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I am seeking a Permaculture Partnership to develop a small parcel (3.65+/- acres) parcel into a Rangeland Studies and Cultural Performance Center. I'm not sure if this is the right forum to post this, or perhaps it should be over in 'Personals'? i can offer the land and a lot of visions as to how to use it. What you offer is the elbow grease and youthful vitality to make it happen. We all get a better place to live.

I want to create a non-profit to control the land management but will also have the pasture be available for open-air concerts. The permanent facilities will house performance/practice areas for musicians and dancers and a laboratory for demonstrating rainwater-harvesting techniques for rangeland applications.

The entire facility will be off-grid and powered with the abundant wind and solar power available at the site. I envision using a water tower to store water, and to experiment with producing micro-hydro-electric power systems to utilize the energy in that stored water.

The land is zoned as Agricultural-Residential. There are absentee landowners on the two sides opposite the road frontage.

Since the land in an 'open-range' area, any owner is responsible for constructing and maintaining a cow-safe fence. The land appears to be over-grazed at this time.

After a cursory search, I found that the National Soil Conservation service has considerable funding available for those familiar with filling out their applications. There are a surprising number of breakdowns for various aspects of a rainwater-harvesting project. I envision that some small earthmovers will be required, but if there is more time than mone, most plans can be accomplished using human labor and hand tools.

The land is remote, very quiet and isolated. I envision holding on-site seminars for up to ten campers, who will camp on site. Perhaps 2 couples to live on-site full time at some point.

Any interest? It's on land between Kingman and Las Vegas. Please reply with any comments.

3 weeks ago
Always looking for good templates for stuff like this. Please, post the Exel File. You can export it and post as an 'authored' template. ;)
3 weeks ago
Yes. My comment was a bit awkward. LOL!

You answered what I really wanted to know: Is there a defined outlet for the flow of moisture to escape?

I'm looking for ways to combine solar de-hydration with water purification using condensation of moisture from the air.

For example, for my purpose, I would use your drying chamber to evaporate brackish water, like a swamp cooler, but to produce a hot, high-moisture airstream into a condenser.

Ideally, it would be a passive system, except for wind/solar-powered fans and pumps.

A less industrial approach would use a greenhouse to store the moisture and condense it using cool night-time temperatures, or surfaces cooled by other swamp coolers. The condensation-dried 'cool' airflow could be redirected back into your solar heater.

How much moisture (by weight) does the dehydrator remove? Have you measured your required/optimum airflow?

Why? You might ask. Because want to understand how our human-controlled systems interact relating to the flow of energy and moisture.

4 weeks ago

Philippe Elskens wrote:

Mark Kissinger wrote:Even if it is messy, Excel (or some sort of database engine) will be needed to make the calendar perpetual and to add events and appointments. You'll still need a routine for adding an extra day every 4 years. Then you'll need a program to put the data into a calendar format for display.

Any suggestions for a program I could use for displaying from an Excel database?

Something should be possible in SQL, or whatever they're using these days. You are essentially populating a grid with words and numbers.

There are probably astronomical databases around that keep track of where the Earth is, but they are built to use the Gregorian calendars, I think.
4 weeks ago
Where does the water go? Is there any way to reclaim the moisture?
4 weeks ago
The names are still heavily Euro-centric. I'm sure with a bit of thought that a more globally-inspired list of names could be considered.

I do like the idea of a middle month, which could actually be longer to add in the exact "remainder-hours" needed to keep the calendar in sync with the Earth's orbit and the Earth's rotation." Since the orbit is not perfectly circular, there is always some amount of speeding up and slowing down of the perceived planetary motions.

In theory, you could have a variable-length 'sync minute' between each day to account for the "human" need for repeating calendars.
4 weeks ago
Even if it is messy, Excel (or some sort of database engine) will be needed to make the calendar perpetual and to add events and appointments. You'll still need a routine for adding an extra day every 4 years. Then you'll need a program to put the data into a calendar format for display.
4 weeks ago

Nicole Alderman wrote:I came across these on my facebook feed (from Old Moss Woman's Secret Garden) All words in quotes are from her page.

Great thread!.

"Hose mats are very portable and stackable steps that can help us not to slip in the coming muddy times."

If a "bumpier" mat is acceptable, perhaps a framework of hose 'spokes' could be woven so that portions of the spiraled hose mat would become a 'knob' on the underside of the mat, much as a wicker basket would be constructed, except without the sides. Knobs would keep the mats from being moved around in high-traffic or heavyweight, damp areas like paddocks.

Using a soft collapsable hose for the spokes would make the job easier. Heating the vinyl hose at the weave-point. with a hair-dryer to soften it during weaving.

The 'depressions' caused by the hose could be filled in with dirt or clay.

"How to wind it, but I wonder if there's something more eco-friendly than zipties to fasten it together?"

You might try using plastic produce bags, twisted into a string, half-hitch knots to keep it all tight using a basket-weaving technique to use plastic-bag string 'spokes' that weave the hose together.

4 weeks ago
Thanks for the advice. It's a sometimes traveled-in vehicle, so I guess it's not such a good idea for me.

No room over the axles to place it. That would put it in the middle of my already cramped bathroom. It would make for some very warm showers, tho'. LOL!

Not quite ready to head for Valhalla.
2 months ago
Is it advisable to put a Rocket Mass Heater in a RV?

How much room inside is needed? How to handle the chimney issues?

Will it make too much heat for such a small space?

Tell me if it's just a bad idea.

Thanks for keeping me from just creating my "Viking Cremation Vehicle"!
2 months ago