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Recent posts by R Jay

Had a leakage problem once with a top-loader and found out that the agitator drive shaft main seal need replacement
3 years ago
Had a problem with caterpillars on cherry trees until I plant black currant bushes nearby.  Those little
fur-balls would glom onto the currant bushes and almost strip them...but they left the cherry trees
4 years ago

Ash Jackson wrote: I think he called them a "brachted wasp," but googling was not much help.
He said, "plant the Alyssum next to your cabbages, and you'll have fewer aphids."

I think he meant a bracketed wasp which lays eggs on hornworms.

There are, however, a couple other types of wasps that concentrate on aphids.

This thread seems pretty restrictive....in all the readings I've done on permaculture I don't
remember any refeence to the "Dhammapada"' but for those who wish to follow the teachings
this verse is probably most appropriate:

"All beings tremble before danger. All fear death. When you consider this, you will not kill or
cause someone else to kill. All beings fear before danger. Life is dear to all. When you consider this,
you will not kill or cause someone else to kill."

4 years ago
In my neck of the woods, a rocket mass heater is considered an "uncertified wood-burning appliance" and codes define
distances, type of heat shields, and method of installations.  Insurance and bank/mortgage companies are satisfied by
getting a certified inspector in to issue  a "WETT" certificate (Wood Energy Technology Transfer Inc).

Rocket mass heaters should have no problems in regard to insurance or building codes..  A lot of juridictions (regional districts) are
outside of fire protection area where the only building codes followed are the electrical.  Ease of buildng is countered by the
cost of insurance.  Being outside a fire protection district can add thousands to your yearly insurance bill,so many people don't insure.

The problem is that some jurisdictions in my area have environmental regs that do not allow non-UL uncertified wood burners.
It will Be interesting to see, after the COVID-19 issue blows over, just how much people go back to concentrating on climate change.
Laws presently allowing RMHs can, with the literal stroke of the pen, be changed so that areas that now allowthem will go and make
them "illegal".

4 years ago
I bet you didn't know Canada had its own Loch Ness Monster--Ogopogo--sighted in Okanogan Lake, BC, Canada....
4 years ago

Vanessa Alarcon wrote:I wish i was as talented as you all to make a meme and post it. Thought someone
could make something from this

Or you can make your own meme:

copy royalty-free picture to computer
change <properties> to "paint"
then check "propertyies>details" to make there is no copyright
use paint to <resize>  pixels
use "text" {A} to paste words to picture
resave modified picture

4 years ago