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since Dec 26, 2017
Saving Fossils with Sunlight

I began by making tools for living: snowshoes, clothing, tents and packs progressed to homesteading on a BC island near Alaska where we built a log cabin and lived well off-the-sea. I now have extensive workshops where I build from scratch, modify from surplus or repair lots of equipment.

Though I developed powerful solar collectors, I had to do other engineering work to support my family because they couldn't compete with cheap fossil fuels. I now develop battery powered machines and tractors so, in addition to lighting, I can utilize solar energy anytime to harvest and transport dead trees, mow fields/deliver mulch, pump water and operate shop equipment.
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Sounds like fun! It's cold outside and writing a letter by the stove is inviting.
2 weeks ago
I've been harvesting chestnuts for a few decades and every year I plant 50 of the largest nuts. Since they don't stay viable very long, I intersperse them among garlic as I pant those cloves in October since rodents tend not to mess with them. Typically only six to ten chestnuts sprout the following spring and make it into July at when I move them into hedgerows. Some of the trees are now more than 10 years old and produce a few pounds of these wonderful nuts: more each year. Each tiny tree needs its own circle of fence to keep deer from browsing leaves and twigs and rodents from nibbling bark off the  trunk. This fencing can be dedicated to new trees once the trunk is about four inches in diameter (and the lower branches are above deer height}.
4 months ago