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My best boat name was "Wet Feet" she lived on a trailer and would fill up with water didn't actually leak when in the water! I also like "Overdraft" Or you could always go for "boatyMcboatface"
21 hours ago
I don't like open shelves in a kitchen, everything gets greasy in them and then the dust sticks to everything meaning it takes soap and water to dust! To me they always look untidy especially in a small space (I loath clutter). We have a mixture there's some open space directly above the cooker which I use for cooking sauces, and some over on the other side that is used for the daily use crockery, but there's also lots of cupboards.

Peg boards can hold awkward items that refuse to stack in the cupboard nicely, but they only really look nice if you have nice saucepans/utensils if you have the mishmash of second hand and inherited stuff I have it looks pretty bad.
1 day ago
If your worried about it blowing over and the floor rotting how about looking in the local adds for someone giving away paving slabs, there's always people here wanting them off their hands. that would make a heavy and rot proof floor if you treated them like tiles and sealed the cracks
1 day ago
Yes a cold frame inside the greenhouse will help mitigate the cold at night, it's quite common to see a clear tent set up inside a larger greenhouse to help tender plants. However it won't make it any cooler in the sun.

Which seeds are you trying to germinate? lettuce seeds won't germinate well if you get the soil hot enough to germinate peppers.

However if you are having problems in the house then temperature probably isn't the issue unless you keep your house very cold. If you can give them a temperature of around 20C (68F) then most things will germinate, (peppers will take a while at that temperature) I keep all of mine on some shelving (actually an old wardrobe turned on it's side.) under lights, I don't turn the lights on until they germinate. If I am trying to force something to come up fast or something wants a higher temperature I can either turn the lights on early, but then things dry up or my preferred choice is to put them on the bathroom floor which is heated, soil on that floor keeps around 26C (79F)

Other things to check are the seeds themselves, do they germinate if you put some on a  piece of wet cloth and seal it up so it doesn't dry out? Then I would look at the rest of the conditions, are they drying out to early? Or are they getting so wet that they are rotting in cold soil before they germinate?
1 day ago
From most to least important in my opinion

Position, you can be a rock star farmer but if your farm is in the middle of the Sahara there's nothing you can do. and positioning is the one thing you can do nothing about after you start, think of soil, aspect, climate and most importantly access to customers.
Marketing, yes I feel marketing is more important than any type of growing, plants want to grow, customers do not necessarily want to buy.
Organisation, Planning helps stop mistakes, you'll still make mistakes but hopefully they will show up earlier. for example not ordering 1000 strawberry plants when the field is still a horse pasture (cough)
Knowledge. This comes last, just remember you don't know anything and look up everything you think of and many things you can't!

Also be patient, it won't all happen at once, start small and grow both on area grown, plant types, customers and your expectations.

2 days ago
Is he bringing his own fencing? If so just mark out a smaller area for the goats to clear, or set up some of your own fencing. I think that getting a smaller area clearer would be better than getting the entire thing lightly nibbled.
2 days ago
I don't bother other than to scrape the mud off, Edged tools like scythes/bilhooks etc are kept in the house where it is dry or they would certainly rust over winter if left in the barn. but wooden handles get no care, If you were to look at my rakes and hoes you can see where they are wearing thin from use. they are going to wear to thin to use before they come to any harm from lack of care.  I also cannot see the point of sharpening spades here, our soil is about 1/7 stone (I've been sieving it for an asparagus bed, every 6 wheelbarrows of soil I get 1 of stones) a couple of meters of digging and it's blunt again and chipped.
Since gardening is my work I look at it this way, if I have to spend time caring for them then that has to cost less than a replacement tool/handle at 300dkk for a decent rake and 150dkk/h wage it just doesn't work out.
2 days ago
While I'm not in the right country I might be able to help, you're looking for a business tariff where you rent the line and then pay for anything you use on top. You will also need to provide your own phone (not hard grab one of the kids old ones) Most phones can be unlocked to any network if locking is still a thing over there.
2 days ago
Compost shouldn't contain much nitrogen and the older it gets the less it will have, which is why we compost manure to reduce the N content before using it. On top of that most of the N left in compost is bound up in other molecules so your test probably can't detect what is there.