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Recent posts by Rolf Olsson

The member Jim Fry stands as latest poster but his post is unvisible.Why? Can the staff hide posts to be unvisible to others? It seems that this forum is a kindergarten to some of the staffs.If it is possible to delete my account here please do it.
I think that the price of wine would be the last reason to make own wine.I would grow grapes and make wine because of the huge amount of herbicides and pesticides using in the wine yard.The fraud with blending quality wine with less good is another reason.It is not always the label telling the truth.
4 years ago
Better a cow in the kitchen than two in the bush.I will take a while to get used of butter made of human milk:)
4 years ago
It reminds me that I have a handwritten and homemmade letter ready to send with some swedish reciepe.Swedish meatballs for example and one very secret reciepe of a local cake based on eggs.Hold on,the letter will be coming!
4 years ago

Nicole Alderman wrote:The main reason coca-cola cleans so well is that it is highly acidic. All that citric acid. BUT, you can get all those cleaning benefits without needing soda. Vinegar is an acid, but not as strong as coca-cola. Citric acid, however, can be bought online in a big bag. I use it for making gummies and jello...and also for cleaning my toilets (and making fun little volcanoes for my kids, but that's a different story...).

In Raven's book, she lists a recipe for lemon peels soaked in vinegar. This is not only a great acidic cleaner, but also has the power of d-limonene, which is also a degreaser. In other words, it works great to get petrol-based gunk (like sticker goop and car oil) off of things. You can use any citrus peals to make a great cleaner.  Vinegar is cheap, and orange peals are also really cheap, especially if you like those tasty little mandarin oranges that sell in big bags around Christmas time. That's how I made my orange cleaner!

Making cleaner from peals sounds great.Not to mention the pleasure to know that the fresh smell comes from natural ingredients.It is time to save the peals from all citrus fruits I think.
4 years ago
Is Coca-cola a cleaner you can eat or at least drink:)? I think Coca-cola is on the borderline and I would not concider it as a cleaner you can eat but somebody would probably call it a cleaner you can eat.
4 years ago
Until yesterday I was sure that dowsing was fake but after I felt the strong power in the rods I believe it works.To them who are sceptic,ask a experienced dowser to hold in your hands while you try and I am sure that you will experience the same exitement as I did.Dowsing works with or without you are a believer:)
4 years ago
I am by nature a sceptical person.
Yesterday I had problem with the waterpunp in the house.I called the local plumber an we talked about everything and nothing and between that  dowsing and if it works.Yes he said,,I have two L-Rods in the truck and when we are finished with the pump I will show you.When we were finished he asked if I wanted to see how it works with dowsing.He took his L-Rods and started to walk around the well.Immediately the L-Rods started to bent toward his body.I was excited and every time he crossed a special point the Rods started to bend.
I asked him to let me try.Still I was sceptic to it but when I had tested the power in the L-Rods I was not so sure that dowsing does not work.I am now so convinced that this old teqnique really works that I have ordered two L-Rods in copper to at least show with when here are guest.To answer my own question in the headline,yes dowsing works.
Any body here have experience with dowsing?
4 years ago