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Recent posts by John C Daley

What are the warnings that come with each of this 3 points?
Have you asked the local controlling body about the ability to build, get rid of waste?
How would you get drinking water? Rainfall catchment etc.
What percentage of the land is affected by those above points?
From elsewhere.

Hydric soils are often organic (peat or muck) and not suitable construction material. If the area qualifies as a wetland, then it is subject to federal regulation, and any disturbance would require a permit from appropriate agencies, such as the Army Corps of Engineers.

Hydric soils information
10 hours ago
Has this concept progressed at all.
17 hours ago
Something extra I encourage in Australia, put good quality insulation under the carport roof.
It will stop condensation and stop heat pouring through the roof in summer.
17 hours ago
Willy, if you read the links I presented, it explains that a company did build a vege oil engine.
But very few sold, because of the price, so now they modify existing engines.
1 day ago
Perhaps purchase a 20,000L tank, install it where it would be required, get a pressure pump and set up a small water pipe system.
Its moving forward and giving you experience at the same time.
What are you building the house from?
Can you get a roof near the tank quickly?
1 day ago
Add material to allow you to have an edge that a screen can fit into.
Think differently about the matter
2 days ago
Can you make removable screens with a suitable mesh.
2 days ago
Ok, thanks for the explanations.
We use Flat, unit or apartment. Flats is the main usage.

OK, basement is below ground level, we dont have them but I am familiar with them. Greta for stable temperatures.
So why is the heater set at 55, when most times the temp. is 62?
Also, would a jumper make up the difference?

Researching I found this,

oil heat and crunch the numbers on switching to cheaper, cleaner gas heating. Last winter, heating a house with oil cost an average of $1,700,
while natural gas averaged less than $900, according to the US Energy Information Administration.

I lived underground once and I used a gas hws hot water service to run a small hydronic system.
I left it running 24/7 for the length of winter.
The walls got up to temperature, they were brick and it was not expensive compared with electricity and easy to set up.
Would that work/
The HWS outside, and a small electric pump running 24/7 to the hydronic fan unit

2 days ago