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since Feb 05, 2016
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Amit, in Germany "Vapour barriers" are used everywhere. (They are not just barriers, but more often only slow water vapor down, which otherwise cannot escape). I have no doubt that they work… how long they work is an entirely different question.
And I am sure that they are not needed when the choice of wall material and plaster was done with vapor permeability in mind.
4 days ago
A normal jar will most likely crack (and then melt). But even if you used a fused silica window, the heat will still be far too much for the camera to handle. With a mirror maybe… but then you are getting to far away to see a lot. A small hole in the top works to "see" inside (but leaks exhaust gas).
6 days ago

Dennis Mitchell wrote:The world is full of golf carts. I’ve seen a few used in town. I’d be perfectly happy going a little slower, but such a compromise is unexceptable to my county men. We have to have trucks and sports cars. We lack imagination. No matter the cost.

If a golf cart would work for me, possibly. But I need 100km range + climbing 1000m at full capacity. I am fairly sure the battery of a golf cart would quit far, far before that.
6 days ago
I don't think there exists anything that fulfills all your requirements… Electric vehicles need batteries, and they are everything but cheap.
A cargo bike might be an option … but if you want an electric one, the price goes up quite fast.

EDIT: I have run some numbers for an electric cargo truck… Batteries alone are 10k.
6 days ago
I think it might be a better idea to decide between building a stilt house or a houseboat that is permanently on water.

Transitioning from houseboat to stranded houseboat at unpredictable times, not knowing what is below the boat, or whether it will float, is not something I would be terribly comfortable with.

EDIT: There are boats with a flat bottom designed to strand, but usually not for long. Hull material is another issue…
1 week ago
The best information to find a particular book is probably the International Standard Book Number. (With the increase in self-publishing and e-books that may change however…)
In (recent) research, are excellent.
2 weeks ago
I would prefer year, author, title, and optionally publisher. The order isn't too important for me.
2 weeks ago
So… summarizing the requirements:
- Talk to MS Office and Exel: Given MS politics no other program will work reliable. People have tried and failed over and over again.
- does E-Mail. I can recommend Thunderbird

I can recommend LibreOffice as well.
For printing, as mentioned the only way to get reliable output is PDF (which can't be edited).

If you want to edit the same file on different computers, you have to use the same software and the same software version. There is no other solution.
That can mean that you have to install MS Office, or that they have to install LibreOffice.
3 weeks ago
In the absolute best case,  the exhaust is water vapour and Carbon dioxide (toxic in higher concentrations). But you will probably also get carbon monoxide (toxic) and other combustion products (also toxic). Then there is startup and shutdown… which are extra rich in the latter products…
So it would be either deadly or super deadly.
3 weeks ago
I find that DC fridge compressors are quite expensive… and am wondering if an AC compressor could be used with some tricks…
3 weeks ago