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Try try try, go Paul go!  

The bright side: in terms of people who have played a role in learning others genuinely creative action, I'd bet you are way up there near the top on the list of currently alive humans, despite the lack of that mainstream billions-level notoriety. For every property or project directly or indirectly impacted by your work you do hear about, there's probably 100 to 1000 that you don't.   Not enough?  

Say you include other people doing similar things in your tally for "success in the empire."  Do you see your work as part of a global effort, with yourself being an individual in a bigger picture where your name notoriety is basically unnecessary?  If it is necessary to the wish, careful with the fame thing.  It will probably never be enough.

And continuing down the darkside...

'unfulfilled wish' can be another term for the root cause of addiction.  Yes sir, they can be toxic.  Ambition; tread carefully.  Emphasize most desires are not part of some immutable core of a human, most individuals who haven't become completely habitual reevaluate their goals, desires, wishes, and ambitions occasionally.

So the "perpetual goal is to cause change at the level of billions of people."  In 1 lifetime I assume? (haha.)  I see a shot in the dark where you can't evaluate the probability of hitting the target, not something to get disappointed about given the wish may be physically impossible due to the billions of humans that aren't going to change unless they must in order to survive.  But that doesn't mean don't try.

Mike Lafay pointed out a lot of what this solution is up against.  I'd emphasize that Gert, as far as moneyed civilization is concerned, is bad for business.  Say we are aware of paid corporate social engineering trolls, there's also a series of youtube videos "Dead Internet Theory" (1, 2 and 3) put together by "All Time" channel that recently updated my perception of "the internet."   Despite the title, it's not a theory, and the pro-established-business bot generating algorithms will not be promoting Gert.  I'd bet, that if these channels of communication don't change, Gert is not going far in them.

Back to the bright side, if not already, a near critical mass of smartphone carrying humans are aware that all major corporate outlets, social or otherwise, are only saying what will generate sales, even if it's a lie.  So there's a decent chance for a mainstream alternative in which Gert can flourish in the nearish future.   To me, the great channel you created here is already so much!

But don't mind my milder ambitions.  Carry on
Speaking of dead standing wood, I meant to ask if the only reason it was being used as firewood was because there wasn't another dried alternative?

I was splitting that stuff in and then around the tipi, dust always and grubs and beatles often flying, the outer inch or more often already spongified... This isn't great firewood, and I'm burning soil here...   Oh well.  I've experienced that dead standing timber is basically dry wood, ready to burn save a tiny bit of the outside diameter near the bottom, even at the end of an 8 month 50" wet and cool season.   Firewood you don't have to put up and cure before use, and can be retrieved needed...very convenient!

But seems like the lab really wants that soil, and that already spongified wood represents years of progress.  I'd wanna get that stuff on or in the ground asap, as opposed to in a fire.

An alternative to putting cords under a roof is girdling live trees that you know are going to be used as firewood within  a year or 2.  I have girdled an 8" abh diameter tree here, and it is completely dry after 1 summer.  Except it often doesn't rain and cloudy days are rare here during the "growing season", and I'm not sure if that spot in Montana land gets as much hot hot heat as the east side foothills of the central Oregon coast it might need to be a smaller tree or 2 summers.  esperiments!

Happy hugelin exclusively with already spongified wood

2 months ago
"I've found in some company they elicit enigmatic reactions and expressions of extreme intestinal blockage or malaise."

Yup, that qualifies as a way with words lol.  But that is not the reaction to muh childhood comic books!

Sweet that a bottom rock got added to my Miyamoto glyph.  I went on a 5 hour hike up and around the valley wall, specifically looking for green rocky bits and whatever else might catch my eye, but there were few green rocks to be seen, none of them striated

Before that I was thinking, holy shit can I pull off R G B, with purple instead of blue, and another set of striated rocks on the edge so that no color occurs twice within each triangle?  Close, but one of the triangles is yellow instead of red, and I got no green edge stone...I thought "damn, Solomon's seal evades me..."

but run all the striations to the center of the center triangle for max nature spirit power! Joking, but not sure

2 months ago
Bionic Rotisserie Knuckle punch.  Did you read that somewhere, or just a way with words?  Reminds me of a Calvin and Hobbes bit...giggles.  Well done

Also, the one photo with the cat on your shoulder, cat smiling.  Reminds me of a Miyazaki the dream!  

