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Recent posts by bruce Fine

building a brand I guess is if your wanting to make a business of it.
I guess I should not assume anything
I was thinking maybe you were wanting to make video for youtube of what your doing, like I guess for example, here's how I go about planting my garden, or maybe here's how I go about identifying mushrooms out in the woods, or here's what I do to build a chicken coop.
I guess I wasn't thinking off it as a business plan.
sounds like your figuring it out getting advice as to how to proceed to put together what your thinking of doing
there is a huge thread on how to sort the parts and assemble those including which parts you should get genuine still  parts for for best results over at or forestryforum
here is one that tells all about assembling farmertec saw

plus there are several youtube videos out there
6 months ago
does anyone have a favorite lentil soup recipe?
6 months ago
many years ago I think it was in populate mechanics they had a big DIY story that showed how they made a solid concrete floor first they put down a layer of crushed stone then used bags of Portland spread out, a rototiller to mix it all up and a hose to wet it all .
6 months ago
so many good options in recharging type chainsaws are available.
sometimes when you want to teach others things its easiest to lead by example.
6 months ago
I just noticed outside the moon is arise and we used to call it the harvest moon in October ,  I guess because the full moon is so big and bright you can work well into the night gathering pumpkins and squash and other such crops.
6 months ago
just get a GoPro and go for it, dont overthink things. im assuming your thinking of creating your own unique content. disregard if your thinking of copying other peoples stuff and editing it together, or using content or music that is copyright protected, I think that's where you need licensing.
most of internet stuff like eBay or youtube one you start clicking the buttons it weaves you thought whatever to get done what you want to.
just wondering if the fruit trees your thinking of planting are bare root. if so its best to plant them in dormancy after all the leaves have fallen and everything is asleep for the winter. digging holes is a lot of work. if they are not too big, roots a foot or less, you might save yourself a whole bunch of hole digging and use a hoedad or a dibble bar.
6 months ago
I can only offer from my experience.
if you got the chicken droppings in it and other manure, that nitrogen will get the other organic materials kicked off  and heating up even in the coldest winter as long as it is all in one pile.
I dont know about soaking it down but maybe a bit of moisture might be good, and also this is the time of year in many North American places where a bunch of rain  starts to occur.
I will never forget one Christmas holiday a large mound , small mountain, of compost had a few a few too many crushed seeds in it. snow and ice was everywhere, this pile of compost erupted into a blazing inferno that could be seen for at least a mile. there's more to the story but that's it in a nutshell. if there's a good combination of organics in your pile it will heat up and compost just about no matter how cold it gets
6 months ago
most of the responsible sellers and shippers of bare root trees and plants only ship in months when everything is dormant.
6 months ago