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the salt draws the moisture out. the only way I ever smoked fish was to first soak the fish in a brine overnight or at least a few hours. there are lots of all kinds of recipes  but the basics are a liquid, water or juice, apple juice is popular, even maybe coka cola, can even be coconut milk or pineapple juice if you want to expierment and mix in sugar and salt, for sugar, brown sugar is most popular I like raw sugar, brown sugar is usually white sugar with molasses added back in and raw sugar is usually like it says sugar with the molasses still in it, something salty, salt, sea salt, pink Himalayan but soy sauce probably adds the most pleasant flavor, for me anyway..

soak overnight, drain and if you like sprinkle with cracked pepper and put in smoker
1 day ago
bury the whole thing completely. if the pipes, pressure tank, pump, ect is 4 to 5' underground it will never freeze.

I built pump house below grade, almost exactly like in your pictures and buried it completely, the whole thing is underground. using lots of cement, about 6" thick on top, but logs, a membrane and dirt would do the same thing.
made a round mold about the size of a manhole, just big enough to get the pressure tank in or out and cast a rebar reinforced cement plug about 6" thick. the only way in or out is with a ladder and leverage or people power to move the plug off the entry hole.
the water has never froze no matter how low the temp.
3 days ago
i have a little sibling to that 3 cyl yanmar. mine is a barbie sized 2 cylinder yanmar 1500d, yup, 15 hp, 4 wheel drive with cat 1 3 point hitch and 1 3/8 PTO shaft out the rear. 230 original hours on a 40+ year old machine. it just got new 9.5x24" shoes for the rear and new tubes and rims for the front, a hydraulic system clean out, new oil and filter, new fuel and filter, and is getting all new seals in the front axle. and if the clutch keeps sticking its getting a new clutch and pressure plate and a few rattle cans of paint will dress it up real nice.
2 weeks ago
this maybe a crazy sort of question but im curious. and I want to try and educate people who have no idea what it takes to grow acres of varied crops or livestock. what do you utilize or need to keep your homestead up and bring in the crops or I guess provide self sufficiency. this is all inclusive including land, buildings or other structures, equipment, livestock. raw materials, resources ect. the reason im asking is maybe not just for myself but also for those who may be just looking for land thinking they are going to make the big move in life to start homesteading and become self sufficient not having to rely on things like people in the cities or suburbs have to.
for me anyway I could  not get along without tractor and implements, chainsaw, mower, many hand tools and a place and tools to maintain equipment and covered storage for all of it.
as we'll as a living, cooking and bath space, with some hot and cold running water makes the basics of everyday life just that much easier.
3 weeks ago
of the trees and bushes I have along my creeks the ones I like the most are the black walnut they are strong sturdy and grow extra fast with wet feet. and have lots of big fantastic nuts.
now angel bee, got a question. do you have goats? someone brought something up about goats. ill stick with your original question without speculation.
but anyway back to the topic on hand, yeah, I have at least 3000' of creeks running through my place with lots of different trees and bushes growing along it in Appalachia at the edge of the smokies. the most interesting recent find along the creek is a lone birch tree, there are lots of sycamores that seem too grow like weeds, another tree that grows very fast and spreads like weeds on steroids are the boxelders.  the only big white oak, actually the only oak along the creek didn't last the roots were not deep enough and it fell over and died. and the elm tree didn't make it either. possibly swamp oak or beech or maybe hickory, they grow everywhere like the shaggy bark. in my mind I'm thinking something that is naturally native to area that will not become a problem in the future and if your looking for friend with benefits a nut tree will give you nuts every year and fantastic lumber for the next generation. if humans will still exist then.
1 month ago
red cedar would also work well. maybe see if your state has a seedling sales program through dept of forestry.
1 month ago
40 foot containers are heavy. usually at least 8000 pounds empty. if having one delivered have delivery people put it where you want it when delivered unless you have big enough equipment to move it yourself. it takes at least a big tractor to move one of these things. I mean like 85 hp 4 wheel drive in good shape. or a dozer. to move one it helps to put round logs or something under it to reduce friction. I have one and just to get it dropped on a relatively flat spot on my property was quite an ordeal and took hours to pull the delivery truck and trailer around a corner with a big tractor just so delivery driver could get back on the road. it was delivered with a 1 ton pickup pulling a flat tilt back trailer. my container I would like to move to a different spot but I lack the big enough equipment to move it even 200 or 300 feet now that I put stuff into it.
they are handy for quick dry secure ready made building but they can sweat in changes of the weather.
PODS are much different. they are usually sided with plywood and empty weight is much less, and if you rent one you cannot put heavy stuff in it. read the fine print of the contract they are great for storing or moving furniture and stuff like that.
1 month ago
ok, thought I'd comment here. if this is all about how to make some money and be a content happy individual I'm all in.
a long time ago in a corporate job I had I met a bunch of very very rich and influential peopled came to the realization even if I won the lottery I still could not afford the lifestyle or homes these people had, daddy didn't leave me any oil wells, factories, railroads or anything like that. I just knew I was never going to be rich but I was ok, I had  housing, transportation and never went hungry and I was happy for the most part appreciating what I did have. to make some extra money I would do high quality recycling with a friend finding stuff in dumpsters and junkyards/scrapyards and selling it online and doing quite well.
a point in the video I find to be very correct is that whatever you are wanting to sell it is worth the most to the right customer. there are ways to find the right customer from online forums dealing with a specific subject to Facebook market, amazon or eBay. seems everything is online these days.
1 month ago
I know a little bit about this. office paper, cardboard, newspaper, old phone books, needs lots of nitrogen rich "hot" stuff like chicken manure to compost well. but when composted it is light and fluffy and for me grew fantastic squash, pumpkins, Mellons. it was done with truckloads of "recycled" paper goods piled mountain high and spread out over acres.
the stuff that was mixed well with enough "hot" organics was very good. but without the other things to mix with paper newspapers could just about still be read 20 years later.
1 month ago