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Recent posts by bruce Fine

several years ago I ended up in hospital from a larval deer tick bite, thankfully it wasn't Lyme disease. it seems mice and birds are big hosts and spread ticks. ive had at least a half dozen cats for at least 2 years now and tick population seems to be down.
thought it was quite interesting how I was just watching this

and this topic is on top here on the web site.
4 days ago
rats and mice are not a good thing anywhere. no only will they destroy your crops but potential for disease and parasites is high. get yourself a pride of outdoor cats and you will have loving pets and rid your property of menace rats and mice.
2 weeks ago
have you ever seen grapes on those vines? I have vines and leaves that look exactly like that on  my property. when I first moved in I was sure they were grape vines. they did the same exact thing as yours and looked exactly the same. in the spring leaves came out and grapes started to form then the "grapes" fell off and the vine grew at least 20' each season.  it covered over the side of my house. till I cut it all down last winter. I'm not sure what I got that looks and acts exactly like grapes but isn't grapes and  is as a aggressive and invasive as kudzu
2 weeks ago
I dont know about pine, but my neighbor built a large barn with rough sawmill lumber, poplar, it was fresh cut green wood, still looks and works great. I got a load of lumber from the same sawmill, oak, I put some things together with it right away no problem but once the wood got dry it was so hard nails just bounced right off. if I use an\y of the wood now once its dry holes have to be drilled in it first before using nails or screws.
the chainsaw sawmill will work. you need a big chainsaw, 80cc's are what a lot of people say, you need a ripping chain and it is a lot of physical labor with slow cutting.. there are plenty of reviews of cheap sawmills like the harbor freight mill for $2500 on YouTube.  or the granberg alaskan chainsaw sawmill you might look at some of the reviews by people who have actually used each of the types of devices.
2 weeks ago
there is nothing quite like quenching your over heated body on a hot summer day in the cool clear water of a pond, lake stream or river far away from any prying eyes of other people.
I used to have such a swimming hole but today a subdivision is about 100 feet away
2 weeks ago
if rodents are in compost pile you might want to get it cooking with something to heat it up like chicken manure. when biodegradable are composting they heat up and rodents will not go into hot pile of composting material
2 weeks ago
when I was doing the farmer market thing an older guy who was quite good at it told me you have to have vegetables, fruits, flowers and dancing girls to do real well.
I did ok with herbs. giant bunches of basil would sell out every week. I would pack fresh herbs in ice chests and offer giant bunches rubber banded together. I brought other herbs, and what didn't sell out I dried and bottled. all the common vegetables are a good thing to start with, peas, beans, squash, tomatoes, cucumbers, beets, turnips, radishes, long stem flowers do real well such as miniture sunflowers.

you might want to do away with the plastic bags and use rubber bands. so customers can touch and smell what you have.
what you are offering are not common items and many potential customers might not know what to do with them so you might offer some recipes using the items you are offering.

the QR code thing might be nice but its not as instant as having stacks of printed recipes, and info sheets on the table ready to be looked at.
2 weeks ago
ive been forced to liquidate all my faming and mechanical supplies located near the mass/Rhode Island line only a dozen or so miles from i95

all  types of goods need to be moved from here, I'd rather someone else put them to use than sent to scrap yard.
I thought I would offer to fellow permies first.
there is pipe for a greenhouse, huge stocks of bolts, nuts, screws, nails, pipe fitting of all sizes and descriptions, water pumps, small engines, electric motors , electrical supplies, hundreds of feet of irrigation pipe, table saws, tool chests, one semi trailer is 1/4 full of dimensional lumber 2x4, 2x6, 2x, 8 2x12. 8'-16' long, too much to list
there are 7 semi trailers full of all kinds of stuff plus a John Deere drag harrow that needs some work, a couple heavy duty trailers. there are two older gravely walk behind tractors, one is a studebaker the other a later model 12hp Kohler
everything has to go. you folks can have first pick before its sold as estate sale or to scrap yard
3 weeks ago