I propositioned der landfuhrorlord about finishing the tipi floor and stuff, tho I didn't get a counter offer or why not... looks like he didn't much care for the idea...  shucks, I kinda liked that idea

Chill hard, and then be fruitful and crush... I also really like that one!  Except sambert is not a legend, IMADOOFUS

carry on brosky

2 months ago
Don't forget my old friend cardamine hirsuta, near the left edge of the picture with lil white flowers.   Despite folk names like "bittercress" I've found it not to be bitter.  The leaves are quite bitter, but if you eat the flowering shoots while tender its a mustard green with some extra flavor.  Only problem is, flowering shoots are are usually about 3 mm in diameter, and it can take longtime to gather a hearty serving.

Fellow geological clay soil wranglers, carry on and score!

I did this, sowing 100 different plant seeds over a few years.. in red brick clay (soil).  Maybe it's gray or maybe its yellow, I think the color just describes which element you are overloaded on (red often = magnesium.) Bottom line is that it's clay, it's gtg for cob but don't expect the hardiest Brassica to dominate into a lush ground cover, even with all the hours of weeding.  

( I was amused by the fact that the rocky mountain Wheaton labs "clay" had enough sand/silt bits for me to make out lots of individual sand bits with my naked eye....  naw, that's sandy/silty AF based on where I am from!)

My recommendation, short of the suggested hay bales and fish emulsion etc (inputs I want to guess are "required" when attempting to cultivate edibles with more calories than a dandelion in red brick clay in the first year) is to use the brick clay land to "cultivate" whichever weeds are going to thrive in it without you, in your climate.  In the central coast range of Oregon, it is the likes of quackgrass, oxeye daisy, nipplewort, broad leaf dock and cat's ears (or sow hardy fast growing perennials like himilayan blackberry, scotchs broom and grand fir and come back to chop and drop it in 5 years)  and then making big fuddin piles of the "hay/straw" matter, and then attempt to grow something in the compost you make out of that.  If you pee on that compost pile, it will make 1 small squash, year one (but not without pee in my experience.)  It seems like you should be able to get a tomato out of that Y1 if you pee on it enough, but maybe my pee ain't yellow enough or something...

Not clay but conifer relevant, a big heaping pile of coast doug fir needles made in the late fall, and left to decompose until spring, will germinate and make a small plant with a single squash flower, but it won't set a fruit (here.)  I didn't continue that experiment tho, I bought some fish meal and bat poop instead and stuff instead!  So write a letter to protect the fish and the bats!  ( or your eroded poor soil site is a 5+ year plan instead of 1!)
3 months ago
That Catholic Priest mentioned RMH and got a million views in like 6 weeks!  NICE!!!

Ima bet the main reason he didn't' go with an RMH was for lack of space.   Quite a competent Christian homesteader dude....   I like how most of  his concepts of "homesteading" are secondary to going "monastic" without costing his bishop.

I'm pretty much going monastic, in a Shaolin/Taoist/Buddhist sense...ever heard the one where they say the almost deafening sound of water falling in a natural environment, over the course of hours, purifies the mind and centers/grounds a human.  Whatever da F that means.  Yup, gnosis ftw... wonder how many BBs the monastic catholic has pulled off haha

whoops, forgot the link

The Blue-Green Fruticose Lichens (oak moss and beard moss I think?) are a winter staple for the deer in the PNW rain forests.  I've seen a big deer eat most of a 5 gallon pile of the stuff in about 10 minutes.   I didn't think one deer would down my whole pile of bait for a single meal, but yup.
5 months ago
Fantastic presentation.

