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I did an in-depth search regarding rats last winter when we had a creature that I was sure was a rat chew a hole into our wood siding and move into our house. The video below is a man describing and reviewing a particular rat trap. He is quite interesting, actually. He has done many, many videos testing all kinds of traps, both ancient and modern. Anyway, he says that this one works very well:

The one thing that I would do is add some hard liquor such as vodka to the water to have the drowning happen much faster and perhaps in a more oblivious way for the rats. We aren't trying to have them suffer, after all.

Good luck with the whole thing!
9 months ago
What a great idea! One way to reach growers is through county extension offices. Here, for example, is a link to help one find extension offices all over the country:
The postcards, too, are very nicely designed. Who did those for you? I am in the middle of setting up a business and am looking for a good business card, logo, and label designer.
Good luck with your enterprise!
10 months ago

Jen Huhta wrote:Hi! I’m brand new here, this is my first reply. I’m hopping in here because I’ve spent a lot of time researching and implementing this very thing with my own Etsy fibre arts store. So much time in fact I’m in the process of leaving Etsy and opening my own independent storefront  site as I’ve had it. But that’s another rant!

For photos you want the first one on a white background. Yes it’s boring but a) it allows your product to be easily seen when people are scrolling and b) Etsy is developing a photo recognition component to its search. And showing up in the search is the key component to Etsy success.

You’ll want to make sure you research SEO to death and have good longtail keyword titles with matching tags. There are Canadian Etsy Facebook groups where you can learn more if you need to.

Use as many of the 10 photo spaces as you can, it helps your search rank. Fill them with the styled photos.

Renewing listings no long helps.

If you’re not promoting yourself on social media (Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook) you need to be. Not paid advertising but posting in relevant groups, etc. There are several fibre marketplace groups.

Hope these are helpful!

Thank you for taking the time to post your experiences and advice regarding Etsy. I am in the process of finishing up my logo, labels, etc., for my natural product line, and have been thinking about possibly making some listings on Etsy besides my website. Your experiences and tips will be quite helpful if I do use Etsy as one of my sales avenues.
10 months ago
Regarding Paypal... When I was searching more deeply about which payment options to offer when setting up my next online shop, I came across this video:

It seems there are hundreds (thousands?) of people that are going/ have gone through the same thing she has. I, too, had my hiccup with Paypal many years ago that left me quite wary of the company. After seeing the above video, it was just what I needed to hear to fully make up my mind as far as using Paypal or not. It's not just from a risk point of view, but also because I don't want to financially support a company with such practices.
Anyway, just wanted to give a more full view of the company in case you haven't seen the video.
11 months ago

Joshua Parke wrote:

Here's a man, Dr. Morse, that has over 40 years of experience helping people learn how to cleanse their body so they can heal.  I picked a video and jumped it forward to the bit on scoliosis, if you search his channel you'll find other videos on the topic.  I've listened to quite a few of his videos throughout the years and I've heard a lot of stories of people he's worked with whose skeletal structures aligned as they should.

Q&A - 380 - Scoliosis.......

Thank you so much for posting the video, Joshua! It introduced me to Dr. Morse and I have now watched a couple of his other videos. I very much appreciate his authenticity and passion, as well as, of course, his decades of experience working with people to help them heal naturally of an incredible amount of different ailments. Really amazing and I'm looking forward to delving deeper into the information he so generously has been freely sharing on his youtube channel for so many years.
11 months ago

Dale Hodgins wrote:And I thought Liberace was ga_ ... I mean colorful. Yes, colorful and insightful.  :-)

I think you were trying to say "gay". It's okay to use the word. You can also use homosexual or queer, if you prefer. :-) Thankfully our society has become accepting enough of people's sexual orientations that it is now totally fine to say someone is... gay! I don't know about Larry Norman but yes, Liberace was gay, although from what I know he stayed closeted his whole life. Probably because society wasn't nearly as accepting in his time.
11 months ago

Phil Tkachuk wrote:

I have two different generators: one from The Silver Edge - my main unit - which seems to make a very consistent 1 litre batch at a time - and I am still on the original rods, plus one from Atlas Nova that runs from a single 9-volt battery that I can also power from a small 9-12 volt solar panel (as it only draws micro-amps to make a nice small 8 oz batch) for prepping/disaster/power-outage use. Both units take 3 1/2 to 4 hours to make a batch and have proven reliable. Remember, use only Distilled Water only!!!


Phil - I am wondering what the color is of the colloidal silver you are making with The Silver Edge? Thanks.
11 months ago

Gail Gardner wrote: Now I have to figure out solar in a hurry.

Gail - did you see this thread?
It sounds like an inexpensive system and maybe one you could get installed quikcly.
11 months ago
Hi William- I asked about this topic recently and got very helpful replies (as is usually the case on this awesome forum!). Here is a link to the thread:

The diluted urine worked very well. The plants really took off.
11 months ago
Somehow I missed this whole thread. Too bad, because when I first saw the picture of your blue/white dragon when you posted on a different thread, I noticed it right away and thought "She should sell those! Those are the kind of characters that make childhoods magical!"  I do hope you get your creations out there. They are imagination inspirations, perfect for children!
Also, I think William Wallace's posts are a wealth of information and his thoughts are right on regarding websites and marketing. Think ahead, grab a domain name, and also keep the name somehow related to what you are selling. That is quite helpful in getting found on the internet. Also, as William Wallace pointed out as well, you want to own your own store. Point it to wherever you want, but have your own site. I have read a few times now where people had their stores shut down without warning on Etsy, or had their site shut down without warning by Shopify, Weebly, etc. You don't actually own sites on those kind of website building places. I would figure out a good name, get a domain, get a wordpress site (there are thousands of people that can help you set one up if you don't want to deal with a new learning curve at the moment), and get those beautifully made characters out there! Good luck with it all!
1 year ago