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Recent posts by Angela Wilcox

Great idea, Robert. A local permaculture farmer here in KY, zone 6b, who has a CSA program, uses Daikon radish as a cover crop/soil building strategy with great success.
1 day ago
What a lovely display! Besides being yummy, the arrangement is so pleasing to the eye. It looks like it would be HOA approved for landscaping in the city.

Well done and congrats on defying those gophers😄
6 days ago
I do not have any patterns, but I will share a memory. My sister and I were youngsters in the 1960’s and played with dolls in the 60’s and 70’s. I remember my grandmother hand sewing a wedding gown and bridesmaid dress for each of us. The wedding gowns were different styles and the bridesmaid dresses different colors, so we could know which belonged to whom. We had fun with them as children and kept them as treasured memories of Granny.

I realize these snap closures may not be preschool friendly, but I wanted to show you clothes with an opening in the back that could be adapted to velcro.
6 days ago
It sounds like a great piece of permaculture paradise. Best wishes in finding a buyer.
2 weeks ago
Brilliant set up! I really like the cordless sprayer idea. I did not know these existed.
2 weeks ago
Thank you all for your replies.  I thought it was a clickable button on the YouTube page beside Paul's image; I did  not realize it was a physical trophy.  Cool!  Congratulations again, Paul.

Hey! Maybe start a 100K trend and put a clickable silver play button beside/within your mug on the page?!
3 weeks ago
I went on YouTube and though I see 100,000 subscribers, did not see a silver play button.  Am I missing something?
3 weeks ago