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Mike is a homesteader, gardener, engineer, wood worker, blacksmith and most recently a greenhouse designer. He heard about permaculture in 2015 and has been learning ever since.
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Northern WI (zone 4)
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Recent posts by Mike Haasl

Peas are pretty frost hardy but beans are not.  I don't plant my beans up here till June 1 or so.  I usually grow a healthy row of beans and just plant seed in the ground.  So if you have extra seeds, feel free to risk it with your bean transplants and if they die, just plant the seeds and you'll still get a fine crop.
2 hours ago
I have that periodically happen on my yahoo email but I assumed it was because yahoo sucks.  Proton should be pretty good.  Did they land in your spam or junk folder instead?  
I planted 450 onions yesterday but it's spitting snow and windy so I might not get the rest in the ground today.  First batch of peas and greens are planted, not sure if it's too early for the greens.  
2 hours ago
I think that would be fine, go for it!
6 hours ago
An electric kettle works good for tea, cocoa and dish washing water.
15 hours ago
I think they can handle a light frost but I'd do a bit of checking.  Or hopefully someone with better memory can chime in...
15 hours ago
The potatoes also know when to pop up.  The volunteers from last year seem to pop out at the right time.  In a greenhouse they'll just think they are south of you a ways and come up when it makes sense.  Don't worry, they got this :)
15 hours ago
Typically I've heard that potatoes will get frozen by a frost but they'll send up new growth from the tuber and manage ok.  If they aren't too big, just mulch over them with some leaves and they should make it.  I did that one year with beans that had their first set of true leaves when a late frost came through.
16 hours ago
I use a toaster oven for most tasks.  Haven't had a microwave for 15 years and have forgotten how to use one when visiting others :)  

It mainly just takes longer so I have to plan 8 minutes ahead if I need melted butter or reheated leftovers.  I still don't know how to get softened butter but I've managed this long I guess it isn't needed...

I reheat in glass "tupperware" or in ceramic soup bowls.
21 hours ago
It looks like if you can connect the top inlets of the barrels into a single header pipe (pvc?) that is connected to the barrels in a water tight manner, and then put the pump output into that header, it would even out the flow.  The water level would end up being in that header, not down in the barrels.

It might be that you're pushing more water to one hose or another, or that you're sucking more water from one barrel or another.  Or likely a combination.

Another option might be to replace the barrels with an ICB tote.  That will hold 6 barrels worth of water and be easier to manage.  
1 day ago