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I am going to build a rocket stove mass heater in a small summer house I plan to build.

I am a novice hobby builder so I would really appreciate it if someone could answer a few questions based on their experiences. I will naturally keep the thread updated with my build for anyone's future reference.

The area has a moderate risk of water accumulating as it is on a relatively low point and its a rainy UK area. For this reason I was thinking rubble then paving stones then celotex insulation and wooden floor. The wood frame would be mounted on a double but single brick height perimeter of bricks. Where the rocket stove would be (far corner towards the tree) no paving stones would be placed but rubble then brick as I have not so many. My question here is where to place the damp coarse for the mass heater and the floor in general?
Would you recommend concreting the area'
I would of course love earthen floors ect but I scared of humidity, insulation and stability and unlike about the rocket stove I haven't read much about the subject (great book Erica&Ernie).

Regarding the rocket stove I was thinking of using old night storage heater blocks and the fibre glass wool wrapped round the heat riser and wire mesh holding it?. Could also use an old insulated stainless steel flue pipe but have read its not so optimal ?

About the design of the thermal mass I was thinking that because the barrel is to be in the far corner, I would have the flue come allong the from for 3 feet then a T section with a clear out blank and then instead of rigid: pipe using chimney flue liner to curve back to the corner and then after going round the outside of the barrel base create a slight zig zag (as it is the only single pipe along the far side for about 5 feet and then up out of the cob with another T junction and eventually through the roof and then a 30ยบ angle and another 3 feet or so of pipe so that it points away from the tree branches.
What is peoples experience with flexible chimney liner? How about with only one pipe going allog the far side thermal seat? Would a slight zigzag be worth considering or too much drag? Ahould I forget the additional 3 feet along the front and simply build a one way bench along the far side? (must be one way so that when the flue goes up it can be cleared from the tree with an angle. Would this angle be a problem for drag?

All in all Im excited and hoping I can find clay to build with in the garden.

I attach pictures of the foundations at work (havnt finished digging it up yet so some of the paving stones are there but will be lowered slightly so that floor is low enough that cabin doors open inside the extension and placed on rubble. Also attach a small diagram of the options for how the flue leaves the barrel in to the internal mass. Bear in mind the pc camera has switched it round so left is right and vice versa.

Final key question is whether to build the frame or the rocket & mass first.

Any suggestions that potentially could be time saving and of general improvement to build quality are very much appreciated.

Kind regards

4 years ago