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Yes we keep ducks, geese, and chickens together now, so I don't anticipate any issues.

Mostly just trying to figure out how to deal with ducks and deep bedding in an efficient way
1 year ago
Thanks for the input! Steel walls is a great idea. That would be plenty tall enough and we'd just have to figure out closing off the top so hawks can't get in.

We are basically thinking to run a wall parallel to our fence, and then put ends and a top on it. Then we can cut a little door in the fence so the ducks can go back and forth as they please when it's open and be locked securely at night. That way, we can also just extend it lengthwise whenever we want to make it bigger.

I'm also hoping we can keep a few chickens in there full time to keep the deep litter turned for us so it breaks down properly...
1 year ago
We are planning to get into the duck egg business and are designing the coop. We have ducks in a coop by the house right now, but need to build a bigger coop farther back near the marshy area of our property. It needs to hold 25 ducks overnight, be deep litter method, have space for a small tractor to drive through to clean out the deep litter, and be easily expandable to hold up to 200 ducks. We are building it next to an established fenceline. We are in Houston, so it does not need to be weather-proof. This is just a nighttime holding facility.

Anything we do will be made predator-proof, we are just wondering about structural design.

We are wondering about doing pallets for the walls as that would be cheap. Maybe chicken wire across the top, but then how to make that removable to walk in there or drive through with a tractor.

Thanks for any ideas!
1 year ago
We will be praying for you and your wife. That is an unimaginable amount to be going through all at once.
1 year ago
I train professionally and have ridden all my life. I still have my one horse who I've had basically her whole life as well as a mini donkey to keep her company. Feel free to contact me if you ever need help!
Why does it matter that he go fast? Are you competing him, or just riding for fun? Or are you using him on a farm? Devil's claw is a great joint supplement. I agree that he's quite old, so don't expect much. Is he a good weight (not skinny)?
What is the most cost efficient step in post out there? We have been using the $2 ones from Tractor supply but would like to try a better wuality one as these only last about 1 yr before bending to the point of being useless.What other ones do you like? And what is the expected lifespan of them?

PS we are rotating goats, so they have to have multiple attachment points for at least 3 strands of wire.
2 years ago
Has anyone ever had a forage-only fed dairy doe? While she's in milk? We have 2 nubians, one of which is about to kid. We have 2 acres of dense brush. These goats did come from a regular dairy goat farm where they got grain, but I am having to cut back their grain because they are gaining weight quickly. Mostly I am just curious if anyone has ever successfully maintained a doe in milk on only browse/forage.
Havinng a gelding in with her could help. Donkeys get aggressive when they are bored - it's just entertainment to them, so having another donkey could curtail that. Though there are risks to the sheep in adding another donkey, also, so that would have to be weighed. might be a place to find more info on sheep and donkeys together.