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since May 30, 2016
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Tracy is an artist, graphic designer, musician, market gardener and permaculture addict. She lives with her partner on beautiful Cortes Island, BC, on 27 acres. Her goals are: to grow most of her own food; take care of her little plot of land and her community; and spread the word of permaculture to anyone who will listen.
Cortes Island, British Columbia. Zone: 8ish Lat: 50; Rainfall: 50" ish; sand and rocks; well water
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Recent posts by Tracy Wandling

And we clock out at $19,591!!!

Hey, it's a palindrome!

Whew! What kick that was! Thanks for cheering us along the way, gang.

Now I've got more work to do. I'm working on the book layout, as well as the other documents that Raven will be giving as rewards. Still a few more drawings to do to make sure all of Raven't text is illustrated and understood by her readers. That's an illustrator's job.

Better get back to work!

2 weeks ago
We're just so amazed and grateful and happy! What a fun ride this is. 23 hours to go, and the numbers are still rising.

Heaps of thanks to all of our backers, supporters, cheerleaders, and enthusiasts!

2 weeks ago
We're so close!!! This is very exciting.
3 weeks ago
Whoop Whoop!!

We're over $14,000! I'm giddy with excitement. Can we reach our Stretch Goal?
3 weeks ago
Oh, we're getting so close! I'm excited, and have been working feverishly on the drawings for the book, as well as the Learn to Spin booklet, and the Flaxen Calendar. I might take a break today, and go do some manual labor, as I have been sitting on my butt for too long. Need to get the blood moving, and the muscles working!

But everything is coming together beautifully, and I'm excited to share this book with the world.

Thanks, gang!

3 weeks ago
I think you would need to make the pledge using a different name and email address. So maybe a family member could lend you their email address?
4 weeks ago
This is such a cool adventure. I'm so excited to see this book in print. Judging by the fact that we've already exceeded our monetary goal, I think that this book is going to be a hit. And the books to follow will help fill the information gap that seems to exist around this topic.

I'm so grateful to have been chosen to illustrate these books. It's a dream come true for me. And I'm going to be learning to spin! Can't wait to get my drop spindle and try my hand at it. I'll be sure to post my experience here. Should be fun.

Thank you for your support and kind words. As you know, this couldn't happen without you all. So please keep sharing the link and spreading the word! We want to get up to $16,000 CAD so we can add more words and drawings to make this book even better!

1 month ago
YIPPY!!  This is so much fun. And I am blown away with the support we are getting for this project. I'm excited to bust out the Stretch Goals!!
1 month ago
We couldn't resist putting lamb in the video. I mean, who doesn't love a lamb?! And that's a particularly cute one.

Thanks for your support.
1 month ago