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Recent posts by Gorbusch Home

Shawn Klassen-Koop wrote:

Gorbusch Home wrote:The paperbook is currently Not available at Amazon.de

I have now sorted through a messy situation. It should be up within 72 hours.

It's now available via Amazon.de.
Price is fine for me.

paul wheaton wrote: And I don't touch amazon because I leave that entirely to my co-author.  Is the book not currently available at your local amazon?

The paperbook is currently Not available at Amazon.de
I will Check Others source and otherweise go for the eBook First.
I would go with eBook. Sadly give away is a Problem due to the fact that it would need Translation into German languageWould be great if there is a Person in this Community good enough with Englisch to German Translation to do this Job.

Physical books from you are a price Problem not due to the price per book but due to shipping costs.
Mabe it makes sense to use amazon Programm "create space" in order to get it shipped at a lower price and reaching more people. In such a case where shipping really get's a drop i most likely go with a physical book