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Hi Lauren,

    We were looking for a coastal state, my wife loves the ocean but the water is too cold most of the year for us up here in MA. She also has family and has lived in NC before, which gives us support and experience there.
3 years ago
Armel that's fantastic! I'm going to be checking out those links today for sure! Thank you so much! We are expecting to be moving in about 2 years, so I will probably be contacting you asking for advice on the area as a fellow permie 😁. Please keep me in the loop, I would love to hear how the move goes!
3 years ago
Thank you Randy that is exactly what we are looking for! The wife and I have honed in on central NC thanks to everyone's wonderful input! Now we just fix up this mobile home enough to sell it, buy a used RV, and drive ourselves and our stuff down. The company I work for has multiple branches in NC, so I should be able to transfer rather than finding a whole new job, and she has family in the area to help us get settled!
3 years ago
That seems reasonably priced compared to up here! And I've heard the area you are in is very nice too! Very hip lol
3 years ago
Those are really good points John and thank you for so much info! The couple years is because we have to replace the roof and reinsulate and finish the interior walls and floors. There's another that needs to be done before we can sell or rent our mobile home. I am however going to focus more on job placement and look further inland. There seems to be slot more owner finance land in NC as opposed to the other states, which would give us more options.
3 years ago
Ahhh see this is exactly the kind of info I've been looking for! Do you regret leaving MA?
3 years ago
Thank you TJ! That was really helpful info! I think the wife would lean coast and I would lean hills. Maybe I can meet her in the middle and find some lakefront land somewhere.
3 years ago
Thanks for the heads up Chip!
3 years ago
Hey everybody, figured I would see if anyone had any advice or experience in what my wife and I are planning.

Current situation:
Wife and I live in MA in a mobile home in a park with a decent reputation. We own it outright, no mortgage, and are currently fixing it up, as it was abandoned when we purchased it. Last big project left(lump sum money wise anyway) is to build a gable or shed roof over the awful flat roof. Due to our very tight budget, we are thinking we might have to try to get a home improvement loan for the materials for the roof.

The getaway plan:
Fix up the mobile home, sell it in a few years(based on sales of similar trailers in our park we are hoping to walk away with 20-30k after we repay the above mentioned home improvement loan), get an RV or convert a bus, and drive us, our cats, and our stuff down the coast to either NC, SC, or FL. No more New England winters!

The motorhome may or may not give us a place to live once we get down there. If we can't live in it for a little while, it will at least make the move much more comfortable than a U-Haul truck lol.

The arrival plan:
Live in motorhome in park or on private land till we find land/area that we like. If that won't work, then we use what money we have to buy another mobile home and live there(preferably purchase MH on land so we can resell it later to purchase "till we die plan" land.

The 'till we die plan:

Find a few acres with southern exposure to build a natural home, preferably bermed with greenhouse attached. Grow small orchard, large garden, possibly wind turbine or watermill depending on site. A little space for tinkering, woodworking, wife's metalworking and art, etc. Die peacefully in our bed at the same time, use our ashes to plant a tree, you know all that happy horse... stuff.

Our big question right now in our planning is, where should we plan to move to?


Cheap cost of living(looking for early retirement/part time working situation. Getting out of the "rat race" is the whole point here)

More sunlight year round and warmer winters than MA(winters can be so depressing here!)

Cheap, suitable land(that we can build naturally on, won't be buried in permits and red tape,etc)

Land near ocean if possible

Peace and quiet, and a little space between neighbors.

Being vegetarians, we want to grow a lot more of our own food. I don't think we will ever go as far as a homestead, but halfway there sounds quite nice.

Jobs within driving range(she has retail experience, I have security, but both are willing to look in other industries)

Probably looking for more forest, or forest and field type land

So can anyone recommend which of the 3 states(NC, SC, FL)sounds like it would fit our needs? I've been checking out climate maps, city data websites etc. And a lot of it is outdated, and not relevant to the lifestyle we want to live.

What do you guys and girls think?

3 years ago