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Recent posts by Annie Collins

Oooo, I hope you post as much information, pictures, and drawings as you did with you RMH project! That was a treat! Good luck with the build. I am sure there will be a lot of great input from knowledgeable people on here!
2 days ago
We use metal garbage cans that come with a tight fitting lid. Where we live they come in a couple of different sizes. I use the large ones for storing the couple hundred pounds of dry peas and sunflower seeds in the basement which is humid, and the smaller ones I keep upstairs in our main living area for seeds/beans that I use regularly. I found a nice thick cotton "bag" that I put the garbage can in so it doesn't look so "garbage canny" in our living area. I also use a large garbage can to store the dogs' dry food. I rarely feed them that since I feed them raw, and the metal garbage cans are doing a great job of keeping the dog kibble fresh. The peas and sunflower seeds in the basement have been the same seed supply from over 3 years ago already, and the peas still germinate beautifully. (I haven't tried the sunflower seeds for germination since I use those particular seeds for birds.)
3 days ago
Thank you for the wonderful array of pictures - both of your dog and plants. :-)  It's been a treat!
5 days ago
Perhaps you can spray around the table as well as the table legs themselves with a scent that dogs and cats don't like. A scent that is not unpleasant to humans, or can barely be detected by us, but one that animals definitely don't want anything to do with. You'd have to look up what that may be and hopefully something you can put together yourself so that it's very inexpensive, but being that animals have such amazing abilities to smell, I think it may be a solution to make it uninviting for animals to check out your table and its wares.
1 week ago
So far I have made tea with it, both to add to my dogs' food as well as for me and my family, and I also use it to make compost tea.
2 weeks ago
One other thing I wanted to mention is that I, too, tried cinnamon on the soil and a bit on the seeds to try and stave off the fungus/mold issues I had with the microgreens, but never had success. Good thing I really like cinnamon in my desserts and baking because I bought a lot of it being sure it would take care of the fungal issues. lol I have enough to last me the rest of my life and some for my children to inherit as well (and I'm not old). :-)
2 weeks ago
Wow, the fungus growth looks intense. It must be frustrating to have such poor germination as well as the struggling plants after putting so much time and effort into planting them. It likely is coming from either the garden soil or the compost, yes? I have wondered if the cow compost from Home Depot (I think Lowe's carries it as well) is safe. It isn't OMRI certified, at least the one I have seen at Lowe's, and I have a strong feeling is comes from factory raised cows who are being given all kinds of antibiotics and other pharmaceuticals to try to keep them alive until slaughter. I'm not sure it's a good idea to add manure from those situations into one's food garden. I am interested to hear what other people on here with more experience have to say about the fungal issue.
One thing I wanted to share, however, is my experience with using microorganisms to ward off fungus/mold. I happen to have used EM1 from TeraGanix, but am currently experimenting with a batch I am cultivating on my own. Anyway, I have been growing microgreens in relatively large amounts for about 4 years now. I grow them to sell so they are going 365 days/ year. One of the types I grow has a tendency to fungus and mold when the air gets warmer which causes the whole affected tray to do poorly and all the plants in it to die. Of course, microgreens are grown unnaturally with very dense seeding so there is always a higher chance of mold/fungus anyway, but here is the amazing thing that I have finally discovered (and am VERY excited about): When I spray the top of the soil and then the seeds after pushing them down onto the soil a bit with the diluted EM1 solution, there is no fungus/mold at all. None. Not only that, but all the microgreens are much happier looking, are growing faster and larger than when I didn't use the EM1. I was so impressed that I also started giving it to my dogs in hopes of having them digest their food more efficiently and that they will thereby need less (the jury is still out on that one). Anyway, I have decided that no matter what I am growing from now on is getting a spray of microorganisms first. I have often heard positive stories to do with probiotics and plants, but to experience it first-hand is always exciting!
I wish you all the best with your next batch of seedlings!
2 weeks ago
Thank you, Nicole, and thank you, Hugo, for posting the video of your gardens. So inspirational!
2 weeks ago

Emilie McVey wrote:I looked at the website that sells the Fokin hoe.  They give pretty straightforward directions on how to make a handle for it.
As far as how often to sharpen it, it merely says to keep it sharp--not very helpful.  But given what the Fokin can do, and my experience with other types of hoes and tools that cut  into soil, I would have a sharpener/whetstone in my back pocket.
Hope that helps.

Thank you Emilie, that is helpful. So I guess one should also then get a sharpener if one gets the hoe.
2 weeks ago

Leeann Goose wrote:Help? I planted 5 tubers last year and they grew well. I let them sit over winter hoping for them to pop back up and multiply this season. Everything else in my perennial garden is awake and thriving but my sunchoke bed is just 5 old sticks from last year's planting. Can anyone tell me if I should give them a while or go ahead and replant something there? Are these guys late to produce new growth?

What growing zone are you in?
2 weeks ago