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Fred Tyler wrote:Lito George,
I have merged your topic into this topic. I hope that helps.

Thanks Fred!


Because I didnt want to buy more glues at the moment, I looked into my stash and thought to try, "Liquid Tape".

This is the black electrical goo that one places on electrical connections to seal out water and it has to remain somewhat flexible. It also adheres to multiple surfaces. Its meant as an alternative to electricians tape (traditionally black, but multiple colours available) and I always use heat shrink/tape on top of the soldered connection when using the special liquid electrical tape).

ET VOILA. To my surprise, it held on several long, wet, muddy, boot bending and contorting walks. Maybe 10kilometres so far?

Bone dry inside from the repairs I made, and I still cant believe it.

Cobblers Glue: I like that idea too. Thanks! (We should buy one tube and share it amongst ourselves to get the greatest bang for the buck)

4 years ago
Thanks All.

I did some research and learned about "Aquaseal". Gets rave reviews which is rare for a shoe repair adhesive.

So did ShoeGoo (up here in Canada), and its amazing how this stuff is available in price - from 10 all the way to 30 for the same volume/product.

The Tufftoe would like cost more than a new pair of boots, which is hard to swallow at this point. I would probably try the above two products first, though at some point its more about refusal to throw away a product that is 99% usable still than $.

Lastly, you asked a good question about what brand I have. I looked at the sole, and the markings there are worn off (in the arch of the sole), Nothing inside. But the smart people of "Kamik" boots here in Canuckistan moulded their logo and brand near the top of the boot for longevity sakes. Forest/Olive green with a draw string on top with a heavy duty fabric style gator that I've never really used despite having walked in thigh high (plus) snow drifts. Insulated with removable inners that wear out and seem to be self repairable with embroidery floss, fabric and some ingenuity. Replacements are available but I am still on my first pair despite having worn out holes in the heel area on both feet in two places at least. Still super comfortable to wear despite wearing them for long walks in temperatures around 10degC. Above 25degC they get uncomfortably hot, but thats to be expected.

4 years ago
I have a pair of beloved rubber boots that were excellent. Insulated, comfy, protective against the Atlantic winters. Pretty decent soles. Held up to an incredible amount of wear/walking, up to 7 days a week.

However, over the last couple years with minimal usage (lost farm in separation), the area between rubber boot and sole has separated minimally in several places, allowing lots of muddy water in. The sole is flexible, and appears to be made of another type of rubberised material.

Have tried:

Construction grade hot glue: various colours/ additional subcategory glue sticks - all have separated within 500metres of walking

Silicone for gasket making: worked on the cuts on the actual rubber boot itself, but separated on the join between sole and boot in similarly short order.

How to fix? Absolutely refuse to throw these things away due to a few small (irritating) holes.
4 years ago
Pearl, you are well named :)

Thank you for your encouraging words, time taken to draw a diagram and advice. I read your advice when it was posted and instead of responding right away, I decided to practice right away. I've been doing so, and realise that I fell prey to my old fears (perfectionism), instead of listening to my newer mantra, "its not the tool, its the craftsman".

I dont quite get the diagram just yet, but I will. Its been a crazy few weeks and that remains for the next quarter.

In the meantime, I continue to practice as I can, and line up proper good looking seams. I thank you for sharing your experiences and wisdom with me!
4 years ago
This thread is so full of WIN its ridiculous.

I have to address this first

Nicole Alderman wrote:(2) I'm pretty sure this is just me wanting one because I didn't have one when I was a little girl, and I always wanted one, (3) It's probably kind of a waste of my time/resources. I have so little time as it is!!

I'm a red blooded African man, who has lived a very full life up to this point. I'll say this: if you aren't prepared to meet the needs of your inner person/child/long lived and long felt dreams, then you are doing yourself at all times, a grave disservice.

I only say that from experience, and having denied myself the same for decades. The feeling of innate fulfilment when listening and responding to these dreams is exceptional and life changing. So, you have my encouragement!

I have three young daughters, and just last night I was following a collection of visuals via Pinterest where DIY toys inspired by Waldorf School toys were being shown. I was amazed at the creativity, doll houses, castles, farms, et al that were being brought up. So much so that thats my project with my girls today :)

That makes this thread introduction to me, very timeous. Thank you. Your work thus far is amazing to me.

Question: given that you hate hot glues (the plastic is the problem right!?) what do you suggest as an alternative? I sit with the same dilemma and hatred for the plastic glues, though I have ample supplies from my neighbour wanderings (picking up perfectly functioning items destined for the landfill)
4 years ago
Thanke Niele! If you mean scratched and somewhat beaten up in your reference as "character", I'd say you are bang on - hahahaha.

Love your finds btw. That Singer looks awesome to me and something I'd happily parent and operate.

I have two frustrations with my machine.

a) It really struggles to sew through lets say a seam on denim pants and an additional single layer of denim on top of that. Can't penetrate it almost. I find momentum to be helpful (in addition to using my hand sometimes to force the needle through - new needles btw), but its quite limiting in terms of depth of what I can sew.

b) I struggle to sew in line with an edge of material. Invariably, I deviate from the edge causing a less than lovely appearance. I understand this is because I dont have a "hemming" foot for my machine. (?). I dont know how to get one either, given the advanced age of my Toyota. (It always gives me a thrill when I think of my machine being made by that company because it was made in a time truly focused on quality and thus longevity)
4 years ago
I can recommend a few things for security:

a) Use a free service like ProtonMail which is highly encrypted, offers a useful free version carrying the same layers of protection and is created by the boffins at CERN.

b) Use Duck Duck Go as a search engine because they don't track you.

c) Use Vivaldi as a browser because their tracking is significantly minimal and uses device resources wisely.

d) Use a VPN that truly doesnt track you (do your homework here!), and consider paying about 5bucks a month for a decent offering. After my research an outfit called Mullvad in the Nordic countries ticked every box for 2019. Review annually and go where its best.

e) If you like Pinterest like I do, you'll quickly discover how any search through Chrome for example will yield near instant results in Pinterest shortly thereafter.

Move away from gmail, and other free services, including whatsapp, voice to text services. Their freeness comes at a privacy cost.
4 years ago
You dont need to buy new (right now, there are incredible deals second hand because of the time of year and the natural competition of retail stores discounting), and you could always find a store that does. Sounds like you're more keen on waiting a while. All the best!
4 years ago

r ranson wrote:I'm going to wait a while longer

Are you saying you are not interested anymore? I typed up a useful response related to VI location, pricing and hardware and got an error in posting.

I wont bother retrying if you're uninterested.

ps: privacy intrusion will only get worse, never better.
4 years ago