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There are machines that draw a shade cover on a timer. If the light comes on when there is still some daylight, and the cover follows shortly after. It would retract the cover after the light turns off, ready for a new day. these are about the size of a small fishing shanty.
10 hours ago
Number 1. Batteries should be in some type of enclosure, if not for vapors then for general protection. It does not need to be air tight, but well sealed and arranged to accumulate at the vent outlet. If you have sealed batteries, it just needs to protect the batteries and terminals from personal and other contact. A broom or other item could fall across the exposed terminals and ot will not stop arc welding until theres not much left. It could be transparent or wood metal, cob, whatever.

Ventilate flooded lead acid batteries to outdoors power or convection.

Roll out shelves are sometimes used to keep batteries accessable vertical and tight to a wall.

Lots of waterworks... be creative and create distance. Partitions, or a lightweight modular closet, removable for service. (think facilities. I always pay attention in large facilities power and utility rooms.) A jet of water could kill power electronics. Still a great location. You dont have to listen to relays and fans or they are drowned out by building mechanical!

#2 id send it all from the same place with the meter, disconnects, service entrance, mains distribution/critical loads distribution with dc distribution and battery and power electronics downstairs directly below the main panel. Having the battery in the location drawn I guess it would just be bringing a sizable circuit right from a fuse or breaker on the battery or battery bus, to the dc panel location that places it wher you need it and some sxtra ac wiring and communications cables. You should not have to get into the dc panel, but to maybe add circuits., for that reason, it could easily be housed in the inverter panelworks. Any more insight on the need to shut down power in a hurry helps.

And actually, first. Where does the utility power meet the house best? Or is there a location yet? I could assume the main panel location, but that trick does not always work.

#3 you should not have an issue with power. Sensitive signals might get over ride from ac lines in close proximity, but you shouldnt hear david bowie coming out of your smoothie mixer or anything.

If you use the stranded thhn housewire wjth a round profile, it will be twisted even. Part of the trick is keeping the two dc current carrying conductors the same distance apart as they travel electromagnetically shields the line, twisting helps keep this and probably ads some alternating spiral mojo to the flux, not sure on that one.
11 hours ago
Pearl, luckily you could have command and control from just about anyplace you like. I would have to hear more about the feature you are looking for with access to breakers. You could have a big red button machine stop switch disconnect absolutely everything and its not far out on cost if you have the battery and inverter system so far removed from the mains distribution panel. Technically, it easier to have the service conductor entrance, disconnect(s) and meter(s) grouped and within 5 feet of the entrance to the secondary source/inverter, but it can be accomplished different ways to have things where you like.

The main floor emergency disconnect and the arrangement of electric gear beg for a big red button, rapid shutdown where ac output and ac input are disconnected at the inverter battery panel work when the button is pressed outside (possibly one in the living room? Or selective remote operated breakers) budgets though...

Trenches should sit side by side unless you need the economy. Im not too experienced with major layout of multiple sevices at the ground...... you likely will not ever have to get to the water line again, but i wouldnt want to have to destroy a conduit and conductor set from an array or to a building to do so.

I will sit down and look at your post and floor plan. If i fire something from the hip, it is what that always is...

Dc power if you need it. If you cant think of a real use right away, i would either not use it or distribute it to only a few locations where it makes sense. Utility rooms, some auxilliary/security lighting, workshops/work stations, office and entertainment, which then could amou t to every room, but a complete low voltage distribution and outlet system for every point there is ac should only be commissioned if that is exactly what you desire.

I like to use the house battery voltage (usually 24 vor 48v) and step it down to run the dc appliances and loads at a constant voltage. This can also be used to get dc at say 48v, 65' to 75' or more on moderate size wire and then step down to lower controlled voltage at the point(s) of use. That way you are not pulling (or surface mounting!!!) #2 copper to run a 250w load, 100' away!

This can be done with cat6 cable using common electrical/communications outlet enclosures for an edge on budget and an eye to the future. Low wattage only, no large pumps, fans or heaters.

Use of chases and oversized redundant conduit and clever 3-d closetry junctions for passthroughs to areas of the building that need connection and possible re-fit for additions or removal is good stuff if you are building.
14 hours ago
In order to avoid issues, i modeled the diy of our dhw system from this appliance. Out of my price range and not easy had.
3 days ago
I think you just divided it with the meter. Do check your wiring to be sure about the neutral/ ground bond location. It needs to be known regardless.

My replys look horrible, but im straightened out, i think. My house is wired in much the same way but at lower voltage. I have a single phase but at lower voltage. Our inverter is 120v and i jumper "L2" in  split phase panel and run all single pole breakers. I just had so many gaps about europe.....and it applies everywhere.

Your inverter could have the neutral ground bonded. If so you would get a fault as a result of a bond somwhere else, so long as its wired properly and that protection or indication is in place.

Ac disconnects, distribution panels, transfer switches, all the enclosures with the facility to have the neutral and ground tied together somehow, should be inspected and made sure to be only at one location within your system.

4 days ago
What i do is test continuity to determine that there is only one point where neutral is bonded. I just read that european standard has a neutral bonded to ground. This (edit, continuity test) is done at the inverter chassis/protective earth terminal and neutral output terminal. (Edit 2, and in all other panelwork where it could be done)

4 days ago
Ok, so it does have neutral.... still odd ducks to me. Ill listen for better comments.
4 days ago
Make sure protective earth is terminated with all equipment on one end and the ground electrode(s) on the other like a tail poked in the ground and it will be safe as can be so long as it has ground fault protection.
4 days ago
I get it now. All should be fine. Just make sure you land the terminals with the right conductors indicated in the manual. Its like split phase no neutral. Except the ground. The ground is neutral. Do not short your inverter.
4 days ago
I guess i mean as far as european standard, even if you are off grid.

There should be only one place with a neutral ground bond in the building electric wiring system. This could be your distribution panel or the inverter and there are usually removable grounding screws or other devices for making one panel or the other, the one with the neutral-ground conductors bonded together.

When you test hot to neutral or the other hot or whatever you guys got going on over there! Im going to have to go back to school.... the ground is the neutral it seems. Ill go look and check on how that is done just so im not stammered. Never thought about it.
4 days ago