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since May 08, 2016
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After several attempts and screaming goat battles I decided to stop trying to get milk.  Her udder is still a little bit enlarged but gradually reducing.  I plan to breed her and the other does the end of September with my nubian buck.  Thank you everyone for helping me figure this all out :)
Some more photos ... I remember that you are supposed to be able to tell from the tell tail signs if a goat is pregnant. Her abdomen does not feel like there is a kid there
After 10 mins of trying to get milk I only got some "moist dribbles" off one teet just enough to wet my fingers.  there was no "let down" so I got no clue.  There is no discharge and ligaments seem to be intact.  I will try to get more photos.
I'll wrestle her up on the milk stand and see what happens ... be back in a bit
I keep my Buck well secured and there has never been an "incident" where either the nannies or buck were out and about unintentionally.  Plus she is slim and trim like her sister no sign of carrying a kid.  Photos taken this morning
The condition developed in the last 24 hours.  She has never been bred and I have no idea what is causing swelling.  Her udder is very firm and swollen but does not feel hot.  I can not see any sign of injury.  Any help would be welcome.  
Thank you David,

I have a decent solar set up already so will not be using the solar part of the controller.  Just needed a little trickle charge to cover long winter nights :D
2 months ago
Hello permies

I have lived off grid with a simple solar setup for 10 years now and have been given a small wind generator which I would like to add into the setup.  I have never set up wind before and when my cousin gave me this he said it had everything to hook it to the battery bank.  My question is do I need to have a "dump" or does this controller have some kind of breaking system so I wont have to ?

2 months ago
My grandmother was a goat farmer and I remember her giving the goats a plug of tobacco to "prevent worms". My question is kinda two fold, is what she did good, bad or didn't matter either way? Secondly, what homemade treatment is there for goats to treat worms?