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Recent posts by Sebastian Köln

It looks similar to Clarkia rhomboidea
1 week ago
I found this plant in the riverbed and sand deposit of the Abkhazian River джампал (dzhampal). Any ideas what plant this might be?
The shrub in the photo is about 40cm tall. The Flowers are 2cm in size. Leaves are 2-3mm wide and 2-3cm long.
It has deep tap roots and only grows in sand.
1 week ago
As it happens only for a short duration once a week, maybe have someone help the drivers parking?
2 weeks ago
Looking at the picture, the grass does not appear to be very happy. So getting rid of it will probably happen without doing much. Maybe put some seeds of drought tolerant plants there?
As for the trees … what fruit trees grow well around your place? Some berries might also work, possibly in combination with trees?
3 weeks ago
Abkhazia is a country with many challenges. But it is also very beautiful.
3 weeks ago
Mary, sorry I didn't specify that the question was meant for Jason. For a movable house I can totally understand that one wants as little additional weight as possible.
3 weeks ago
EDIT: This is a question to Jason:

How thick is the inside plaster? 5 cm (2") of clay plaster should keep the smell in the wall.
3 weeks ago
Iron oxide pigments will work. They are inexpensive, stable, non-toxic and available in all shades between black, orange-yellow and red. (Link for reference). I bought mine as "concrete color".
3 weeks ago
Most of my writings in school are written with a fountain pen or mechanical pencil. They are far more reliable and look pretty. However without a refillable cartridge the ink can be expensive.
4 weeks ago
Can you control the airflow in the room? A laminar flow of air (slow and steady, no eddies) is used on laboratories to protect sensitive equipment from dust particles by flowing clean air over them.