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It dried up…
1 day ago
This one showed up today… (will get a better photo with more light tomorrow).
1 day ago
Their canopy is certainly quite dense, depending on the variety even very dense.
So only shade tolerant plants will work. I can't speak about nutrients, but there are no nitrogen indicator plants growing around the mulberries here.
2 days ago
I just harvested the first mulberries… by climbing all over the tree…
3 days ago
Mulberry is great … if you manage to easily pick the ripe fruits.
Those here are more than 10m high with pretty much nothing in reach. The birds are happy about it tho.

If you just want biomass: How about alder? It grows in wet clay soils.
4 days ago
In case the faucet-hose connector leaks at the threads, you can put some teflon tape or greased flax in the threads to seal it.
(Unscrew, wrap tape around in the same direction you would screw the other part on.)

As for the drain, I placed an oversized pipe under the drain and propped it up… not pretty by any means, but it works.

> maybe there is some way to change the faucet so it is compatible with the hose?
The faucet probably has a 1/2 inch pipe thread… maybe you can fit the garden hose directly on it with some hot water to soften the hose?
6 days ago
How about a 12V diaphragm pump? You can put them behind a DC-DC converter to lower the voltage and run them slower (less noise too).

EDIT: Just don't feed them sand, it will degrade their valves and take their self-priming ability away.
1 week ago
Pearl, you could get one of these:
The ones usable start at $300… not quite the "starting at $120" promised about them.

I'd send you my spectrum analyzer, but it is way too heavy and needs a 230V supply …
1 week ago
Thanks Cristo and Burl for your ideas and insights.

I was working in the well yesterday and pumped up some clay soup at the end and decided to collect it to see what would settle.
Turns our the top half turned into crystal clear water that still tastes good.
The water with the added gypsum didn't taste very agreeable (like stale tap water).

So mixing in some fine clay (just not that fine) works to clarify the water. (Not that I plan on doing it.)
1 week ago

Cristo Balete wrote:The cloudiness might be the minerals in it.  All of those plants you listed are an indication of a lot of ground water, but they wouldn't affect the color of the water.  Can you get some kind of water filtering material, like a household charcoal water filter, run it through that, see if it clears up?

I will try to run it through one of the gravity filters.

Cristo Balete wrote:How deep is the well?  It sounds like a good flow level, but you want to be sure that it is not shallow ground water that "upstream" or "uphill" from it there could be large amounts of cattle poop, animal poop.  That is one reason to get a swimming pool test kit to check the level of bacteria in the water.

The well is sitting in a ridge (40cm high) and the closest area where animals can get to is 30m away, However our dog makes sure they don't go there.
Currently shallow ground water can get in the well too, but I am working on a clay wall to prevent that … just need to get the clay back out of the well… aargh.

Cristo Balete wrote:The clay might smell like sulfur because it is anaerobic, saturated with water and no oxygen, which is typical for certain clays around a spring or ground water, then the water running through it smells like sulfur.

The clay below the water layer is actually quite dry and the sulfur smell is only noticeable when digging in the well.

When you say you "started digging," does that mean you are continually digging it still?  That could be causing the cloudiness.   It could take a week or more to clear up after you've stopped disturbing the soil.
I am working on it from time to time to make it deeper and add storage capacity, however the well has not been disturbed for two weeks now.

I tried adding some gypsum (way too much) and it is clearing the water up!
1 week ago