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Recent posts by Gina Jeffries

I hope I didn't make a mistake when I transplanted a ton of it around all my fruit trees!  It was growing in a keyhole raised bed somehow (I didn't put it there) and I wanted it elsewhere. I think I have both varieties but not sure. The original plant was a gift and it never spread beyond where I put it without my help. I have it growing all along my fencelines and under the orchard trees, partly to crowd out the grass, partly to use as chop and drop, but mostly to feed it to my goats!
1 month ago
Yes, I believe it was here...

Anastasia Foundation — Ringing Cedars of Russia on YouTube
1 month ago
That was a fantastic video! I can't wait to try this for my horse blankets next fall. Plus, now I'll be raiding all the thrift stores around for sturdy sheets to make tarps that don't shred into micro-plastic after a couple seasons. Terrific!
1 month ago

Tina Wolf wrote:Many folks program organic seeds to their DNA by holding them under their tongue for 8-15 minutes so they soak up the saliva. It is said that the seeds then know what nutrients they need and work to provide them. If we program seeds for poor soil, low moisture and our own DNA, we can grow practically anything anywhere for our best health. Sounds cool!

Did you learn that from the Ringing Cedars series?  I think it's amazing!
1 month ago
Kelly Craig, I just have to say...that is totally badass!

As far as my rather...since I battle bindweed most of the time, I would prefer ground cover. Can I get a redo on what is growing all over my property?
1 month ago
I can't believe there's a thread on spoon theory on here! Amazing how these thing pop up when they're really relevant. I, myself, learned about spoon theory about 4 years ago after being hit with Lyme/Chronic Fatigue diagnoses. Since I'm not terribly organized when I'm low on spoons, I'm not very adept at accumulating more. Unfortunately, I run myself dry quite often and have to pay the consequences.

It never occurred to me to apply spoons to my introvert-ness! The funny thing about low spoonage is that thinking hard (about anything) burns spoons just a quickly as working in the garden or going for a hike, so thinking that I'm going to be able to get a lot done (like blog writing or working on my website) and conserve spoons at the same time never actually works out. I'm actually MORE fried after doing that.

Ah, the joys of CFS...
1 month ago
It's true this would be useless in heavy brush or blackberries. I mainly like it because it'll keep them from snacking on my fruit trees. The amount of grass inside is perfect for one goat for one day to keep them from getting an upset rumen on the spring grass. I can swap out goats (I'm currently at 20 with all the littles) and move it repeatedly without overdoing it on anybody's digestion.

To get into heavier brush, I would use the electric netting. It's costly but if you take care of it, it'll last for years and years. It's also much cheaper and much more useful than trying to build permanent fencing as you can pull it up and move it easily. You will have to clear a path for it to run with a weed eater or something, but that's easier than clearing the whole thing. I should add that goats will eat blackberries but they don't eat the mature canes. They will strip every bit of green off and eat the younger shoots but be prepared (if you get goats) to go in after and knock it all down. One plus is that if they continue to eat the green stuff, the canes will eventually die!
1 month ago
I don't know why that link won't work so here's a picture

2 months ago
Why I didn't think of this before.....

In the past, I have used tons of Premier 1 netting to wind complicated fences through my orchard in order to let the goats graze it down so I don't have to mow as much or buy as much hay. Of course, they can reach over the net for any tree branches that may be in their field of vision and demolish them faster than you can say "Alliekat, don't you dare!"

I have had this chicken/duck tractor sitting for 2 years without a job and it suddenly occurred to me to put it to new use. We are currently building another one since this one is going to work awesome! I realize it's not built to withstand goat abuse but I rarely leave my goats unsupervised when out of their pasture so if there was a problem brewing, i.e. pushing through the chicken wire to get that one dandelion, I will catch it before they can bust out and go for a romp through the garden!

2 months ago

Lynne Cim wrote:Simple chipped pottery fix with a sharpie.  The trick is getting the color combination that makes you happy.  This small bowl is now my favorite snack bowl as I love the balance of the gray and bright blue.  It has been through the dishwasher daily for a year and my quick fix has not faded.

Lynne, how did the sharpie fix the bowl? At first, I was thinking it was a paint pen and maybe the paint filled in the cracks?
2 months ago