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Dampness and mustiness is a result of bad design and construction rather than the environment.
3 days ago
Jp, can we go back to basics?
What are you actually trying yo achieve?
How did the concept of such plans get developed, in the 70's?
4 days ago
interesting task
5 days ago
Its interesting to become aware of differences about the same thing.
I have never heard of regulations about manure and ponds for instance.
I am aware of aquifers, but we don't seem to have rules about them either.
Bottom line if you don't need to water I see why a pond is useless, whereas in Australia 98% of the country is dry.
My rainfall is about 18 inches and dropping.
5 days ago
Whoa, one extreme to another. A small erosion issue to a huge dam.
What is your issue with ponds?
In Australia we capture as much water as possible because we don't have much from rainfall generally.

Can the pond be put to use?
6 days ago
Classic erosion caused by clearing.
The mechanics of erosion involves the speed of the water.
If it gets above about 3-4 feet a second it will cause the soil grains to move.
Speed of course is a function of volume and size of the gully.

The best anti erosion systems invoke stopping the water from getting up to erodible speeds.
Dams, flood retention basins all work, but the best systems involve keeping the water as static as possible, so that it creeps along and does not rush away.
Of course it means some  of the pasture you have created will need to change, but if you don't change it,
nature will.
In Australia we have a few different systems developed.
Keyline which you may know about and another one, its name slips me at the moment which involves vegetation to slow water down.
In the UK, some shires have adopted similar plans and they tend to not have the big floods that we see from time to time. Their rivers and creeks are tangled messes that prevent a quick escape, thus ensuring the lower towns are not flooded.
Keyline involves ploughing along the contour and having small connected dames to hold water and encourage it to soak in .
1 week ago
On your recommendations I have just ordered a used copy of the Dilema book , thanks
1 week ago