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I'm no expert here but my reeds are very very stiff, they don't bend at all. would that be a problem for cob? They are of course an excellent thatching material lasting much longer than straw.
20 hours ago

When you find this and are really excited because it may be just on your new land.
20 hours ago
I have also looked in Europe and found that there is no way machinery would recoop the cost of purchase. (I found a chinese made mill but it had very specific requirement on feedstock and moisture levels) We've just bought a house with a pellet furnace so have no experience running it, it specifically says it can ONLY burn wood pellets not anything else, although people around here do sell "burning corn" (which is wheat or rye) so either it lies or other people have different ones.

Firewood is cheaper, but if you are not home there is no heat, our present house drops down to 10C overnight and of course is in danger of freezing when we go away. The pellet furnace does NOT have an electric ignition so it still needs hand starting, but it will at least burn for a while without attention, I don't know how often the ash needs emptying but the old oil barrel hopper will hold enough fuel for a while at least. Neither system works without electricity, as the wood burner has an electric pump to get the water round the radiators.  in the last 5 years we've lost power once for around 3 hours, it is not a common event, but just in case we have a gas heater that can be wheeled out, we also have a gas cooker so in effect that is two heaters, we always have spare gas bottles as I'm not running out in the middle of cooking dinner. There is no ambience with either as they both live in barns and are fully enclosed.
20 hours ago

R Spencer wrote: but I'm not sure how we secure it using apples.

It could be put behind a password which would live in a thread here only visible if you had X apples.
20 hours ago
Is this still for a specific area? Remember a lot of these things are totally illegal anywhere that isn't America.

It might be better to have a list that says something like, gather 10lb of wild berries including at least X number of different species, and leave the actual species up to the persons choice. Similarly perhaps X amount of wild greens, and maybe find and take photos of 5 plants where the root is used but DO NOT DIG (as this is illegal on ALL public land in the UK and over here in Denmark)

I do not think hunting should be included, for me I need to spend 2 years at a gun club and then take a license and then travel to do it. so even shooting at a rat would be iron level! Same issues with fish, there is no public freshwater fishing here, it all costs money. And traps/nets are again illegal.

Having read through many of the PEP ideas I find that they exclude most Europeans and yes I understand that they are local, but so many of the broader ideas cannot be applied to Europe that they would be totally gutted if someone over here tried to make a similar list.

I have one idea for something that should be added. Find and document 5 poisonous plants from your area, and find and document 5 poisonous mushrooms. It is just as important to know what not to eat as to know what to eat.
20 hours ago
If it's just you/family, i.e people who can be trusted, why not harvest a bunch of reeds or if they are too coarse then straw, and have a heavy duty pair of scissors by the toilet, spend the time on the thrown chopping up your needs.
4 days ago
We have a four wheel one like the one pictured above and several wheelbarrows, the wheelbarrows win hands down. the cart takes up to 200kg but 100kg in the cart is almost impossible to pull, even 50kg and it becomes very hard especially on grass, 4 wheels is a lot of drag to overcome,whereas I can move the wheelbarrow much easier even full of earth.  I also find you cannot turn it tightly as it will tip, and you can't go in one way load it and then come out the other way without turning it round, and it HATES rough ground.
The two wheeler might be lighter to pull than the 4 but it's still going to be harder to maneuver than a wheelbarrow, so I think it will depend on how much space you have for turning.
1 week ago
We have around a foot of soil and then solid clay. NOTHING gets down into that clay, not even huge mature trees get roots down into it. But currents grow very well on top of it, I'm also zone 7 but if it got to 100 here we would think the sun had expanded, 70 is our normal high.
I wonder if it is a combination of poor rooting and drying out, I doubt string sun helps as they are woodland plants.
1 week ago
Going to be very boring and say wait. you need to know if it dries in summer, some of my land dries out enough to be walk-able in summer and some is even dig-able and plant-able, but other bits never dry out and are constantly either covered or saturated. I do have reedbeds and to be honest they are boring and invasive, we have shallow ponds, a couple of springs, one of which grows watercress, and the rest is wet meadow. so rushes, meadowsweet, bog avens, some umbelifers the bottom is wet enough that grass is not really happy and we only have a couple of wet tolerant species. also willow, alder and rowen trees manage. None of our trees in the wet areas get big, as the top soil is shallow and is underlain by solid clay which no roots can penetrate (and is also the reason why it is wet) So strong winds bring them down regularly.
We do actually have a bog garden.. in one of the dryer areas, most plants sold for bog gardens only like to be moist not soaked, and especially not soaked over winter and then frozen solid.
1 week ago

S Bengi wrote:OMG $14,000 for 2.5 acres and a run down fixer upper house. I am not sure that exist in America. I hope that exist somewhere nearish to me.

Can you explain what you did to find this affordable 2.5acres home. I would like to share this info with my circle of people.

This house is in Denmark, the land is an old lake so it is damp (though has been and is possible to drain, the neighbour downhill has a delightful acre+ lawn) It was advertised at 70k and had been on the market for nearly 3 years, and then a storm came through and took the chimney down and peeled part of the barn roof off. the house was reduced to 24k and we put in a speculative offer of 14k (expecting them to counter offer) but they accepted it so long as they didn't have to guarantee anything on the property.
We had to put a new roof on the house $5k all done ourselves, and a new front door as the bottom fell off the old one! The windows are double glazed but need new frames as they are totally rotten, we've done a bit of plumbing work and redone the gutters, but that is basically it. What you get for that money, is a house where the hot-water tap in the bathroom didn't work because someone had "fixed" it's drip by pushing leather and cloth down it, the plumbing to the kitchen sink came from an old gas furnace, where the toilet was missing, the washing machine emptied into a cupboard and the electrics are from the 50's. It also has wood heating so it is COLD if you are not home to fire it.
To find it was as simple as looking at the estate agent listings. I have some friends here who have bought 4.4 acres and a small poor quality house for $45k (or 31k maybe not sure) they are now waiting for the occupant to leave (he can live there as long as he likes/is able he's 93) They are planning on totally rebuilding but that wouldn't be totally necessary.
This house will be going up on the market in a month or so, and hopefully someone else can have a cheap house to save rent in, we did the roof, they will have to do the windows, and then it's good to go. we'll put it up for 40k and be happy to accept 30k.
1 week ago