looking beautiful ... up until mid-summer, ... evidently too much sun killed them... Just wondering how I could have prevented this... I put some blue plastic around their base when they started wilting... Perhaps I was too late... Is there a solution for this??? Because I want to try again next year... Thanks...
1 year ago
Hi, Just wondering if it would be safe to build an earthbag shed-storage building next to a creek. I've already constructed a tiny-house, etc. on various decks 3.5 ft off the ground. Is it possible to build a solid foundation which will keep out water in case of a flood?
If so, it would also be interesting to line the underside of my deck(s) with earthbags -- to use as a basement area...
Just wondering about possibilities...
2 years ago