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Tracy Wandling

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since May 30, 2016
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Tracy is an artist, graphic designer, musician, market gardener and permaculture addict. She lives with her partner on beautiful Cortes Island, BC, on 27 acres. Her goals are: to grow most of her own food; take care of her little plot of land and her community; and spread the word of permaculture to anyone who will listen.
Cortes Island, British Columbia. Zone: 8ish Lat: 50; Rainfall: 50" ish; sand and rocks; well water
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I know that many herbal remedies are tinctures or essential oils, or are 'prepared' in some way. But is it possible to get the benefits of the herbs just by incorporating them in our diets?

I assume that some would be difficult to use - some of the remedies that use different barks, or very woody parts of the plant might not be all that appealing. But there are lots of herbs that are quite tasty, as well as medicinal. So, if we ate a lot of them, would we reap the medical benefits, or do they need to be prepared in a specific way to get the full benefit?
2 days ago
Here's a new one.
Coming up in 5 days. Paul will be presenting on the proper cleaning and use of cast iron pans. Learn to cook the perfect egg.
2 weeks ago

Helen Atthowe was a guest instructor at the 2017 Permaculture Design Course at Wheaton Labs in Montana.

This presentation is part of the 177 hours of that Permaculture Design Course. This course, and the Appropriate Technology Course which followed, were filmed, and are
available for purchase!

Helen Atthowe has an M.S. in Horticulture from Rutgers University, worked in Integrated Pest Management in New Jersey, was a Horticulture Extension Agent in Montana for 17 years, and an Organic Systems Research Assistant at Oregon State University. She farmed organically-certified vegetables and tree fruit at her Biodesign farm in Montana, (1993-2010), with Carl at Woodleaf Farm (California, 2012-2015), and presently at the new vegetable and fruit farm in Oregon she co-owns with her husband Carl Rosato.

4 weeks ago
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Just putting these photos of Paul here. So if anyone needs large format images, here they are!