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John C Daley

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since May 25, 2016
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Recent posts by John C Daley

Maybe you are gripping the broom too tight. Slowly work over your hands, you may have a problem that needs a massage or a manipulation
2 days ago
Can you use a hose instead and wash everything out?
2 days ago

Why are racing poles curved?
Racing poles have their own unique distinctions. Super giant slalom, downhill, and speed skiing poles are designed to bend around the skier's body while in a tuck position to minimize drag.
In slalom skiing, straight poles are used due to the reduced speeds and increased reliance on poles.

From.,that%20require%20repetitive%20thumb%20movement." target="_blank" rel="nofollow">Thjenar muscle issues
What is the problem with the thenar muscle?
Thenar eminence pain is usually due to overuse syndrome brought on by repetitive thumb movements.
It typically improves with a combination of medical treatments and home remedies.
You can sometimes prevent thenar eminence pain by avoiding activities that require repetitive thumb movement.
Maybe you need to stop flying brooms for a while and rest you body!
2 days ago
Ned, I am with Doug, I will try.
IMO leaking skylights are a result of sloppy workpersonship, do you like that one!
Good design and skills are better than having your head in the sand.
I have a number of reasons for loving skylights;
- see the moon and stars shining through the roof is wonderful
- I love watching the rail hit the glass and move off
- I can get light into dark spaces, even underground.
- Cloud watching from your lounge chair is cool.
2 days ago
There is actually an Australian company marketing a digester. I put details on the site a while ago.
3 days ago
What area are you in please?
People may be able to help if such detail is included, since they may be familiar with conditions there.
3 days ago
For what it is worth, I recently purchased 2 Australian made hot air heaters which are block boxes with polycarbonate 'glass' fronts and thermostaticly operated fans.
they retailed for about $A3500 each.
I paid $A250 each because they did not work effectively.
I am now trying to see if there is anything to be done to get them working.
3 days ago
If shops complain of lack of space for compulsory acceptance of waste plastic, do you see the message there?e
4 days ago
What area are you planning to build in, somebody may have a solution nearby?
Have you thought of alternative systems, separation of fluid, incineration / composting of solids. A worm system?
4 days ago
Would a lime mortar work well?
4 days ago