Glad to hear a primary hugel mistake of not planting perennials near the base of the hugel, that is like a yuge +200% success rate in my experience.  Unless you do 70% soil and 30% wood, then no problem planting perennial's halfway up a hugelculture.  When you are trying to make as much wood as possible disappear without fire, which is common when a person is doing it by hand (like 30% soil 70% wood) you are going to be doing a significant amount of tamping in the next few years to keep them berms green longer into dry summer.  Wanna bet they'll spongify twice as fast if you do not allow multiple yard critter/wind tunnels.  A steel fencepost is the tool for fixing that.  A great way of getting in a sweaty workout without grinding the knees or back!  Also late dry/early wet season is the season for tamping hugels.  probably better to just wait 10 years, gravity and rain will do it for you.   Except your gonna have to wait 10 years to plant those perennials with the greater survival rate, without the tamping.

I'm like yes, we want spotty diversity in your input soil cake.  But also! YES!!! lasagna layers often work very well.  So you can't spot diversity garden your way to a beet or potato patch.  But you can lasagna garden way your way to a flat uniform patch that is uniformly accessible to a desirable plant.   VERY useful for weeding/labor management input...

Funny counter narrative story, after having seed scattered beets fail for 4 years on hugels (which I needed to tamp more...) the first place the beets took was an already flat spot which I forked, 1-2" manured, cardboarded, 2-3" buried in clay and than mulched, and then fertilized again...and then beet and potato patch.  After so many years of failure with scattering lots of seeds and getting a few beets in the hugel berms, the slow, uniform rate of drying as summer fades in, in the flat lasagna is key.  Super key, for a continuous patch.

Also, I think that not all cardboards/newspapers are made equal.  Like manure.  The ones that are not heavily loaded with some slowly biodegrading toxic gic are rightful recommended for use when it come to suppressing already existing undesirables in the native soil you are working with.  The trick is telling which cardboard has got 10x more 5 year glue than the next?  In my experience, the single layer of cardboard on a level spot, buried under 3 inches of heavy soil, has disappeared in 1 year.  And killed the quack grass!  Super win!!!

6 months ago
Also a vote of confidence for the label "bootcamp";  it imparts the concept of hard work, band of brothers style.   Also vote of confidence for fun photos of chillzaxing Wheaton lab homesteader activities (AKA community activities.)  I recently tried an orange peel candle. The scent did not disappoint!  Wait, am I gonna miss Lilo and Stitch night?  DAMN  

I wanna bet that on top of the already mentioned better poser photography/filters, a completely detailed list of food provided (easiest full transparency; photograph of receipts?) is an easy win.  

And reaching out into new arenas, perhaps the most properly popular tiktok/IG/etc networks.  Is workaway wooffing disqualified for some reason?

Without a doubt, I think the best way to get more boots on the lab is demonstrating the Gerty paradise reward.  I'm thinking that I really wanna know, how Fred's garden grows  (or the most progressed site in the joint....) I was very amused to hear they were pulling snowberries out on Fred's plot.  Me too!  The potatoes and brassicas are competing!  It's about to cross over into something better than berries...Hurray! (I love berries, I just started with an acre of blackberry thicket so I've had too much for awhile now, meanwhile I have mostly been otherwise unable to coax out starch/protein calories from this timberland clay without adding manure.)

Wait, maybe even above the demonstration of Deep Roots Gertitude, a 4 day work week.  Scale the reward back, until boots are homesteading kungfu masters and can reliable put out 4 10 hour days a week, without breaking down.  
Working as an arborist (like make that 3 ft diameter tree that can't be felled without destroying a building, with half its canopy over a roof, disappear!) we sometimes do mon/tues and then thurs/fri.   Weather permitting, if it's busy.  Honestly 2-3 days of physical labor a week is necessary, or otherwise the more important physical disciplines suffer  (but I'm kind of a physical discipline nut : )

Wait, maybe a fantastically situated outdoor Rocket Mass bathtub, that can be cleaned with a power washer and each boot is entitled to once a week.

Wait, maybe guaranteed downtime privacy options

Wait, maybe a 15x30'+ covered dojo/mat space

Okay now I'm really just spit ballin.'  But this stuff would hook me for sure, not sure how relevant that is haha
6 months ago