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Recent posts by Sebastian Köln

Rope can be surprisingly strong and could quite possibly be stronger than a connection using nails or screws. The rope used for staw bales can take 200 - 400kg (440 - 880 pounds). As a loop has two sides it holds twice that.
So a few loops will easily exceed the strength of the beams.
1 day ago
A mixture of clay and sand (cob) works well as mortar – as long as water is kept away. I have build a small brick wall with it so far and it is quite solid.

EDIT: If your stone does not wick up the water, it may take some time for each layer to dry.
1 day ago
Could you arrange the linen singles so all have at least some part in focus?

The blue one looks nice with the wood of the shuttle!
2 days ago
I put up a Tent in the garden about a week ago to clean it and get rid of the smell of old plastic. The inner tent has a closed bottom with about 10cm wall around it. Today I was going to pack it up and discovered that the inner tent was full of dead, dried slugs.
I can only assume that they went inside because of the warmth and possibly darkness during the day and could not find their way out again.

This sounds like a good way to kill slugs to me. (A miniature tent should work too.)
1 week ago
I do like the idea, but there are a number of problems:
– Moisture can't be driven outside by heat. So you will need a dehumidifier in the space between the outside earth and the insulation.
– Light. Germany doesn't have a lot of light during winter. Underground this is even a bigger problem.
– Permissions… no idea. One reason for me not to stay in Germany.
1 week ago
Another vote for glass, especially if you take empty and cleaned bottles back.
How would you seal the glass bottles? Cork? Plastic plug?
1 week ago
I made a small experiment. Picture taken in direct sunlight (as probably obvious by the shadows) on a Nikon D7000 in RAW mode. ISO 100, Aperture F8.

The two attached Pictures are from the same RAW file. The first one uses sRGB, the second uses Adobe RGB colorspace.
I can try to take the same photograph with artificial light, once the sun has set.

EDIT: In a modern browser, they should look the same.
1 week ago
Sounds like a male to me.
1 week ago
Hello Christian,

being not much older than you, I decided to fully dive into permaculture about 2 years ago. That also resulted in the need to relocate, on which I am currently working on.

Am I making the right choice going back to school?

It depends.
If it is a good school, with good lecturers and mentors, that still works with the ideas of science, rather than money – yes.
Unfortunately, they are hard to find today. (I left the university due to that.)

My desire is to be a community developer, a sustainable designer, an innovator and entrepreneur. My greatest abilities in life have to do with fostering human connection; I excel at communicating, empathizing, advocating, and connecting individuals with other individuals who can "get sh!t done." I am just a super passionate middleman between the wants and needs of people and the systems they find themselves in.

Being someone who learns as much as he can – everywhere, I have found that it is useful to know all topics you are involved in, at least a little bit. Enough to determine if someone knows what they are doing, or if they just talk a lot. Then again, I do not excel at communication.

Is there a correlation between plant systems and human systems […]

Yes. The challenge is to find out what it is and how it works.

[…] and would a deeper understanding of those systems aid in the designing and implementing of more sustainable, efficient, proactive human systems in a climate of economic, social, political and environmental uncertainty?

Being that broad, the answer is unlikely to be "no".
However – knowledge itself doesn't result in good/bad results. How it is used is far more relevant. There is so much knowledge out there, that is ignored and denied and forgotten; scientists bad-mouthed, blackmailed or threatened.
We have to first create a space in which scientific work is possible. (This is actually what I am working towards.)

- a scientists on a detour
2 weeks ago
On the topic of squirrel defense …

2 weeks ago