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Dennis Bangham

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since Feb 19, 2016
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I live at the bottom of a hill on a small rise (Toeslope). 1st horizon soil is Colbert, Cherty, Silty, Clay, Loam, 2nd silty clay loam (12 inches) and clay at 24 inches. Bedrock around 36 to 40 inches. Hydrologic soil group D. Mean precipitation 50 inches. Frost free period 180 to 220 days
Huntsville Alabama (North Alabama), Zone 7B
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Recent posts by Dennis Bangham

Cris Bessette wrote:Cold hardy tropicals (or tropicalesque) that I've had luck with here in North Georgia:

Pineapple guava (Acca sellowiana), I've noticed no winter damage to these.

Cris,  What varieties of Pineapple Guava have oyu had success with? I am in North Alabama (Zone 7B) and want to try to grow these on the east side of my house. Would roots be a concern?
4 days ago
I am trying to grow another "Mountain Spinach" called Orach or "Atriplex hortensis".  First time to get starts into the ground.  Will see how it goes.
1 week ago
Years ago I did similar with railroad ties. I went back and put cement pavers (8x16 inch) on the inside.  Gave me almost 2 inches of separation.  Now I use cement blocks to form a raised bed and after the soil is settled and there is a root system I remove the blocks and use them on another bed.
Do you think there is a large rock a little under the tree that has stopped the root from growing?  Can you move the tree to another spot?
2 weeks ago
I will start a new orchard next year.  The trees will be closely spaced in rows but enough room to get a tractor between the rows after the trees are grown. I will keep the trees to around 12 foot tall.  
Is it worth looking at adding meadow like strips in between the rows?
The soil is covered with wood chips then thin layer of woodland top soil and underneath clay.
2 weeks ago

Tj Jefferson wrote: My favorites so far are Sesbania, cowpeas, Carolina lupine, and for a winter recurrent cover crop (assuming you put down new chips most years) vetch will help.!

Tj,  Where do you get these seeds?  I am recovering my backyard (about 1/3 acre) with fresh and thick layer of chips.
3 weeks ago
I received a small Longevity Spinach plant from someone in Birmingham over the winter.  I trimmed the tips and planted in small pots and they all grew. I may have messed up by putting them in the full sun.  I still have the main plant in a pot and will plant under a tree.
3 weeks ago
The hardy kiwi is starting over after I transplanted to this area. I had to build a shaded trellis so they would have light shade. So far they are liking the new spot.
Still learning to be patient.
3 weeks ago
I will have to try again with grapes.  I kept getting hit with black spot and of course birds would devour the rest. So I took them out and used the area for Hardy Kiwi.  
I am now buying the lot next door and will have to take out a forest of twigs and small pines. It was a forest before getting cleared for a house that was never built so the soil should be good.
I get as much wood chips as I can handle so will work on the soil for a couple of years before making this 0.6 acres into a small food forest.
3 weeks ago
I want to use sand bags to build raised beds about 2 foot tall. My land is sloped and there is solid clay about 6 inches under the top soil.  
I plan on coating the bags with a portland mix to a thickness of one inch. I will use a mesh of some kind also.  
Can I just put the bags on the ground without a gravel foundation?
3 weeks ago