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Recent posts by Ayalah Namun

Hi Rudi

How do you know so much about this stuff? I am scared now that I don't know ANYTHING at all.  I bought some land in Salgueiro do Campo, next to Castelo Branco, and will be in Portugal on the second week of October to sort a few things out.
I need to renovate the stone shed there, to make habitable, and also plant things.

I have now copied all your post as a future reference. Thank you for the highly informative piece.

4 years ago

I just saw your place in France through your link. It's absolutely beautiful!! Well done!
You have a great place. And that tree is amazing! It might not be a good tree but surely looks "gothic" and gives character to the land.

You have a massive house! wow!

I couldn't look after a house that big.
And I loved your beehives. I will need some where I am going too.
4 years ago
Hi Joao,

Yes that is true. Perhaps I will be too far from your area. But I am glad we are talking here, so that we can exchange information.
Besides, I have no doubt, the day will come for a meeting... perhaps over a nice bbq when I get my place done up.

I believe the people here (the whole forum) are quite knowledgeable and I am learning a lot just by reading their comments and issues.  Pedro and Andre have helped me loads already, with contacts of builders, registry for the property, etc.
And you have given me great ideas too.

So I thank you all and hope we remain in touch.

4 years ago
Hi Andre!

I am so glad you did not check that farm. hahahah I had my eyes on it for 3 years. And I prayed so hard for no one to see it.
I should be coming in October for a few days. Would love to meet you definitely! And would truly appreciate your kind help.

Talking of which, I will need to get a driver in the area for a few days. I can pay the daily rate and the petrol used. Do you know someone who could be available to drive me to my property and surrounding areas for some 4 days maybe?
Last time I stayed in a hotel in Castelo Branco, I think it's called Hotel Rainha Dona Amelia. But I cannot seem to be able to book there now. Seems the dates are not available for October.

But truly I would prefer to stay in a farm to see what is like to live in one. I just need to look for some accommodation there.

Will you be there in October? Then we can go to the city offices for sure.
Thanks for the kind words!
I have sent today the power of attorney for my solicitor to finalize the purchase on my behalf.

Hope to see you soon.

4 years ago

João Carneiro wrote:

Pedro Santos wrote:Hi all. Glad to know things are going well Ayalah. Honestly I think it'll all work itself out once you're here and start to know people. You'll be amazed with the sense of community there.

Not living there yet Andre but I'll be there next weekend from the 13 to the 15th. We can meet for sure.

Ayalah, for what i have seen, you are on good hands, get your boots on the ground and it will all work out quickly.

About construction, well... i see some potential there, it all boils down to your budget and expectations.

If going low budget, i would do a couple of skylights(clearly not talking about velux windows, but traditional wood, tin and glass) and a nice porch recovering those exterior walls... that would be the bare minimum for me.

And of course some ideas from here: http://www.appropedia.org/Thermosiphon

Keep posting updates on your adventure.


Hi Joao,

I loved your ideas! Thank you!! Iwas also thinking about skylights. The problem is, how do we sleep? hahahahah
Need to put some type of blind inside I think.

I will definitely have to start low budget, but that is the idea anyway, doing beautiful things out of cheap things. Recycled or reclaimed materials..

4 years ago
Yes, I am asking around.
It just seems silly that I cannot put windows or doors there, since I am not exactly changing anything much.
I have learned of several people who have done lots and lots of work in their houses without any kind of pemission. But I am not sure what will happen if they get found out.
We have no neighbours there, just agricultural land.
4 years ago
Hi David

Well, I don't know. People are telling me that I cannot change what's there without "permission".
It may be possible to put windows or half a door as you mentioned.
I am just mentioning what people told me.

I am hoping I can put a couple of windows there.

There is also a type of mini cortyard in front of the house. Consists of 3 walls, albeit broken.  I wanted to link them to the house, but I don't know if I can.
4 years ago
I am attaching a few photos of the place I bought.

I wanted to add windows and a couple of doors to this palheiro, but people are telling me that I cannot do that, and would have to re-build it all.
I wanted to stay in this place while I work in the land.

4 years ago
Hi Joao,

You are very knowledgeable on the issue you mentioned.
I understand precisely what you mean. Rules can change from place to place. In a way this is good. The land I bought is rural land with agricultural building (Palheiro). But the building is good and solid, the only problem is that it does not have windows. There is just one door which needs to be changed.  So there is no natural light inside. No electricity. I have to go for solar because the nearest electricity post is 750m from the area.

I am planning to meet the president of the camara in Castelo Branco and tell him I am coming to live there, and would like to fix the property... etc. See what he says. Isn't this the way?

Heheh there are problems in politics everywhere in the world. I myself always hated politics but one must take a stand when it comes to one's safety. Still, politics are dirty business.

Your post was very uplifting. Thank you!!!

4 years ago
Hi Andre

Yes, we exchange some emails. I am saving them as you always give me good information about things.
I am pleased to say that I have now paid the deposit for my land, and should be finalizing the purchase at the end of the month. But I will ask my solicitor to do this for me, as I can only come to Portugal at the beginning of October.
I would like to come and stay in Castelo Branco for a week, to see what I can do while I am there.

Yes, people have been saying that some people are selling farms with the wrong area, etc..

The gentleman called Pedro Santos (Part of this group) has given me great advice all the way through and even sent me a link to check if the land was the proper size and registered. I did all that. And I also got my lawyer to check the same, to be on the safe side.  It turns out that everything was in good order, thankfully. So I am very happy. And yes, I did buy through Remax.

You mentioned I could rebuild but not increase the ruin (It's in fact a stone palheiro).  I just didn't want to rebuild it all because the property has 70sqmt, so it is a good size. Also those walls have History. They have been built over 100 years ago. I wanted to live in it while I build maybe a wooden structure or something else to use as a more permanent home.
I would appreciate if you could give me also contacts of people who can do stone house re-building, because I wanted to add windows and doors to this palheiro.
Since I already got the legal issues of the property covered, I will ask for your help in putting me in contact with people who can work with stone and other building materials.

Btw, it is very sweet of you to offer me help. Thank you!  I actually speak Portuguese, so I am ok on the translation issues.
But, having said that, I will probably need someone to drive me from Castelo Branco to Salgueiro do Campo when I am in Portugal, for a few days.  If you can help, I can pay you (more than a beer).
I thought of renting a car, but I don't know anyone or anything there. So I rather pay for someone to drive me around a bit in the area, and make friends this way.

I would love to meet you and your girlfriend and also Pedro when I get there, if this is possible.  

Thank you so much!!!
4 years ago