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Hey Karl,
Your game-idea even reached over the Atlantic ocean I just got shared this post from a friend of the German permaculture-network.

The whole idea made me smile, because I did a similar project last year. The result is Ecogon (http://www.ecogon.de/Ecogon), a board-game about ecosystems (even my initial thoughts were about a permaculture-game too), which was successfully crowdfundet last summer.
I really like the idea about „input-output“ values on the cards, which can create a really complex network of elements. Its great to have a tool for showing this on the example of foodforests.
Would be great to exchange some game-developer-experients

For those who would like to have a look at Ecogon can check out my (not up to date) blog https://ecogon.wordpress.com/nature-conservation/, or of course https://www.facebook.com/EcogonTheGame. The game is currently available just in German, but latest in June will be the English version published.
@Dustin: It is Hexagonal

I will share your Kickstarter right away and wish you all the best for the campaign!
Good luck,
4 years ago