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Nicole, can you submit some photos and details of the soil around the 'pond' you speak of please?
6 days ago
Zach, tell us more about the permits etc please.
6 days ago
I purchased a book recently which talks about reintroducing beavers to areas save the area.
I have not read it yet. BUT, It may have information about working with them.
I think lowering the water level is something the beaver may not cooperate with.
So perhaps get the book

I did research ' loving with Beavers' and it is very interesting
Here is one
living with Beavers

Walking over the dam seems impossible looking at the images, but I guess if you have, that great. I guess you could add planks etc??
3 weeks ago
As a Civil Engineer I have worked in this area, IE trying to tame water.
I can add, Willows were used extensively in Australia and 60 years later we have a willow problem Research it.
Taming water involves slowing it down and using walls, loose, to divert flow from poles etc that could be undermined.
By building your dams so the toe of the upstream on is level with the top of the lower one, helps reduce the speed of the water.
When meandering streams are straightened, the river gradient is increased, that water flows faster and erosion occurs.
Rocks need to be big enough not to get moved by the water.
Widening the culvert will also slow the water down.
If water is flowing over your drive because the pipe under is not big enough, its almost impossible to prevent the drive being washed away.
Again making the flood area bigger [ wider] over the driveway may help slow the flow and therefore slow the scouring. We would call it a floodway in Australia.
I am suggesting a foldaway say, 5 times wider than what you have now.
Natural sequence farming which you looked at relies on holding water back so it soaks in and does not runoff.
If your neighbours upstream worked with you, the problem may be solved for many of you.
3 weeks ago
As a Civil Engineer, I would say the foundations have suck and that is causing the movement and cracking.
The whole thing could be repaired by underpinning the structure with new foundations.
I expect there will be none, the dome may be sitting on earth.
Under pinning can be researched, but basically you did small sections one at a time, deep under sections of the dome and fill with mass concrete.
Do it in sections leaving the original foundation in-between and then go back and replace the bits left between.

Then I would put a new layer say 4 inches think with reinforcement over the top.
3 weeks ago
Ok, I am a road engineer.
Concrete like any other product is a good product if you use it where is a good use of concrete.
I don't understand why people dump on concrete, but use many other worse products to live. IE Asphalt, planes, roads etc.
Use it wisely if you don't like it.
Technically what you are calling tubes are 'concrete pipes' if you install them in a graded ditch and have good cover over them
that will take big loads.
From memory all concrete pipes have reinforcement in them, otherwise they will break during transport, plus they give added
strength and reduce the volume of concrete needed.
A 40 Tonne truck is big what would that be used for?
An alternative would be to pour two concrete beams along the ditch and span over them with a steel panel or another reinforced concrete slab.
3 weeks ago
I plan many things to save time and effort.
The best tip when building with ladders
= wear a tool belt
= don't drop tools
= always carry something on a trip anywhere
= have a trailer or bin for rubbish and put things in immediately they are rubbish
On my property I have a couple of boxes in the back of my ute.
When I spot rubbish or items I an collecting IE Empty bottles are used as fill
I pop them into the specific box and empty it when ever I am passing the spot they are being used or dumped.
1 month ago
yes, different ratio. At the moment I have just forgotten what it is
1 month ago
try 3/8 inch gravel
1 month ago
I live in the middle of a forest.
I do not care or worry about bushfire.
I suggest to anybody who is, to not live in the bush, because you will never be comfortable about it, you may try and cut every tree
in the area down, ruin the place for yourself and others when you should have stayed in the suburbs,
Somebody has to call you on that point.
As for the block itself  an easterly facing block IMO is more comfortable if its a small block.
1 month ago