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came across this old video thought I'd share

1 month ago
you don't say where this is
the stream you have runs when there is lots of surface water is this during the growing season where your at or is the growing season encompass a bunch of the dry time of year there.
2 months ago
havin g to white the drool off the keyboard
I lover good marinara sauce
If making from scratch I
start with crushed tomatoes
my biggest problem is I think I cook it too long
never could get a homemade sauce as good as some of my favorite Italian restaurants, none of which are chains.
which I won't name here unless asked
2 months ago
looks like your in a fairly urban area. if not wanting hugelkulture
if you want it gone---post online ad for free firewood
or you could burn a little at a time and amend your soil with wood ash. neighbors might not like a big bon fire, or you could call fire dept and ask if they want to use it for training fires.
theres got to be a book somewhere---50 things you can do with unwanted wood.
I might add that whatever you might do with it, now, winter time is the best time to deal with it, no problems with hidden hornet nests or snake dens
2 months ago
I was watching a program about bees dying off and there were folks talking about how really bad monocultures are and how having a farm without chemicals and having wide variety of stuff growing instead of monoculture about 1/3 of crop is lost to pests.
I'm paraphrasing here but that is the gist of what some were saying.
I know some organic experts here have all matter of pests under complete control but for the rest of us I was thinking this sounds about right and to plant twice as much as you m might want to grow because there will be some loss.
this reminded me---now is time to order seeds for spring and summer.
2 months ago
there's so many people in the world these days finding unrestricted land is not an easy task. there was a map on internet but it tuned out not to be real accurate.
here in Tennessee there are some places where you can do just about anything as long as you put in a septic system. just something you have to do and might as well figure it in the cost of the property you are looking at.
just in general wherever you look finding a place where a previous home was can be a winner, many such properties have stuff grandfathered in so you can avoid inspections and bringing things up to current code.
2 months ago
every good homestead has a place for the elders who have the knowledge from years of experience and pass down generations of understanding.
I try to keep anything for firewood as dry as possible under cover or a roof.
having problems right now with wet firewood
where is that shivering imogee?
2 months ago
sounds like you might now need a lawyer to deal with the realtor who it sounds like misled you.
but you may be in luck, it seems real estate market is hotter than its been in long time, you might just be able to turn it over real quick and get your $$$$$ back.
ive learned the hard way in life to check things out, I had a realtor tell me a bunch of stories but fortunately I put in writing on the contract before I signed it that if certain conditions are not such and such, contract to be null and void.
for me it had to do with internet availability and if anyone else had any type of rights on the property. turned out the property owner had given permission for an adjoining property owner to build driveway across property I was wanting to buy in any fashion they desire.
2 months ago
it seems that since ive been here we get a bunch of snow about the first or second week of February , we will see what happens.
2 months ago