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Recent posts by Brian L. Cooper

I don't heat with wood these days, or use a sawbuck, but back in the day, my family had a horrible x-shaped thing that could also be used for holding a 55-gallon drum horizontal about two feet off the ground. It was made out of angle iron, which made it even less useful for wood cutting.  It was so handy that we mostly bucked our wood on the ground, or the pile.
It's long gone, and good riddance. 😁
1 year ago
Here I go again.
I've backed the kickstarter with enough capital to get the boot-maker DVD and a few tools - well short of the deluxe package.

The first pair of shoes I make will be the most expensive footwear I ever will have owned. (But they'll be more MINE than anything else.)
1 year ago

Nicole Alderman wrote:Do you happen to know if curved awl needle will work, or does it need to be a curved awl blade? I want to buy the needles as part of her Christmas present. I'm also wondering if this needle kit will work (she had it on her Christmas list already) or if needs to be the hooked straight needle?

Thank you so much!

Please, do yourself a favor and shop around for that sewing awl. It can be had for much less.
1 year ago

Kerry Rodgers wrote:How awesome, R!  Now I'm dyeing to know what you're going to make from it.

I do more language art than fiber art, so I confess that Kerry made me chuckle with this. Thanks!
If that's Larry up in the original post, please tell him he's a handsome critter. I'm glad he has avoided/branched out from his 'meat breed' predisposition.
2 years ago
Am I correct in presuming that the third of an acre mentioned is a part of a larger piece of property?
2 years ago
Jeez, now I want to run away to Portugal, of all places. (What will one more jackass hurt...)

Just give me 10-15 hectares of burned-out Portugal, some semi-feral donkeys, and I'll come up for air in 10 years.
Shaking my head... A moment's research reveals that this little nowhere corner of Portugal is where Port wine grapes are grown. (Three of the last half dozen bottles of wine I've bought came from here. I like a good tawny port.)

The region is hilly, and has been isolated for centuries by poor roads. Other crops grown here are corn, rye, potatoes, wheat, olives and chestnuts.

I think Lisbon is punishing these people for hangovers of centuries past. Seriously? 'poor roads' into a region that's been producing international trade since the 1700s. We're talking a half-billion dollar market in 2013.

There's all kinds of jackasses in Portugal, and too many of them have round pink ears instead of long fuzzy ones.
Well, sure, fire prevention measures might improve the place too much.
Ponds and a better class of vegetation would make it too much like a park. Might have to chase people away from a former no-mans-land.
Maybe rotate sheep and/or goats through the area before or after the donkeys.
Eventually somebody will need to deal with the conditions that predispose the region to dryness, scrub brush, and wildfire.

Swales and ponds, anybody?
Might as well make it nice for the critters.