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since Mar 24, 2016
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Mike is a homesteader, gardener, engineer, wood worker, blacksmith and most recently a greenhouse designer. He heard about permaculture in 2015 and has been learning ever since.
Northern WI (zone 4)
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Recent posts by Mike Haasl

Nearly everything you or I do has a fossil fuel impact.  I suspect Paul's use of cell phones and video equipment has a significantly negative fossil fuel footprint.  Ie for every drop of oil that went into his video camera and computer 10,000 less drops of oil are consumed by the people influenced by his videos.
9 hours ago
Early on we started the titles with the gibberish and ended them with the real words.  Since then we've been changing them all over to have the sentence first and then the gibberish.  So if you see one with the gibberish first, feel free to change the title around (if you have the super powers to do so)
15 hours ago
Beats me...  I was kind of kidding
1 day ago
That looks great to me!

One of those youtube videos got me thinking...  Is there a BB for making holes in pockets and all up and down blue jeans?  Seems like lots of kids like that style these days
1 day ago
Thanks Tereza!  I think I could keep the avocados and mango to a 3'x3'x8' high shape.  Would I get much fruit from them if they were kept that small?  Any bigger and they'll take over my mini greenhouse.
1 day ago
Woo Hoo!  Ok, so even with the stuff underneath it in the jars, I can leave it in the fridge for a couple months?  That sounds like a winner to me!  Especially since they're mason jars and the puck won't come out easily...
2 days ago
I was partially cooking down 10 lbs of fatty pork for a sausage recipe and it said to pour off the fat.  I poured it into mason jars and it hardened into a pure white material.  Did I just render lard by accident?

There's some tan liquid underneath the white stuff in the jars.  For now the two jars are in the fridge but I'm guessing that won't work for long.  What should I do to make it keep for a few months?  Or is it good in the refrigerator for that long?

If I need to put it in the freezer, I'm guessing I'd need to warm them back up to liquefy the lard and then separate it from the pig juice underneath?
2 days ago
No, I didn't really consider chickens.  I think I need about 100,000 BTU of energy on cold days to keep it above freezing.  I suspect that's a lot of chickens
2 days ago
The general guidance is that if it can be foraged in Missoula we can put it on the list.  We've occasionally strayed from that guidance and then it opens up a huge can of worms with plants from all over the place being suggested.  
2 days ago
Can I ask what you end goal is with this?  A warm house in the morning?  Or something else?  

We tend to load up the stove before going to bed.  Usually there are enough coals in the morning to relight it pretty easily.  If it's really cold (-30F), I might go put a few logs on in the wee hours but at that point the coals are big and it lights without me having to do anything.
2 days ago