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Fair point Eric, but when I hear people speak of painting rusty metal, I assume they will do it according to instruction, which will include,
removal of loose rust, use of converter and application of coats of paint  as per the instructions.

The result will be a good quality repair.
2 weeks ago
Make sure you buy a roof paint that specifically says its safe for potable water - Dulux, Wattyl etc do make them

In Australia Wattyl Kill Rust is suitable.
2 weeks ago
Maybe a bit of thought about random shooters.
I dont think I have heard of such activity before.
So there may be a solution.
Otherwise, the underground options would be something to think about.
2 weeks ago
I know its not easy for any of us to say anything that will change the situation.

Somehow people do not always appreciate good fortune created by hard work.

You may get peace in your head if you can look past the comments, ven invite people over to see what you are doing.
Great work anyway.
2 weeks ago
So really it should refer to 12 Boots IE 6 people
2 weeks ago
So is the term ,"boots" used instead of people?
2 weeks ago
I need an explanation of the word, "Boots" please.
2 weeks ago
So talking about your land, is bedrock exposed at the surface?
Is there any chance of going down a bit, with out turning the basement into a sump ?
Do you have any top soil?
If the site is so difficult to build on, where is the magic?
3 weeks ago
Burying wood next to a house, may cause termite issues.
I can say that 45 degree slopes for soil will be too steep, erosion will occur.
The steepness of soil whereby it will sit there is called he Angle of repose, here are some details;
The angle of repose or the critical angle of repose, of a granular material is the steepest angle relative to the horizontal
plane which a material can be piled without slumping or the surface material sliding.
Angle of repose for soils
3 weeks ago
I found some info on Reddit Engineering Porn

"My family has a similar design for the chain link fence gate around their pool. The bottom hinge operates very much like this.
The top hinge is simply a vertical static pin mounted to the fence and a collar mounted to the gate that slips over the pin, very much like a standard hinge.
The collar is just loose enough to allow the axis to precess depending which way the gate is opened. Quite a simple design, but extremely effective."

It stays on he plate because
"The "slots" are smaller than the diameter of the pin. The pin is cut into a D shape so as the gate closed down on it the pin slips freely into the slot
then as it turns away the flat spot rolls inside of the hole at the end of the slot and it is too large to go out of the slot."
aha! I found it by googling for "rising gate hinge"

Good call. Did some googling and it sounds like it allows the gate to “rise” to accommodate an incline - like if it’s in front of a driveway, swings inward to the driveway,
and the driveway slopes up. I guess the gate is forced upwards a bit when it swings? Not sure, but pretty cool find.

3 weeks ago