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Bendigo , Australia
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rainfall collection is the primary method in rural Australia. there is a topic here called "benefits of rainfall collection" which I have written to try and help. It deals with large volume collection.
7 hours ago
Yes, but make sure you use acrylic adhesive, anything else will dissolve the styrene
1 day ago
I think it happens because people do not slow down and read the responses.
3 days ago
Why not be practical and use either timber beams, or even scrap steel that is the correct shape and size.
The way I see it, its very straightforward and would not need cement products.
How far are you spanning, it looks like about 5 feet?
4 days ago
you guessed about right
4 days ago
I have worked with mud bricks for 40 years. Sometimes called earth bricks, pressed earth bricks or adobe bricks.
Here partitions are moveable.
good luck with the research
4 days ago
Nice use of resources
6 days ago
So you could call these partitions solid walls. In which case 6 inch minimum would be stable.

If you used earth, or mud bricks as called in Australia, you will increase the thermal mass of the building which is great for assisting with a more even temperature range within the building.
6 days ago