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By far the best video I ran across explaining how to prune apple trees.

3 - D's                          CAC
Disease.                      Crossing
Dead.                           Acute
Dieing.                         Cluster

8 months ago
If you have not found anyone I would be interested in talking to you and getting to know you a little better and see where it goes.
You can contact me here or directly @ looking27292@yahoo.com
I look forward to hearing from you either way.
10 months ago
I am looking for 2 or 3 pieces of M27 apple rootstock. Does anyone grow this by chance and willing to trade or sell a few pieces?
 I have found a couple of business that sell it but they wont ship till April and I will be needing it before then.
10 months ago
Well, this post is from 2017.....
I did graft this year ( 2019) " red flesh " apple trees and sold them all a couple of weeks ago.

I am however "considering" doing another 200-300 next year..
1 year ago
I purchased a bundle of 100 Emla 7, 3/16 apple rootstock and used only 56 of them. I still have 44 left and wondering if anyone would be interested in buying the remaining 44 left for $70 plus shipping.  Has a good root system.
Please send me a message @ looking27292@yahoo.com
Thank you
Central North Carolina

1 year ago
Hello Bill, weather is messed up everywhere right now. Good luck with your graphs I hope everything works out for you.
2 years ago
What would you charge for a service like that? I may be interested, I am starting 3 nucs this year and I have a angel trumpet plant close by. Might be interesting to know how much of that poisonous plant they are putting in the honey.
2 years ago
Does anybody know exactly what kind of stove/ heater this is along with it's value??.  This has been out in the building for years and I believe I'm going to sell it but have no idea what kind of price to even put on it..  anyone interested in purchasing it may contact me though. 😁
2 years ago
That is the list of trees I will be using the Scion from. There are a few that I did not get much off of or the caliber is not great so I'm not sure on those. But thank you for adding it.
2 years ago
I grafted over 200 apple trees last year. ( kept what I wanted and sold the rest ).
I have apple scion off these trees this year. ( probably enough to do 300 trees,  25+ different varieties.)
I enjoyed doing the grafting and had an excellent success rate of 95%

If I decide to order the rootstock of your choice and graft the apple trees would " ANYONE " be interested in purchasing "ALL" these trees ?  ( freshly grafted or I will grow them all summer and you pick them up in the fall ? ) I am located in central NC.

You name the amount of trees - the varieties you would like ( only the scion I have ) - I will graft the trees - Grow them if needed through the summer - you pick them up in fall  

Price will be based on how many trees you would like grafted along with rootstock choice and if you want them sent to you after grafting or if I have to grow them and upkeep them all summer long.

Feel free to send me a message and we can talk about it.
Thank you
2 years ago