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I'm tinkering with mass inside my stove, and overall I like it. But it does smoke more when the door is open.
Three of eight bricks used as a ceiling have cracked this fall, fire bricks might last longer. There is a two inch gap between my ceiling and the stove ceiling and a six inch plus hole in my ceiling to allow smoke to pass.
1 year ago

Karen Donnachaidh wrote:Google searches I'm seeing:
Lower Diptera (Nematocera)
Leather jackets (Cranefly larvae)

Thanks Karen! This one is creepy to think about while eating for sure! What seems like a face is it's backside apparently. I don't know if Mike still has leather jacket problems, but here
1 year ago
Thanks Karen! Maybe. I hope it's not a gut worm that I picked up while in Africa or Middle East (if so, symptoms are minor). It's mouth seems to have three parts and be suction-cup shaped. I'm not seeing any pictures of leaches online that look like it, but that's what it's mouth reminds me of. It was dead when I found it,  so I can't observe it's behavior or hatch it out:(. It might help if I mention my location east of the cascades a few miles south of Canada.
1 year ago
It's about 25-30mm or 1 inch long. It did not have legs, but it had bumps where legs might grow. Thanks!
1 year ago
My grey water was pH 6.5 the one time I had it tested.
1 year ago
I burn very carefully. Typically I don't burn much more than a four foot diameter brush pile when there is snow on the ground or one tenth of an acre of grassland very late in the fall or early in the spring.
In fall 2016 Wenatchee and Okanogan national forest did more prescribed burns than normal, which I appreciate. The current  white house wants more spending on military and less on agriculture, slowing forest health projects on national forest. Most forest service or department of fish and wildlife employees that I talk to feel that low intensity fire is a force for good, they just need more public support and funding to prescribe burn.
I don't have a forest, more like a grassland that has patches of trees growing back after logging, a fire and unmanaged goat browsing. The patch of small trees shown was thinned to less than half the original number and the lower one third of tree branches were removed. Since I have plenty of grassland, I spead tree branches and stumps evenly on the ground to build soil organic matter instead of burning it.
A helpful website for learning how to protect homes from wildland fire is
An in depth book about wildland fire ecology is Fire Ecology of Pacific Northwest Forests by James Agee.
1 year ago

Mark Tudor wrote:Pretty cool setup to make sure ground water isn't affected, I'm thinking another option to reduce cost some would be the standard wooden built bins, but place a kiddie pool on the bottom, then pile into that and use the same holes over the bucket setup.

Is there an easy to navigate online resource for Washington state's rules regarding this? I've been looking at property in the state as my retirement window gets closer, and doing humanure composting on raw land without septic seems like a good option for me, but if there are specific rules to follow I hope to plan ahead as to what the hoops to jump through might be.

Thanks Mark! I considered kiddie pools too. It might be worth a try. I was thinking that the pool might hit my shins and cause me to bend forward an extra 6-20 inches. Humanure is legal on paper in Washington State,  but has very few examples of approval by local health jurisdictions. The key issue is that the health department considers urine and wash water waste, and judges won't likely disagree. Here is a link to a post with more info about making your own composting toilet legally in Washington State Good luck!
1 year ago
I am trying composting in stock tanks. The cost is high--about $700 for three 350 gallon stock tanks, three muck buckets and a compost crank. It might be useful in dry climates to reduce evaporation, and to collect leachate and put it back into the compost when it dries out or use the leachate as compost tea. (My rain barrels are empty, I don't have a well, and keeping my compost moist enough to not start a fire is a priority). Some departments of making you sad might approve this compost system for use near wetlands or wells....? In my case, I am trying to put ALL of my domestic "waste" water into my compost so that there literally is no waste--just water vapor, oops! ammonia and nitrous oxide, and compost (which I test to verify that pathogens have been reduced to less than 1000 fecal coliform bacteria most probable number per gram which is the limit in Washington State for compost).  
1 year ago
I'm an autistic dude, mostly high functioning, trying to connect with more folks, if one of them is romantic that would be nice. I'm in Okanogan Highlands, Washington State. A few interests of mine are: getting site-built public domain compost toilet and grey water reuse systems fully legalized in Washington State; getting a farmer in Sinsil Iraq paid (they were not compensated when the US Army turned their orchard into a combat outpost); and on a lighter note, preparing land/home for the next wild fire to burn around my house (fire is fun! putting them out, starting them, whatever, but more things that are burned should be composted); volunteering at Green Okanogan a recycling organization; gardening it's up to five rhubarbs and a catnip! (I have more edible things than that, but it's hard without irrigation, I have a ponderosa pine farm). I'm pretty low income, but in the black. My house is 210 square feet and has no plumbing. The odds are good, but the goods are odd.

Edit: I don't have children and I want sex but no biological children of my own. It's fine if you have children. I'm not particularly interested in religion or spirituality. I do enjoy learning a little about the Sic(?) faith or native American ways of knowing or Islam as I meet people of those faiths, but I'm seeking intellectual knowledge not something to believe in.
Markos I like your idea of using plastic bins, in a very dry climate like yours it can help to prevent the compost from drying out. If the lid seals tight I would drill a small hole to let some air exchange. I like to turn my compost with a compost crank like this one If it looks dry I add urine or wash water. Perhaps you can use a larger Humanure compost pile for further aging if you run out of bins before  the compost is finished. Here is more information that might help or Good luck saving water!
1 year ago