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Recent posts by Annie Collins

Jen Fulkerson wrote:It's done. ...

Wow, Jen, not only have you created a wonderfully functional greenhouse, but a beautiful work of art, too! I bet it looks very sweet in your garden! I feel inspired - thanks for sharing!
1 month ago
One of the main culprits of inflammation is an acidic diet. If the food is acidic, the body needs to protect itself since acid is caustic. Hence the inflammation. Acidic body conditions also often cause bone problems because calcium is one of the main buffers the body uses to try to neutralize the acidity. So it gets calcium from the bones.
Change your diet to alkaline and it's amazing what happens. However, for some people that is a huge change. There are many foods that people are used to eating that cause acidity in the body, including meat, eggs, and grains. There's a very good book by Arnold Ehret called Mucusless Diet Healing System.
1 month ago

Sonja Draven wrote:I'm reporting back!

These boots don't have a wide toe box. Sadly, my feet are too big to order anything bigger to get that toe space and after trying to wear them snug, my feet hurt. So they won't work for me.

I don't think someone with wide calves could get them on. And they have a strong rubber smell. But they seem fairly well made and I think they'd hold up pretty well. I wish I could test that myself...

Thank you for taking the time to report back. I was on the fence about the boots you posted about. Both the toe box as well as the calves looked a bit narrow, but I know pictures can be deceiving. Now I know that the pics are telling a true story for these. I have pledged for the other boots I posted about a post back, meanwhile. I just couldn't resist the zero drop, the ethos of the company, and the felted wool. Oh, the felted wool... I have had slippers in felted wool and they feel soooo good. To get a pair of boots that are made of it that I can wear year-round - well, my feet will be heaven!
1 month ago
Speaking of minimalist boots... these look amazing! They sound like they're for all kinds of weather, and the low ones, the clogs, can even be turned into slippers! (Maybe the next height up as well? I'm not sure, will need to reread about that height.) From what I read they will ship to anywhere in the world, too! I think I may just go and put in for a pair.
1 month ago
Goodness, it's like a jungle in there - but a well organized one! Everyone looks happy and healthy - nicely done!
1 month ago
What a wonderful visual feast into the world of fungi - thank you so much for posting this!
2 months ago

Susan Boyce wrote:Thank you for the reply rice and tapioca raise my blood sugar so can't use them either.

You're welcome! And as I mentioned in my post, there are many ingredient substitutes offered by people in the comments section of the recipe post, but it would entail you reading through them to find out what those are. I also mentioned two in my post that has neither of the things you named. Oh well. Good luck!
2 months ago
The following recipe is a link to a gluten-free bread that has buckwheat as its main component. From what I read, buckwheat is not a grain, and, of course, not a type of wheat at all. The recipe does call for rice, but if you read the comments at the bottom of the page, you will read about many people making all sorts of substitutions. Someone, for example, mentioned making the bread with buckwheat, lentils, and chickpea flowers for her grain-free child, and mentioned that it came out very good. The bread gets rave reviews all-around.
2 months ago

Nicole Alderman wrote:I haven't shipped mine out yet--I just went online and put my information into USPS's shipping calculator. I read through the shipping prices at least twice, but it looks like I'm blind, because I did not see the First Class shipping info. It still shows $4.45 and not $3.40, though.  Thank you so much, because you've given me hope--$4.45 is still a lot better than $9.65! I don't understand why they bury the First Class prices online. Thank you for pointing them out!

Mine was less than what is shown on the USPS shipping calculator because I bought the postage through They are kind of a USPS postage wholesaler and anyone can sign up with an email address and a password. I use it for my business packages as well as sending personal things.
2 months ago

Nicole Alderman wrote:I was extremely disappointed when I checked the shipping costs recently. For a 3 ounce tiny package (super light!), it costs $9.65 to ship WITHIN the US. Just three years ago, that would have cost only $3.50. I have to go and update all of my listings here on permies to reflect the raised price. It's so sad, because I try really hard to make my creations reasonably priced so people can buy natural toys and sculptures, and the shipping increases have made that impossible.

I, too, sent a package today, except that it was 4 ozs. I paid $3.40 for postage. I don't understand how yours could have been so much. What shipping service did you use? I used USPS. Anything under 16 ounces is considered First Class mail. Did you send yours First Class? And was it USPS? Even though USPS keeps going up, it is still the least expensive shipping service in the US.

I forgot to add that I use a site called Pirate Ship ( where one gets discounted USPS rates. When I bought the postage today through pirateship, the price above is what I paid. Had I gone to the post office to buy the postage, it would have cost $4.20 which is still quite a bit less than what you paid.
2 months ago