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I live at the bottom of a hill on a small rise (Toeslope). 1st horizon soil is Colbert, Cherty, Silty, Clay, Loam, 2nd silty clay loam (12 inches) and clay at 24 inches. Bedrock around 36 to 40 inches. Hydrologic soil group D. Mean precipitation 50 inches. Frost free period 180 to 220 days
Huntsville Alabama (North Alabama), Zone 7B
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In zone 7A/B it took the second summer for seeds to show themselves above the soil. When I dug them out of the large pot they had very long tap roots.
2 days ago
Has anyone used Pawpaw Skins to make an insecticide using JADAM? I want to use this to control pests in my new orchard and on raised bed veggie garden.
Welcome Josh.  I am in south Huntsville about a mile behind the Aldi's.  
John.  I get wood chips and horse poo for free.  The wood chips are delivered and the horse poo I pick up with my trailer.  So far I know there is Mike (Greybeard Mike) and a Permaculture expert Allen Booker who lives in Madison and Adam who is growing all he can on his small lot and grafting onto the wild trees across from his home in Madison.
Maybe some more but not yet on Permies or not on this forum.
2 days ago
I bought a 50 lb bag of dutch white clover.  I plan on spreading it on the paths between my fruit trees and on my raised beds.  Will do this late in the fall since our winters are getting shorter.
5 days ago
There are some facebook pawpaw groups that have members that are in zone 4.  Pawpaw Fanatics is one that has members from Europe and Asia also.  They may know of a few cultivars that may work if you are close to Zone 5.
3 weeks ago
Look at the different states that have conservation departments that have tree sales.  They usually sell out fast on Pawpaw and these are wild rootstock.  Plant the Pawpaw and wait a couple years and graft the cultivar scions onto the stems.  England's Nursery in Kentucky sells cultivar scions of Pawpaw and Persimmon. Learn to graft.  After 5 years figure out what to do with all that fruit.
4 weeks ago
Think on how big the root ball is.  Water accordingly.  I over watered on my first tree and it died.
Add wood chip mulch so you don't need to water as much.
1 month ago
I noticed several of my mulberries died back to the main trunk.  They were all World's Best Mulberry and one Pakistan Mulberry never did come back but it was a recently grafted seedling.  My others (all wild) and a couple I got from England's nursery did very well.  We too, had a mild but wet winter.  
1 month ago
Volcano mulching is where you pile the mulch up against the trunk of the tree.
1 month ago
Interesting comment from the Garden Professors.  I always thought volcano mulching would be harmful.

On volcano mulching:  Myth "In addition to promoting bark decay, it causes the tree’s roots to grow up into the mulch layer, rather than down into the soil…the tree may eventually die, and even topple."
Response:  There is NO published evidence, anywhere, that proper mulches (i.e., coarse arborist chips) are going to injure bark. They do not cause bark decay. Furthermore, tree roots grow where they have water, nutrients, and oxygen. This might be in the mulch layer. Growing deep into the soil is unlikely (not enough oxygen) unless the soil is excessively sandy or otherwise well drained. Any toppling of trees can be directly correlated with poor planting techniques that prevent roots from contacting and establishing in the site soil.
1 month ago