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Mike Haasl

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since Mar 24, 2016
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Mike is a homesteader, gardener, engineer, wood worker, blacksmith and most recently a greenhouse designer. He heard about permaculture in 2015 and has been learning ever since.
Northern WI (zone 4)
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Recent posts by Mike Haasl

Ahh, gotcha.  That would be good to have.  

I can see a car safety bag.  I'll have to check if a full bug out bag would fit PEP or not.
5 minutes ago
I was sighting in the deer gun today which reminded me that gun stuff may be a good fit for homesteading:

Routine cleaning of a firearm
Detailed disassembly and cleaning of a firearm
Sighting in a rifle or patterning a shotgun

22 minutes ago
Sorry for the slow reply Nicole!  Maybe those items could be covered by the "Family Reference Document".  I was imagining it would be for things like:
  • Where that water pipe travels to the barn
  • Where the septic tank is buried
  • Where the old well is located
  • How to winterize the greenhouse
  • How to turn off the gas in an emergency
  • How to get the chimney apart to sweep it

  • I have one myself to remind myself how to take apart my chimney to sweep it each year.  I also have notes on how to turn off the water, gas and electrical subpanels in case the missus needs it.
    24 minutes ago
    No problem!  You may want to try a piece of masking tape on the pipe.  The marker could be just as shiny (infrared wise) as the underlying metal.  I'm not sure, just thinking out loud...
    5 hours ago
    Hi TJ, I'm pretty sure the intervention that mattered was adding the liquid fertilizer.  The spot I'm measuring only has that going on.  The pile isn't decreasing by any amount that I'd be noticing so far.  Thanks for digging this!  I hope I do enough experimentation and data collection that even if I don't pursue this next year, I at least have enough info to guide those who choose to try this themselves
    8 hours ago
    And here's what they look like:

    11 hours ago
    Got back from a weekend away.  On Saturday morning the test spot had heated up to 110 and this morning it was at 116.  So it's clearly heating up.

    My plan is to not change anything and see how it goes.  I have the aeration fan pumping air in under the pile for 15 minutes a day.  The smell isn't bad in the greenhouse during the day, I'm not sure what it is around the time the fan kicks on.

    I'm assuming the pile will smell more as it heats up more.  So if it becomes a problem I'll rearrange the fan to suck air out the bottom of the pile.  Then it won't pressurize the leaky chamber and let the gasses out.  It will still exhaust the stink underground through the planting bed (50') and then back into the greenhouse.  I can reroute that so that it then goes outside if needed.  I can also set the fan to run for a couple minutes every hour to keep the gasses from building up in the chamber.
    11 hours ago
    Sometimes infrared thermometers can't read temperatures accurately if the surface they're looking at is shiny or reflective.  So you may want to put something on the surface and then read its temperature.  Pile of sand, different colored rocks, etc and see what temp they read.

    When you're not getting water to boil is that possibly because you're using it and replacing the hot water with cold so it has to keep heating it up?  Sorry if that's a bit on the obvious side...
    12 hours ago
    Hi Buster, I don't know of a better forum to put it in so let's leave it here.

    Feel free to post any pictures or drawings you have so that the concept makes more sense.

    The part I think I understand is that you want to put a quonset hut up on 7' high walls.  I don't know how they actually go together but I'm guessing a lot of their strength comes from their attachment to the ground not moving.  So if you put it up on walls I'd be worried that the weight of the quonset and any snow would put a significant outward push on the top of the walls.  But I may be imagining that so I'm curious what other folks would say.
    1 day ago
    Thanks Stephen!  I ended up trying to dry them on a tarp in the sun.  They seemed to be dry so I stored them in plastic chicken food bags.  When I went to use them in my compost, they had fused together into a rather solid block and had some mold on them.  

    For my purposes, it worked.  To keep for spreading on a garden I'm not sure it was a success.  I'll keep your sealed bucket idea in mind if I ever do this again.  
    1 day ago