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looks like what I got all over my property, ive heard them called mountain strawberries, they are not edible, not sure what they might be good for except to look at
1 week ago
I might add that many of those string trimmer heads will interchange on a shaft. if you can find a scrap yard that will sell stuff you might find source of parts for cheap.
I have long experience with string trimmers. It was like 15 or more years ago that I got completely and totally frustrated trying to get a string trimmer running from my shed, Ryobi, echo, toro, and a few others were in the shed from over the years, spent a bunch on parts to try and fix them and none would start and run consistently .  completely frustrated I went to stihl dealer and spent a whole bunch on a new km130. that powerhead still starts on first or second pull of the rope every time I pull it out to use it. Not sure how many hundreds of hours its got on it but still has the same full power as when it was brand new. Well worth the $$ it cost and has paid for itself many times over.
1 week ago
there's a big difference between stihl homeowner and pro model equipment. the pro stuff is well worth what it costs in the long run as long as you maintain it properly and feed it non ethanol gas and use high quality stihl oil.
1 week ago
if your land is registered as a farm there are many exemptions that apply to what and how you can build when it comes to farm buildings
1 week ago
those giant mangel beets look real good for animal feed, wonder if they will be productive in clay soil. I've toyed with idea of planting a mix of clover and turnips out in one of my pastures by just broadcasting the seeds and harrowing them in. I happened upon a clearance on a few pounds of purple top turnips seeds at the coop and might just try it and see what happens if nothing else the wild turkeys might enjoy them.
1 week ago
I would think that pinellas county has pretty strict ordinances, but with the right architect/engineer to push the paperwork through who knows what is possible.
1 week ago
yeah, if these sprouts survive I'll make special trip to ace hardware and get some dr earth homegrown veggie maker to give plants as reward for making it through this very rare may freeze
sounds like you could get yourself in the honey and wax business real cheap. 4 hives is a great idea, bees are awesome.
2 weeks ago
well I did it, a couple hours ago it rained like crazy then got real cold, I went and gathered all the grass clippings that I piled up yesterday and got a bunch of burlap coffee sacks from the shed and covered up a bunch of the beans squash cucumbers radish and some of the peas that had sprouted in the past week. some covered with clippings and the squash and cucumbers that just had cotyledons, the first two leaves, covered with burlap.
guess I'll find out in next few days to week if it worked or not